Saturday, April 3, 2010

roadtax expired!

salam and hi

i just reached home late at eleven. went off from ipba at 8.30pm and sent kak ten to puduraya bus station. got stucked in quite a massive traffic jam..

my car's roadtax has currently expired for almost a week. on the way back for a u-turn at pudu, there was a road block. i was so scared that i may be arrested for driving vehicle without legal documentation. but luckily, the police officer didn't do as i expected. alhamdulillah.

another exciting story, my close teacher in mrsm ps is actually declaring that i'm her adik angkat.. wow, i guess that my sibling's networking is really expanding.. from amalina to raihana and their family... and now this.. i'd really appreciate this sisterhood thing~ it make us even closer as though we are truly siblings.. thanks for everything..

a person gave up and a person to keep in touch with... all the best!

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