Wednesday, April 29, 2009

oh nooo.....LDS


tomorrow got lds test.. what la.. i really dun understand phrases and clauses as much as i understands subject-verb-agreement.. and i think i have the aura that says it's gonna be tough.. i'm hoping that i could maintain my results.. huih..

and because of the sudden health problem, i actually had to 'ponteng' my crucial taekwondo practise for tonight.. really.. i felt like i'm not gonna make it on that day.. crazy la wei.. i'd only remember 3 poomsae out of 5 that might be tested. plus, i really don't remember all the 1 step sparrings which i've last practised around, 2,3 years ago? haiyaa.. i'm so dead laa...

pray for my safety, i really don't want to waste half of my allowance just to fail the grading..

and about that something i told you in the previous entry, well.. actually, it really exists. no doubt.. a friend of mine told me that there's a senior of him, who actually saw the same thing while watching the video from the cctv at the eltc. the video that revealed the thief if i haven't mistaken.. and he actually saw that too! to make things even more creepier, that thing wasn't there when he rewinded the video.. and that proves i wasn't wrong.. creeepy la weiii!...

hopefully that will be my first and my last experience of it. dun want anymore..

let the creeps go away from me.. ~_~

Sunday, April 26, 2009

itu jodoh namanya...


yesterday i went to the bookfair at pwtc with ruhan and ila. before that, went to smk taman sea for the usual instructor practice. was quite scared to hear that there are few of them who failed the recent grading.. what about me this 3rd may?.. hrm.. seram2..

emkay and aliaa have gone somewhere else to get stuffs for aliaa's handycam. we'd met up at the the fair. it was so crowded. there's lots of book stalls, and of course, the books too.. wasn't my intention to buy any, so i just walked and walked through the stalls, berhimpit2 dengan orang lain and also tengok2 la jugak buku2 kat situ. none of them caught my interest. what can i say, i'm not really into books, except for comics and graphic novels( still considered as comics ryte?). i'd also found a gempakstarz's stall. but, there's soooo many people i coundn't get the chance to have a glimpse at the comics at all. wanted to see whether they have the final series of fatal chaos, but seems i couldn't bolos myself.. waaa... i want that one... it's been quite a long time i'm searching for the last series of that.. just another one to complete all the series.. haish..

the best part of having so many people, i managed to accidentally meet with my 2 teachers from mrsm.. oh my, such a small world.. i met cikgu amal and cikgu rahayu... both are garang teachers, but yet sangat sempoi.. huhu.. i text cikgu mardziah and few minutes later, she called. seemed that she's very jealous coz' i met other teachers but not her... huhu.. what can i say, jodoh lom sampai lagi nak jumpe cikgu.. huhu.. she actually asked me to accompany her to the bookfair last saturday but since i was in my hometown at the time, it is almost impossible and i would say my dad won't send me to go there by myself.

after done jalan2 berhimpit2, watched a magic show. it was held as to promote their books on magic tricks. huhu.. quite bored coz' i think the magic they showed were quite typical and i've seen it quite some time.

then we went to ktm putra to go sogo. i know there's lrt from pwtc straight to kl sentral but dunno where.. never thought there's ktm as well.. from putra, we stopped at kl sentral to change to lrt to go masjid jamek.. prayed zohor then felt quite hungry. so we decided to have lunch at secret recipe. i at spaghetti meatballs. the chicken meatballs were very nice indeed. after that, went to cucuk duit, but seemed that asar is just around the corner, ila and me decided to pray first.

inside the lrt to masjid jamek, another coincidence happened. met anothere friend of mine.. za from my plkn camp.. we were in the same dorm for three months. she was with her twin. they're going to their aunt's at ampang.. hoho..

once reached lrt station bandaraya, went directly to the women's department..
mission: find casual attire since i've lots of t-shirts and jeans .
went tawaf that place with que ( somehow like my personal consultant) since i dun really know what to choose. found a few that caught my view, but, frankly speaking, all my choices are quite branded. seemed that i really am have high taste and quite choosy too. got my self a 70% (thank god there's discount) polo kemeja and a blouse..

in the end, reached home at 8 and rushed to pray and get ready for choral speaking's usual practice...

huish... banyak penat ooo

Saturday, April 25, 2009

tired lorh~


this was supposed to be posted last tuesday...
well, the title itself explained everything why it is not posted on that day.

to my calculation, it WAS a tiring day..

as usual, class is on from 8am till 1.30pm..
then got choral speaking practise for the english camp at 3pm until 5pm..
rushed to pray asar and went for usrah at yasmin's.
we had a discussion on a surah from the Quran, which is the 78th chapter, An-Naba'
until it was 7.30...

hurried back home and get ready for lds replacement class at 8. venue? a creepy place to be alone at night; tower block level 2.

