Sunday, May 30, 2010

loner for a day

salam and hi!

it's a few hours after i went to midvalley.alone...

it turned out to be a self-outing time since my previous plan to go out with a friend, was canceled in a sudden. plus, my other friends got something else to do. so, that does not mean i can't go out when there's nobody to company me, right?

to make it worthwhile, this was my first time going out alone( using public transport).. went there by a taxi around 11.30 and reached midvalley minutes later.. at first, i don't have any plan on where to go or what to do. so i just wandered around, from ground floor, to the second, and finally to the uppermost floor. as i passed through the cinema, i thought it would be a good idea to catch a movie since the line is not as long as usual.( still early, i guess). got myself a ticket for 'prince of persia' at 12 noon, where it will start at sharp 12.

bought some nuggets and a drink, i walked to the box and yeah, it's still on commercials.. lucky me it didn't start yet. the movies was awesome and i think i'm falling for prince dastan~~~~~ splendid actor in the movie, in my opinion, for sure..

after the movie i felt sooo hungry. then i soon realised that i had not eaten anything since morning, except for the nuggets i bought previously. so i wandered again to get my lunch, together with some snacks i would like to bring during btn. round and round and round, get a cab and that's the end of my day out..

so, tomorrow's gonna be the beginning of btn until friday. haish.. hope will enjoy that to the fullest~

Friday, May 28, 2010

why oh why?

i do have a feeling
to love and to be loved

i do have ambitions
to grasp and to achieve

but, i wonder why
sometimes it's hard to get
what we always wanted...

i tried to be your best buddy
to accompany you
to be one of your part
but i failed to know your heart

i tried to look good
but you didn't reply

is there anything wrong
between you and me?

is there any obstacles
that keep us a distant?

pain and pain
grows larger inside of me
it takes time to heal
but i don't know when...

one of the last outings together

salam and hi~

well, exams' over, so lets enjoy!
fyi, today was a full day out..
from morning till afternoon, went for the LO course thingy.. they've taught us on protocols on do's and don'ts during the event. although we are only the LOs for the contingents, yet it was a precious memory..*got sesat some more, bus' driver almost forgot our trip, etc2...*

back to ipba at 3, rushed up and went out again at 3.45.
venue: sunway pyramid

well, to make things more interesting, i'm not having my car with me this time around. dad use it to go to terengganu to give morale support for my mom.. so, to cut it short, me and ruhan, took the public transport to get there... taxi oh taxi~

although i was not in the mood of going out, *since i saw THAT car*, i just decided to accompany her to meet her 'adik angkat'. one of the way to ease my sadness, perhaps?

we walked around the area, back and forth and later to archery...i just sat silently and watched them pretend to become professional took me some time to recover my moodiness. but the outing did helped a lot. especially her adik angkat pretend to be 20 when the real age is only 18, yet ruhan had been the victim for the so-called pretesting for a new not-launched yet a kfc's product. *muke terpakse walaupun mase makan pizza pun xabes* . after prayer we've gone for some more walk and later we held our goodbyes at the main entrance...

back in ipba again around 10.. so damn tired but then i still managed to watch 'avatar' with wahida..

my mood currently? still has been engulfing with sadness.. hopefully miracles will ease that out..

Saturday, May 15, 2010



it's few more hours before the battle begins. a battle that will decide whether you'll go or no go. a battle that will indicates your future, to be exposed of the outside world, or to be simply lived by the way you have now.

i, want to pass.
i, want to excel.
i, want to fly.

insya'allah.. together we go through!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

a sign of punishment?

is always the wicked treatment
you don't speak
you wouldn't glimpse
all you do
is remain still
as if i'm not there
as if i'm not exist

no eye on eye
not even a simplest stare
or even a closer gap
between you and me

is that feel good
to treat me like that?
is it real fun
to keep a distant?

it hurts me deep inside
dunno how would it be on you
whether you enjoy
or hurt as well

i do love you. but...

i do love you
as a friend
one of the closest
to be precise


there's something that
may hinder me
from loving you inside out

you are my friend
once you've lost my faith
its always hard for me to start over

we are like a pair of shoes
but can never reach the same path all way long
we are like a pair of scissors
but always hurting one's in silent

you've once neglected me
pushed me aside
like i'm not important
from the start

to love you make me afraid
to be close with you make me hesitate
to be treated as what you've done
make me scared
to trust you whole-hearted

i am also human
have feeling and emotions
just like you
to be loved
to be treated nicely
but it's your choice

but for me
once you've lost my trust
it's always hard to start all over
i can love you again
but the love won't be the same...

won't be pure as the first love
i had for you

i'm sorry if i treat you bad
i guess i need some time
some peace that i can think straight
to put you in
one of my bestest friends

p/s: dugaan.. dugaan... persahabatan kadang2 lagi kompleks dari percintaan

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

i'm so not ready!

salam and hi

lets count.... today is 5th May... and my finals will start on 17th.. you do the maths... but i'm so not ready for it!

to be frank, there's a lot of aspects that i have not looked on yet.. as for LDS this afternoon, i'm so gonna flunked it if it is the real test, so damn much i have not covered yet... other subjects, all the same as well..

good luck to all tesl students who will have their finals..
may all of us be able to fly~~~~