Thursday, June 25, 2015


currently building up my confidence
it's like I'm starting all over again

I'm starting from the beginning
with a small circle of class
then it rises to a bigger class

perhaps, in the future soon
I'll be able to take the stage?

but one thing to remember
the more we talk
the more sins we'll make

so it's better to talk
or to silent still?

Friday, June 5, 2015


I am lost again
in the midst of this worldly matters
I can no longer find myself
despite of who I was in the past
I'd utterly regret to say
It's no longer the same

I tried to find Him in everything I do
but till now I keep on failing
I'm no longer near to tranquility
it is more to messiness and guilty

I've been running away from reality
Yes, like a coward turns away from problems
unable to solve them, but to deny, to sidetrack

O Allah, give me strength to move on
Show me the way to find You again
Don't leave me alone and go astray