Friday, April 23, 2010

date with the director!

salam and hi~

haha... for those who read it, don't take it that seriously. kind a joke, but indeed, it happened.

this morning, me, piqa and ruhan tried to book a bus so that all of our fellow friends who have not settled their passport to go all together attacking Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia in Damansara. so, we went to the office and get those materials needed, get some photocopied documents and approval from our beloved tutor, mr thirrummurthy.

meanwhile, i phoned yuges to ask the officer there, whether can we book for our group, as she and ila and aliaa and munirah and alicia went there to get their new passport. however she said that we can only book once we are there...haish, weekends sure got many people lah!so, the bus-booking is still on.

unfortunately, i had to go and send the form by myself as ruhan and piqa have to attend their learning support class.

as i went there, the clerk inside asked me to meet dr sofi personally to get the approval immediately as we sent the application form quite late ( we need it THIS sunday).

so, wow..... i'd never been to dr sofi's place. plus, i WAS alone at the time. cuak... seram...and i rarely involved, or specifically, INTERACT with such high position people..ever since my primary school.. you can laugh at me if you want, but that's the fact of myself( i'm a shy shy girl laaa)..

at first he questioned me why must it be done during weekends, and not weekdays. i was sooooo cuak and went silent for a moment. then i said that we don't want to interrupt our PnP(pengajaran dan pembelajaran)as that will be a waste(konon2nye la) of time and so on..

finally, he signed and approved our application form (yeay to me for settling it with all the kegugupan and kegelisahan to speak in english with dr sofi)

all settled. such a relief that it is done within this period of time.
but still, that was my first time ever negotiated with dr sofi by myself... seram2..hey, i'm not a person who is outspoken and outstanding.. so that's me..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

lets learn adjectives!

salam and hi

a word that suits me now

when there's piles of burden behind my back

to wait for that important days to come

for the worst scenario that might happen

p/s: can my current posts considered as poems?
i wonder why....

thank you...

thank you for everything
for being sincere
although it hurts deep inside

you've taught me to be tough
be ready for any consequences

to face the fate
that i choose to be

to be acceptance
although i'm struggle for another chance

i appreciate you
so do i hope for mine

and you will always
in my mind

no matter what...


p/s: courage is risks. so be prepared for it
although its hard to take, sooner or later i'll have to.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i need you!

salam and hi..

i need you
to stand until the end of time

i need you
to face whatever obstacles and difficulties

i need you
to pass with flying colours

i need you
for my wish to come true
not only in my dreams
but also in reality...

p/s: kerajinan... dimanakah kau??
meh la sini... exam da dekat cik kak oi...

Monday, April 19, 2010


i'm sorry i was pissed
i'm sorry i didn't reply your message
i'm sorry i didn't take your call
i'm sorry i let you waited dumbly at the bus stop
i'm sorry i've pulled my faces upon you
i'm sorry i just ignored you there
i'm sorry for making you upset with me

and again, i'm sorry i've caused you trouble.

i have to admit
i was angry when i know you've gone
without a word
you left without let me know
you left half away without me
although i'm the one who ask you out

Thursday, April 15, 2010

memberku membermu jua

salam and hi...

setiap orang ade kekuatan dan kelemahan masing2. ini kerana tiada satu pun yang sempurna.

bebaru ni, aku baru tersedar kelemahan member aku. dia juga manusia biasa. ada kelebihan, ada kekurangan.

namun, seteruk mana pun kelemahan dia, dia tetap member aku. aku xsuke r bile dengar ade member2 lain kutuk2 dia ni. hanya kerana 1 kelemahan dia ni, yang selama ni hanya nampak kelebihan dan kekuatan dia (bukan fizikal ek, tapi strength dia untuk survive kat ipba ni), habis berbakul2 lemparan ditujukan.

beb, dia pun manusia biasa. kau pun ade kelemahan kau sendiri, aku pun ade kelemahan aku sendiri. so, why we're so obsess with only one of their tiny mistakes rather than praising them for the good values they have after all these years??

so, walau berbakul mane pun kau buruk2kan dia, dia tetap member aku. sebab dia da banyak tolong aku selame ni rather than kesilapan dia, bagi aku, xseberapa tuh. kecik secoit lagi kecik dari kutu babi r wa cakap sama lu.

so...yes, i praised them for being my friend and i will always do. no matter what.
i appreciate that whatever good deeds they've done to me and will always care.

we'll be together for like, 3,4 years more.. so why can't we accept their weaknesses and try to hold on together? living together, study together, and hopefully spend time together even we're may not like what we are right now.

" jika kita ingin bersahabat
jangan kerana KELEBIHANNYA
kerana mungkin dengan 1 kelemahannya,
kita akan menjauhinya

jangan kerana KEBAIKANNYA
kerana mungkin dengan 1 keburukannya,
kita akan membencinya

jangan kerana ILMUNYA
kerana apabila dia buntu,
kita mungkin akan meninggalkannya

jangan kerana sifat CERIANYA,
kerana andai dia xpandai menceriakan
kita mungkin menyalahkannya

jadi, terimalah dia SEADANYA"

so, cheers~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

just crapping around

i'm not the type of person who are strong.

i can't hide my emotions and expressions

feeling unwell

so, if you see me with such faces, you'd better NOT ask me why or else I'll be even worse...


john coleman( hopefully i spell it correctly) has came to meet the entire cohort this afternoon.

his main purpose: to get a list of people who would like to share their accommodation later in cccu..

