Sunday, April 19, 2009

kmk part 2


do you still remember long ago, i did said that i will continue my story due to my existence in kmk just before i entered ipgm kampus bahasa antarabangsa.

fyi, the matrix life for matriculation students has just ended few days ago. now they're free from college life an waiting for the results to be announced soon. as for me, this is not the end for me, coz' i'm no longer a matrix student.

as far i could remember, the day after my 18th birthday, was actually my first day being in the new class of H1T8. being a new member in the class, was terrifying.. i hate it when it comes to the ice-breaking thing, going to the front of each class and introduce myself, especially when i'm the one whose introducing. heh..

as time flies, i managed to get along with them, which at first i thought they were kind a snobbish and berlagak type of gangs. i was totally wrong. eventhough there's more pdt students in my new class as compared to my previous, but i like both classes.

the best part of being in this tutor class, was, in most of every lecture, we will split up into 2 groups( to do some sort of tricks) and when the previous class was ended, we will rushed into the hall through the two main doors( with the each was occupied by the two groups) and quickly ' cop' @ save the seats for the rest of the classmates. well, usually, we got the whole two rows in the middle part of the hall, filled with our dearest classmates. proudly, i was one of the masterminds. hehe.. it was fun, and memorable too.. now in ipba, there's no more lecture hall, at the meantime, as we attended classes and there's no need to rush as there's only 52 of us.

during my days in kmk, i was closed enough with haza, ting, and wani. they were the best pals ever. well, that is not including edd.. edd? she's a good company. during breakfast, during riadah. we loved to walk around kmk together until they called us as twins. haha.. now she's already pursuing her studies in egypt. medic of course. well, i'm tired of typing. let the pics do the talking now.. huhu

wani, qila n ting. 3 best pals

class of H1T8. i was new during that time

this party was to celebrate our 2 classmates, zakwan and husna(now in ipba too)

the boys

i told you we love to conquer the middle part..

with madam kang. always with her smile. never mad at us eventhough sometimes we're not in good behaviour..

yao shun, uda, n faisal

psalakians in kmk.. once an athlete, always an athlete..

girls of H1T8

basketball team.. we won silver,k. plus, our team has the malays more than the others. other teams, the chinese conquer it all.

2 in 1 party. farewell party for me as well as barbeque.

well, i think that's all for the recap of my matrix life..daa


miszdinky said...

ramai gak dak ps kat citu ea?????

QilaRaft said...

ade la dlm 20 lbh...
tu lom msk yg xps lg..