to my surprised, i was actually quite late.. on the previous class, someone had promise madam that we'll gather near the stairs at 7.45 and i don't even know about that. i was there around 7.50 yet seeing almost everybody was there, with the-not-good-news faces. they said she was already waited for us even 5 minutes earlier before 7.45. she went back home with anger ( that's what they said) to prepare dinner for her children. at that time, i felt sooo guilty and also quite pissed because the person who made the promised with madam was already at the tower block.. ape punye orang.. cakap tak serupe bikin..

whatever... madam showed up again at 8 sumething and we had class until almost 10. up till that time, i was very hungry and a bit distracted by something so i couldn't give my full attention to the lecture.. sorry madam.. in addition, we're learning on clauses since our lds test next week is until this chapter.

finished class, quickly rushed home and prayed isya' and had a few bites of kuew teow piqa bought during the evening. then quickly again went to block 4 for another choral speaking practise. unlucky for us, conflict occurred and it dragged the time until 1 o'clock...

huargh.. then i finally get the chance to 'landing' at my bed.. tried to finish up my LS homework, but then i found my self sleeping infront of the homework until the next morning..

really packed timetable, ayte?
i wonder what will happened next week, i dunno whether to go taekwondo practise or the choral speaking prastise, as the time will clash on tuesday and thursday..

both are important to me.

i'm going for 2nd dan, i don't really master all the requirements needed and i won't burn my rm200 just to fail the test.. it's almost half of my allowance okay!


i don't want to miss the choral speaking practise either.. i don't want to make fun of myself in front of the audience on the actual day..

hmmm..... *think my dear, think*

Sunday, April 19, 2009

kmk part 2


do you still remember long ago, i did said that i will continue my story due to my existence in kmk just before i entered ipgm kampus bahasa antarabangsa.

fyi, the matrix life for matriculation students has just ended few days ago. now they're free from college life an waiting for the results to be announced soon. as for me, this is not the end for me, coz' i'm no longer a matrix student.

as far i could remember, the day after my 18th birthday, was actually my first day being in the new class of H1T8. being a new member in the class, was terrifying.. i hate it when it comes to the ice-breaking thing, going to the front of each class and introduce myself, especially when i'm the one whose introducing. heh..

as time flies, i managed to get along with them, which at first i thought they were kind a snobbish and berlagak type of gangs. i was totally wrong. eventhough there's more pdt students in my new class as compared to my previous, but i like both classes.

the best part of being in this tutor class, was, in most of every lecture, we will split up into 2 groups( to do some sort of tricks) and when the previous class was ended, we will rushed into the hall through the two main doors( with the each was occupied by the two groups) and quickly ' cop' @ save the seats for the rest of the classmates. well, usually, we got the whole two rows in the middle part of the hall, filled with our dearest classmates. proudly, i was one of the masterminds. hehe.. it was fun, and memorable too.. now in ipba, there's no more lecture hall, at the meantime, as we attended classes and there's no need to rush as there's only 52 of us.

during my days in kmk, i was closed enough with haza, ting, and wani. they were the best pals ever. well, that is not including edd.. edd? she's a good company. during breakfast, during riadah. we loved to walk around kmk together until they called us as twins. haha.. now she's already pursuing her studies in egypt. medic of course. well, i'm tired of typing. let the pics do the talking now.. huhu

wani, qila n ting. 3 best pals

class of H1T8. i was new during that time

this party was to celebrate our 2 classmates, zakwan and husna(now in ipba too)

the boys

i told you we love to conquer the middle part..

with madam kang. always with her smile. never mad at us eventhough sometimes we're not in good behaviour..

yao shun, uda, n faisal

psalakians in kmk.. once an athlete, always an athlete..

girls of H1T8

basketball team.. we won silver,k. plus, our team has the malays more than the others. other teams, the chinese conquer it all.

2 in 1 party. farewell party for me as well as barbeque.

well, i think that's all for the recap of my matrix life..daa

Saturday, April 18, 2009

sports day


16th april.
a day of no classes.
a day of no casual attire.
a day of no...whatever.

well, that was the day ipgm kampus bahasa antarabangsa was helding it's sports day. funny? believe it. says who we won't be having any of these kind of days when we leave high schools? it's because, us, will become teachers. and i thinks maybe it's a part of the day we will organised when we'll be posted to any schools soon.

back to the story, it was our 7th sports day. i was in the green house, the leading house from the beginning.. hehe.. this year, for a record, green house finally managed to become the champion after two years becoming the second place. and gladly, i was one of the athletes who adds up a gold medal.. wuuhoo.. i won for the long jump competition. thanks to mira pispm who allowed me to participate it ( she's our kagom athlete for long jump). the best part, i beat all the seniors ( including our 'beloved senior from that cohort'. i hate to say this, but the way she said to me before the competition starts was soo, well, full of arrogance. duuh, as if i'd never jump before~

well, during that sports day, i was supposed to participate in 4x100. but, thanks again to mira, for volunteering herself to replace me. i was kind of tied with the taekwondo performance, which i think, i won't be able to run 100m after that. so she replaced me, and finally adds up another gold medal for our house.. go hijau go!

