Thursday, May 6, 2010

i do love you. but...

i do love you
as a friend
one of the closest
to be precise


there's something that
may hinder me
from loving you inside out

you are my friend
once you've lost my faith
its always hard for me to start over

we are like a pair of shoes
but can never reach the same path all way long
we are like a pair of scissors
but always hurting one's in silent

you've once neglected me
pushed me aside
like i'm not important
from the start

to love you make me afraid
to be close with you make me hesitate
to be treated as what you've done
make me scared
to trust you whole-hearted

i am also human
have feeling and emotions
just like you
to be loved
to be treated nicely
but it's your choice

but for me
once you've lost my trust
it's always hard to start all over
i can love you again
but the love won't be the same...

won't be pure as the first love
i had for you

i'm sorry if i treat you bad
i guess i need some time
some peace that i can think straight
to put you in
one of my bestest friends

p/s: dugaan.. dugaan... persahabatan kadang2 lagi kompleks dari percintaan


Dyana Hashim said...

sbr qila..
friendship mmg complicated! tsk.

QilaRaft said...

yup... pening ak kdg2...

hidamo said...

its really traumatic rite? *sigh