Saturday, February 26, 2011

sedarlah diri

wahai diri
belajarlah urus masamu
kelak bertambah bebanmu
jika masa tidak kau guna sebaik mungkin

wahai diri
tanggungjawab melebihi masa yang ada
jika sekarang kau masih leka dengan dunia
bagaimana pula dengan akhiratmu

wahai diri
utamakan mana yang lebih utama
seimbangkan antara keduanya
jangan kerana kau mahu tegakkan agama
urusan harianmu tergendala

wahai diri
tujuanmu disini adalah untuk belajar
tidak mengapa untuk lakukan kesilapan
tapi belajarlah untuk tidak mengulanginya

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

if I were there

i had a weird dream yesterday
whereby in that dream
i was in the middle east
with another friend of mine

we were under cover
where fighters were all around
we sneak out from a place
to another place where
i could see there was a riot
dead bodies, blood-drip everywhere
people were running from bullets
hiding from being shot

i could see a blaze of fire
heating up the night
giving light to the darkness
shattering the frame of a shelter

we went to the hideout
and met the people there
they were all fully covered
with guns in their hands
with face covered in their masks

and before i could speak to them
it was the time they knocked the door
it's time for qiam

Monday, February 21, 2011

nikmat yang dicari

untuk tahu itu senang
untuk faham itu sukar

untuk belajar itu mudah
untuk amal itu payah

kenapa hati tidak tenteram
bilamana mendengar ayat-ayat dariNya?

mengapa diri tidak mampu
merasa nikmat apa yang diperkata?

adakah hati ini terlalu degil?
hingga tak mampu untuk suci semula?

adakah hati ini terlalu jauh dariNya
hingga tak mampu rasa kemanisannya?

adakah diri ini terlalu ego?
untuk timbul rasa kehinaan kepadaNya?
tak cukup lagikah nikmatNya yang telah aku rasa?

to you who wrote me that..

i'm sorry if i'd neglected you
during that time
i think it's just because
i'd apparently been a loner
i was always alone

no one from our place shares
the same interest as mine
they're always have other things to do
other things to consider
and therefore
i was always alone

and maybe that's why
i'm always befriends with
the rest of them
those who share same interest as mine

i know it's my fault
but i don't know how
to balance my time
with you guys
and with them

i'm sorry
for being
such selfish

lets jom

I look
I see
I wonder

how different people are
from happy-go-lucky kind of type
to the unapproachable kind of type
they all deserve to know

they all should know the truth
the right of the most righteous
the one from all actualities
out of all the illusions

lets make it REAL
not only an ILLUSION
nor just a DREAM

to all muslims,
lets RISE!

Friday, February 18, 2011


dalam sehari ada 24 jam
tolak waktu tidur
tolak waktu ke kelas
berapa banyak kita beramal?

selak novel selak majalah
kalau boleh memang nak pulun
habiskan dari kulit ke kulit
tapi kalau ayat-ayat cintaNya
habis semuka dah rasa nak tutup

kalau ngadap internet
layan drama siap marathon
layan ebay habiskan elaun
layan ceramah agama...
tak sampai sejam
dah rasa nak pejam

kalau bershopping
angka 50 rasa tak cukup
tapi kalau nak sedekah
angka 10 terasa payah

itulah realitinya sekarang
mata dikaburi keduniaan
akhirat hampir tenggelam

p/s: peringatan untuk semua, termasuk sy sendiri

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

learning experience

salam and hi~

a few days ago, John emailed us a request from a student who need a volunteer to be interviewed for her assignment. without taking a deep thought, i replied that girl and just hope that i'd be selected...

and guessed what? i was the earliest to respond.. Alhamdulillah :)

the date was set today at 12 noon. she text me to meet up at student union. as i was on my way there, mira was on her way to Augustine House. because i wasn't that brave enough to go for the interview alone, so i asked her to accompany me, and there we went to the unfamiliar student union building

just a couple of moments later, she arrived and met us at the couch area. she greeted us and invited us to go to a less noisy place.

at first we went upstairs ( which we're both never entered) and she bought us drinks. but since the place was still noisy, we went to another room, which is the next door cafe near there.

her name is Sabina and she's a Nepali. it was lucky enough for me as she lived in Brunei when she was young, plus she was once visited Kuala Lumpur so basically she knew at least something about our country.

the interview took for about half an hour where she mostly asked on the cultures in malaysia, the differences i've noticed here in Britain and in my motherland, etc2.

but one thing that we talked quite a lot was on religion ( and I can't recalled how it happened, but it's a good thing right?) apart from the education system, blah blah blah..

it's a great pleasure when i was able to explain and introduce my religion, especially to those who has little or no background knowledge of Islam at all (in full ENGLISH dude, not in Malay language) pheww~ Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah all went well. :)

delivering the testimonial of truth (shahadatul Haq) is the duty that need to be carried out by each Muslims although it is only for one sentence (according to your ability) to those who do not know. yet i know there's lot more for me to improve and to learn to become a better ambassador of Islam.

Monday, February 7, 2011

bicara hati

kita dapat
kita hadam
kita luah
itulah pembelajaran
yang baik dijadikan ikutan
yang buruk dijadikan teladan

berkata-kata itu mudah
tapi semudah itukah?
menyampaikan apa yang Haq
berbicara tentang Sang Pencipta alam
bolehkan untuk 'straight to the point'?
mampukah kita sentuh hati-hati yang mendengar?
mampukah kita lakukan 'the butterfly effect' itu?
sungguh, aku belum disitu

orang kata
'sharing is caring'
kita tegur sebab kita sayang
so, jom kita sama-sama usaha
untuk bertemu semula di syurgaNya


Saturday, February 5, 2011

semalam tinggal sejarah

melihat dunia hari ini
macam-macam dah jadi
bila agama dipermain-mainkan
bila agama hanya pada nama

pemuda di tempat lain
semangat berkobar untuk berjihad
pemuda di tempat sendiri
makin terpesong dari paksinya

dimana silapnya?
dimana celanya?
sekadar melihat tanpa membantu?
sekadar berbicara tanpa bertindak?

ayuh bangkitlah
tegakkan Islam yang satu
kembalikan ia pada tempatnya