bukti kemenanganku

regarding to the taekwondo performance, i was finally, fortunately, and other adjectives you thinks are suitable, at last, i got the chance to break a plank. my history: i didn't break any plank ever since i got my 1st dan. due to out of stocks. huhu.. i did a backthrust kick and break the plank into two parts.. yeay for me.. huhu.. and thanks to aliaa to record our performance, although you didn't manage to record the silat team, due to some disturbance.. hehe

is this the cause of winning?

the end of the day, our house won as the champion, as well as for the most decorative tent ( very hijau indeed~) the best, we got friday as 'cuti peristiwa'.. yeay..

the whole busy week ( english week ipba)


next was the english week..
our batch, cohort 2 cycle 3 was assigned to handle the concert as well as the closing ceremony for the english week held in ipba..

for the concert itself, we held quite some activities which i think was fun, eventhough we were like dying to handle and manage the things. lots of conflicts happened, too.

i was assigned as the contestant manager, in which, i have to get the namelist of the winners and reminds them to prepare as they'll perform once again during the closing ceremony. only for story telling, and public speaking winners.

the concert, was filled with a choral speaking performance from sk la salle, sumwhere in klang or pj, i supposed, which i think they were so damn cute plus they're fluency in english made me so envy..

our cohort also perform some sort of 'zapin ballroom'. the actual idea was to have a formal dance. however it ended up just like dancing zapin with the background song of 'sway' by micheal bubbley( mind my spelling).

my part? sing-along some oldies songs : mamma mia, words ( bee gees) and top of the world ( carpenters). to my surprize, i actually love and been exposed to these songs earlier in my life.. huhu..

the not-so-best part of handling this event, some of us had been scolded by the lecturers, and even critised by the non-wanted critics from the seniors. bising je lebih diorang nih.. haish..

well, i guessed that's all from what i could remember about it. well, what can i say, it's been quite some time we organised this event.. so, sorry if there's any salah information.. daa

Saturday, April 4, 2009

the whole busy week ( part taekwondo intec)

salam.. this is actually kind of a recap during the english week few weeeeks ago.

i think, i've just passed by a week full of many things. the most busiest week in ipba, i guess. anyway lets just start with the taekwondo tournament first. still in the same week, ayte?

saturday, 28th march 2009

at around 10, gathered at surau and went to intec, with the help of our ipba's driver, pakcik khalid. at this time, the rest of my batch were having an "exciting" and "enjoyable" talk at ipbmm regarding to women's sport day.. something to do with that laa.. lucky me to get escaped from joining them there.. huhu..

just because our driver didn't know exactly where intec is located, so we waited for rabbit from ipbmm to lead the way since she's an original citizen of shah alam, unlike me.. haha..
therefore we reached intec by 11 sharp..

the first person i saw there, was the same face i see every time during my holidays at my hometown. ana, the person i met during ISK at Kuang, the person i met again at MPH, Midvalley and plus, we've known each other since, standard one.. long "time" no see eit, ana? huhu..
she's a part of the organiser for the tournament, so it's kind a lucky for me to know orang dalam..
after settled all the registration for all the participants, i, as the team manager of our team, had to wait for a brief breifing regarding tomorrow's event. the unfortunate thing was the meeting only be held at 3 pm. the're lots more time to spend. so we decided to find some stuff for tomorrow's.

me, falihin, aiman and that brat, syafik ( he's annoying) went to kompleks PKNS shah alam with the help of falihin's friend( who is actually kak ayu's friend as well). meanwhile, kak ayu and rabbit went there by bus.

first pit stop: kfc.. we were quiet starving so we decided to full our tummy first. had snack plate but due to the chicken which was not ready yet, i only got the side dish. the coleslow and the kentang putar only. after a while then the main dish came. sat along with aiman, kak ayu and rabbit. falihin, on diet so he went to jalan2 with his firend. syafik, don't ever want to know what's he up to.

then, we went to the phamacy to get the set of first aid kit and a pain relieving spray.. cost me rm 60+ since the club's fees was not enough. went back to intec and listen to the briefing. reached ipba at around 5 and i met aliaa, munirah and ruhan, escaping from the 5 km cross country( is it the accurate word for merentas desa?)

at night, had to neglect the earth hour by having the last practise for the tournament.

hari kejadian..
things went all okay.. except during the journey to intec, there was an accident occurred. i met timah zaharah, she's one of the pihak penganjur. also met berg.. he actually won without sparring in his first match, and barely won the second. but finally, managed to own a bronze. unlike this lady, waited from morning till 4 o'clock before my turn. unfotunately, exhausted of waiting made my movements looked silly and lousy. nampak sangat da penat..

in the end, bought myself a new kicking pad. it worthed RM88.90. very comfy and soft.. hopefully that will encourage me to practise more... haha..

my new kicking pad.. for sure i won't give this to my bro. or else he will loose this like what he did to the kicking pad i bought for him few years back..

this is the end of part 1.. part 2 to be continued