Friday, April 9, 2010

what do you think?

i'm sorry to say
this might hurt your feelings
but truth always hurts

haven't you noticed
we've been acting so badly
spreading rumors when there's none
and let the rest be embarrassed

time flies
but being calm
and eating very gently
no sign of urgency
no sign to be in a rush
as if the class is yours to be
to enter after the master

i may not the best example
but at least i learn to follow schedules

punctuality is always a problem
but getting worse day after day
but now i wonder
how long the patience could the master be

how would it to happen
later in ourselves
when we face the same


Nor fatimah Md don said...


Da Niu said...

I see many arrows flying out ... one which might hit me as well =)
My motto of the day make the best out of today to have a better tomorrow ! =D Grammar error a little tho.. hehe not saying i dun have in mine