Thursday, May 21, 2009

exams over


mock exam has just ended today. but i'm not feeling relieved nor happy about it. it was just plain, as such there's nothing has happened. dunno why..weirdo me T_T

was it because i'm having a sudden sore throat since yesterday night that makes me feel uncomfortable? but the thing is, i have no feeling about my freedom due to this mock exam. not because of my sore throat either..

anyway,since we have done our exams 'successfully', here is our plan for our class outing during the remaining days left before we start our holidays.

we've decided to play bowling at times square, thus saturday insya'allah. but i do think the place will be sooo crowded with many youngsters around with their gangs and couples( for sure punya la). why? coz it's SATURDAY. and saturday is HOLIDAY.

i dunno what are we going to do by next week as there's nothing more to learn. yalah, exams' over, dude.. need to empty my memory with all those silibus we've learn this whole semester. it's time to enjoy have be prepared for the next semester.

i am so not ready to become a new 'senior'.we're no longer being the babies of ipba.. but what ever it is we're still the babies of mr. thirrumoorthy.. hehe.. having new batch as juniors and they will call you 'kak' n 'abang' just like in schooling days(maybe). haish... but perhaps the best thing of being senior is that you don't have to be forced to do things we don't really like. hopefully. we've suffer a lot( sure ar?) being juniors. had to go to putrajaya for the kemerdekaan thing (luckily i'm not in, but hopefully they won't force the second and third intakes to go for this year's with the new juniors), had have to join the KOT's perbarisan(but i'm actually interested with it. tapi takpe, bagi peluang pada orang lain, aku dah rebut 1 pingat untuk rumah.. hehe).

i've remained silent for the whole afternoon. we bought our lunch form ipbmm's cafe coz it's more cheaper than paklang's. we were chitchatting about many things but i'd just keep my voice. seemed that i've nothing to comment plus the sore throat yang menyusahkan..

and i'm posting this entry from my roommate's laptop as i couldn't connect to the internet. dunno wat happened to my broadband trying to avoid me from posting this entry..
menngada-ngada sungguh~

Friday, May 8, 2009

back from hosba valley


apparently got back from sri gardeniaa kedah resort for the english camp.
the journey was tiring, but i guessed it worth it.

this camp enables all 506 tesl students from all ipgm to gather and be mingling around each other within this five day camp. it is also a good place for us to expand our networking with other students from other ipgm all over malaysia.

frankly speaking, i didn't make many friends as much as i did in other camps that i have attended. probably because i am quite shy and a bit slow in making friends in a short period of time. it takes a long time for me to adapt with the environment i lived in.
in the end, i think i really know only a few, less than 10 people perhaps. in which it means friends that i know more rather than only their names and from which ipg.

the camp was actually held in Gardenia National Service Camp. so, whatever activities held are adhered to the camp's rules and regulation as such doing the PT activity; running around the camp in the morning before breakfast and others too.

i met a few friends from kmk too.. from my interview group to my next room's neighbour too..
well, to cut is short, i met ain, my neighbour in kmk and also mira my former H2T8 classmate..

well, the activities:

ice breaking

i was grouped together with munirah, banu, and aziz.
been into group 8, also known as cyan, which munirah pronounced it as 'sian'.. haha
the group was consisted of several ipgs such as us(ipba), ipti, i
p gaya, ipkb, ip ipoh and some others which i could not recall much..

we've done such activities that required us to remember all their names, also including ala-ala american next top model. the different thing is that, the models had to peragakan pakaian mereka which are made of newspapers. and guess what, our group's model is our encik aziz. very funny indeed. especially when he became the cover for that day's bulletin, and commented that he is actually a bit shy.. hehe.. ye lah tu, aziz..

info hunt

okay, we did an activity more or less just like the treasure hunt kind of thing. here, we need to find 7 envelopes with a diamond symbol on it. and from there i met mira from gaya and accidentally form a so-called gang ' moral supporters' together with munirah. why i named it that way? it's because throughout the activity, we couldn't contribute anything as we didn't found any of those envelopes. huhu.. get the point?


i was in room 2. the first group made me to half-doze off.. the second group was quite okay.. but was kind a regret for not joining emkay to the room 1.. room 1 got jiani and jega as the penalists for both groups. they said jega had done her job very well..

public speaking

not really enjoy it as not many of iparians were there. saw hui jia with her speech. saw one friend from kmk as well. we used to call her cekpah and currently in ip gaya. her speech was entertaining as she finishes her impropmtu with the word ' go green' whereas her topic for that was one malaysia, if i've not mistaken. and i dunno what that suppose to relate with 'one malaysia'.. huhu


love it the most. all ipbarians in room 1 rocks. especially alicia.. really made us burst into laughter. and ila accidentally burst into few drops of tears? huhu..

school visit

we got sk datuk wan kemara. just a few kilometres from my beloved kolej matrikulasi changloon. haish.. the visit was nice. my group was handling 20 pupils from standard two. we held a sing-a-long, story telling on beebo and the cloudmaster ( the actual hero was peeper, beebo's friend, and i still thinking why beebo gets the credits..hurm), colouring competition, and guess some superheros names. and lastly, a game which i dunno how to describe it.. hehe.. ruhan's idea..

alor star tour

okay laa.. but too less time to go jalan2.. it was enough only to fulfill our hungry tummies. berjaya merasmikan kemeja baru.. wore it with my black slack, also for the first time.. well, guess that i will be transforming into a new me.. in fashion, i supposed?

