Thursday, May 21, 2009

exams over


mock exam has just ended today. but i'm not feeling relieved nor happy about it. it was just plain, as such there's nothing has happened. dunno why..weirdo me T_T

was it because i'm having a sudden sore throat since yesterday night that makes me feel uncomfortable? but the thing is, i have no feeling about my freedom due to this mock exam. not because of my sore throat either..

anyway,since we have done our exams 'successfully', here is our plan for our class outing during the remaining days left before we start our holidays.

we've decided to play bowling at times square, thus saturday insya'allah. but i do think the place will be sooo crowded with many youngsters around with their gangs and couples( for sure punya la). why? coz it's SATURDAY. and saturday is HOLIDAY.

i dunno what are we going to do by next week as there's nothing more to learn. yalah, exams' over, dude.. need to empty my memory with all those silibus we've learn this whole semester. it's time to enjoy have be prepared for the next semester.

i am so not ready to become a new 'senior'.we're no longer being the babies of ipba.. but what ever it is we're still the babies of mr. thirrumoorthy.. hehe.. having new batch as juniors and they will call you 'kak' n 'abang' just like in schooling days(maybe). haish... but perhaps the best thing of being senior is that you don't have to be forced to do things we don't really like. hopefully. we've suffer a lot( sure ar?) being juniors. had to go to putrajaya for the kemerdekaan thing (luckily i'm not in, but hopefully they won't force the second and third intakes to go for this year's with the new juniors), had have to join the KOT's perbarisan(but i'm actually interested with it. tapi takpe, bagi peluang pada orang lain, aku dah rebut 1 pingat untuk rumah.. hehe).

i've remained silent for the whole afternoon. we bought our lunch form ipbmm's cafe coz it's more cheaper than paklang's. we were chitchatting about many things but i'd just keep my voice. seemed that i've nothing to comment plus the sore throat yang menyusahkan..

and i'm posting this entry from my roommate's laptop as i couldn't connect to the internet. dunno wat happened to my broadband trying to avoid me from posting this entry..
menngada-ngada sungguh~

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fieqa said...

har3, makcik~
konklusi y menarik...

lorhh.nk p men boling eh..
xtw pon..sadis2~..T_T