it's funny to think that whenever there's things like this, crisis always came to mind. "i want you", "i don't want to live with you", "you don't belong with us".. etc..etc..

a vote resolves everything.usually.but NOT in this will make us suffer if we do this.

i decided to have a change. living with some new people around me might gives new insights. although it's hard to admit that i rarely able to fit in so easily. although to have them is already a crisis.

i hate to say this, but i do felt that i've changed. have you realised that? as far as i know, i'm easily gets upsets with such tiny miny little things. friends? maybe.
i think i'm a bit too sensitive nowadays.

why i rarely mingled with those i'm used to get closed with? why i seldom have good conversation like we had long ago? why why why??

although it's painful in the inside, i have to move on. just don't let it ruins my mood and excitement to finish this foundation with any crisis anymore...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ASEAN School Games


just got back from a French movie as well as public speaking competition. supporting mr Daniel Chiam from the very last row ( we came just at the right time to watch you in action, Dan) and then went back to auditorium to continue the movie.

guess what, i have 'accidentally' offering myself to become the 'pegawai perhubungan' during the 2nd ASEAN School Games that will be held in malaysia this July. and why us? because our director said he don't want to disrupt the PISMP students. besides, as said by mdm Rozana, that will be a great platform for us to shine... this is a rare opportunity for get. so, why waste it when it's in front of you, rite?

what is ASEAN School Games?
it is so called like SEA Games,just that in this case, the athletes are all school students. a combination of countries in ASEAN, it runs games like athletics, gymnastic, badminton and so on. this is the second year it is held as the previous one was held in Thailand. and out of sudden, i just got to know that IPBA is one of the institutions that will help organising the event.

as being told by en. hisyam HEP, being the LO means that i will be guiding them to the venues and other places.requires lots of social skills then..

it sounds so international to me. although i have volunteered myself, still, i need to undergone an interview which will be held this FRIDAY at putrajaya. will i pass the interview? hope for the best of it.

the worst part, i actually hate interviews and i still wonder why i don't like it too much. need to do a resume. need to finish assignment early, so that i can prepare mentally for the interview *always think the worst of it*

so, lets just be it.

Monday, April 12, 2010


salam n hi~

ditag oleh norfa, setelah sekian lamenye tak main menda alah ni...(bukan lame tak main, tapi pemalas tahap dewa nak buat)

1) Benda 2nd yg anda bwat afta bangun tidow.
-capai towel n menuju ke toilet

2) 3 perkara yg bwat anda hilang mood serta merta.
- tengah pening2 kepala, then tetibe ade orang wat hal
- gado ngn org yg rapat
- gajet2 kesayangan buat masalah

3) Apa yg ada dlm fikiran anda sekarang.
- nak bukak puase nanti nak makan ape ek...

4) Jika anda terjumpa seketul batu yg boleh bercakap n anda diberi 1 permintaan. Apa yg anda nk mintak?
- sy mau travel 1 dunia, bley x?

5) 5 fakta tentang gigi anda.
1)gigi sy xrate kat bahagian atas sebelah kanan
2)gigi tu jadi macam tu sebab pengalaman ngeri mase darjah 1 time kat skolah agama (bloody nightmare)
3)disebabkan itu, sy jadi fobia bile ade pemeriksaan gigi
4)sy juga jadi sangat takut dengan dentist
5) tapi baru2 ni gigi geraham xdapat diselamatkan, so, kena gak cabut..
6) the end of my toothly story)

6) Secara jujurnya, anda penah mengumpat cekgu? ya/tidak,alasan.
- mengumpat secara sengaja, insya'allah x, secare xsengaja, ade je kot.. (mintak2 dijauhkan)

7) Masakan ape yg anda teringin nk masak skrg nih.
- baked cheese makaroni.... sedapnye...
9) Rumah idaman anda.
- nak ade basketball ring, boleh x? pastu nak rumah yang lengkap sumenye..

10) 2 bnda yg anda bwat untuk hilangkan stress.
- speeding( tapi brani buat kalo jln lengang.. best oo)
- bukak radio kete kuat2

sy xsuke mentag org..

so, sekian, terima kasih~

Friday, April 9, 2010

what do you think?

i'm sorry to say
this might hurt your feelings
but truth always hurts

haven't you noticed
we've been acting so badly
spreading rumors when there's none
and let the rest be embarrassed

time flies
but being calm
and eating very gently
no sign of urgency
no sign to be in a rush
as if the class is yours to be
to enter after the master

i may not the best example
but at least i learn to follow schedules

punctuality is always a problem
but getting worse day after day
but now i wonder
how long the patience could the master be

how would it to happen
later in ourselves
when we face the same

Saturday, April 3, 2010

roadtax expired!

salam and hi

i just reached home late at eleven. went off from ipba at 8.30pm and sent kak ten to puduraya bus station. got stucked in quite a massive traffic jam..

my car's roadtax has currently expired for almost a week. on the way back for a u-turn at pudu, there was a road block. i was so scared that i may be arrested for driving vehicle without legal documentation. but luckily, the police officer didn't do as i expected. alhamdulillah.

another exciting story, my close teacher in mrsm ps is actually declaring that i'm her adik angkat.. wow, i guess that my sibling's networking is really expanding.. from amalina to raihana and their family... and now this.. i'd really appreciate this sisterhood thing~ it make us even closer as though we are truly siblings.. thanks for everything..

a person gave up and a person to keep in touch with... all the best!