choral speaking

may i say it was great too? it's because we're the one who handled it... wahhaha.. and we're the first to perform.. feel great about it.. i think we made the audience to giggle at us for quite some time as compared to other ipg.. i think laa.. what do you think?

language game

ok lar.. but manage to continue my contribution as 'moral supporters' in ghost whisperer as emkay and me manage to get away from need to hafal the tongue twisters. hehehehe.. we 've made it to escape due to lack of time~

the khinzir-beratur

hate it.. the management sucks. we only got our meal quite late.. it was after 9.30 when we got all the menu,especially the roasted chicken. it wasn't fair because the earlier people managed to get more than what they supposed to get and we only get one each, only after queued a long line and b'gaduh a bit with the people who serve the food. sorry for them, we were hungry okay !

after dinner, i lepaking around with mira and ain from ip gaya. have a quite long chit chatting until it passed 11.15..hohoho... basically they are my friends from other ipg that i'm closed to.. watched the video throughout all activities.. i wondered why the cameraman focused on nor during the school visit for quite long.. hm.. any idea?

well, i guessed i have summarised all the activities done within those few days. it brings a new experienced for me as we are all gathered there with the same basis, to become an english teacher in the future. we've spoke almost all in english and thus,

we are now, infected with the inevitable english language,
that makes us, part of the amazing new world of english..

( ipba's choral speaking)

ahha, there's a funny incident that happened to me within this so-called camping.
that day was wednesday, when i was about to wear my tudung to go for dinner, suddenly i heard a shout from the end of the dorm. there were 2 indians and a chinese sitting on a bed and were chitchatting. do you know what they're shouting about?

them: hey you, we thought that you were a chinese!!
me: no lar... i'm a malay...
them: bu you really looked like one~
me: hehehe
yamuna: *blur*

then we burst into laughter.. so funny la wei.. this is the second time other people thought me as a chinese instead of a malay.. the first time was during the national service too... also by a chinese girl, wendy yit xiao ling.. huhuhu

that's all from me now.. daa
p/s: perhaps that i have no pictures at all with me by the time being.. my phone crashed and i don't brin any camera with me.. pity me my friends.
after this wanted to pick up and transfers photos from my other friends..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

it's pathetic


just got back from the grading about, half hour ago or so. it was sooo horrible that i think it's worthless even i did get promoted to the 2nd dan.

why i said so? because it is.. i'm so not well-prepared. the basics, were okay. but it turns out worsen and even worsen when it comes to the combination kicks. and, sorry to say, even the instructor was so mean @ kerek ( kak ayu, 2009). kak ayu used to had her gradings there when she was in secondary school.. she said, that instructor is just like that. he loves to give the instructions only once. yeah, once said, then off you go. as for the kicks, that's the most horrible part. lets say, the first kick, we had to do turning kick, shuffle, turning kick again, cross-side kick, and two backtrust kicks. think it's easy? try to do it once after you heard it without any instructions repeated. silly him..

the next worse part is on the free sparring... i hate it too..
in that, we were required to spar two rounds. in the first round, i was paired with kak salma. i was beaten by her quite badly and also accidentally injured my left leg on the tibia part.. a quite big swollen part that could be seen even from a distant, enriched with the internal bleeding on the surface of the skin that makes it look even worse.. and of course, it's painful. the greatest of all..

after a few minutes, stopped for a while and watched the poom kids do their free sparring.. then, i was called again for the second round. my new pair, a poom chubby boy, i dunno whether he's a primary or secondary kid.

okay, let me confess first. i sucked in free sparring.. i'm not that aggressive as what people think i am. so, in most competition, i would rather defend than attacking. i'd only attack whenever i think it is a definite sure that i'll hit a the target. unless the opponent is a very lousy one. but here, that boy was very energetic, continuously kicking without stopping. and that gave me not even a single chance to kick.

however, even though he kicked that much, those were quite aimless. poor thing, most of his kicks were below the belt level, and that adds more to my previous injury. as for me, including with the injury, made less attacks and more towards defending. the result, my elbow and the whole defending part, were full of bruises.

one think i knew from that that makes me that worse is because, in ipba, we only train for taekwondo once a week. but there, those meddling kids train three times a week, which makes them even more fit and more stamina than i am. that makes a huge different actually. the next thing is, their training is more towards the competition training, which is more towards sparring which emphasize on speed and strength. and in ipba, our training is more towards the perfection of the art. the correct technique and all those stuffs. that's the beauty of martial art (aiman, 2009)

in the end, sir said everyone did good eventhough in some part, it is not that good. he also said that all passed the test. but as for me, it is still uncertain until i receive the cert. so, hopefully it is true.

well, good bye for now. tomorrow gonna be a long journey to kedah for the english camp..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

i'm not ready


tomorrow's the day.. and,


my stances all messed up, my punches and kicks are worse as in not hard and 'kemas' enough, and sometimes i'm barely able to remember all the steps in poomsae, step sparring and self defense technique..

tomorrow master ben will fetch me and syin and syara and the other two from ipbmm. hopefully we'll be there on time and hopefully it will ends as soon as possible..

apart from that,
i'm so not ready to go kedah yet.. i haven't pack even a single shirt into my luggage, i haven't fully memorising my choral speaking text, and i am so not ready to go there yet.. and each time i heard the word 'dorms', spontaneously that reminds me of my experience in national service..



my habit is there, again.. well, it is always there since ever... the word of 'procrastination' has been part of me.. we're inseparable.. how am i gonna overcome this...

any idea?