Sunday, May 30, 2010

loner for a day

salam and hi!

it's a few hours after i went to midvalley.alone...

it turned out to be a self-outing time since my previous plan to go out with a friend, was canceled in a sudden. plus, my other friends got something else to do. so, that does not mean i can't go out when there's nobody to company me, right?

to make it worthwhile, this was my first time going out alone( using public transport).. went there by a taxi around 11.30 and reached midvalley minutes later.. at first, i don't have any plan on where to go or what to do. so i just wandered around, from ground floor, to the second, and finally to the uppermost floor. as i passed through the cinema, i thought it would be a good idea to catch a movie since the line is not as long as usual.( still early, i guess). got myself a ticket for 'prince of persia' at 12 noon, where it will start at sharp 12.

bought some nuggets and a drink, i walked to the box and yeah, it's still on commercials.. lucky me it didn't start yet. the movies was awesome and i think i'm falling for prince dastan~~~~~ splendid actor in the movie, in my opinion, for sure..

after the movie i felt sooo hungry. then i soon realised that i had not eaten anything since morning, except for the nuggets i bought previously. so i wandered again to get my lunch, together with some snacks i would like to bring during btn. round and round and round, get a cab and that's the end of my day out..

so, tomorrow's gonna be the beginning of btn until friday. haish.. hope will enjoy that to the fullest~


joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

kak aii said...

remembered mine - i mean my walk alone. ha, mmg slalu buat masa kat ipba..nsb baik la ade sekali tu ade sorg budak tu teman gi jenjalan kat lowyat n makan piza ( or was it pasta??) lupa la. anyway, i am a loner.. my 1st walk alone (was it?) was in Lumut. luvd it so much. rasa free sangat waktu tu, with the air breeze from the sea..takde kekangan waktu..zaman sekolah..
yup, there are times we need to be alone. most importantly alone with Him. that's why ade qiamulail kan?

QilaRaft said...

hehe.. mkn piza la kak... a'ah ek.. sy pon hmpr lupe kisah ni.. huhu.. thanks ingatkan~