Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ASEAN School Games


just got back from a French movie as well as public speaking competition. supporting mr Daniel Chiam from the very last row ( we came just at the right time to watch you in action, Dan) and then went back to auditorium to continue the movie.

guess what, i have 'accidentally' offering myself to become the 'pegawai perhubungan' during the 2nd ASEAN School Games that will be held in malaysia this July. and why us? because our director said he don't want to disrupt the PISMP students. besides, as said by mdm Rozana, that will be a great platform for us to shine... this is a rare opportunity for get. so, why waste it when it's in front of you, rite?

what is ASEAN School Games?
it is so called like SEA Games,just that in this case, the athletes are all school students. a combination of countries in ASEAN, it runs games like athletics, gymnastic, badminton and so on. this is the second year it is held as the previous one was held in Thailand. and out of sudden, i just got to know that IPBA is one of the institutions that will help organising the event.

as being told by en. hisyam HEP, being the LO means that i will be guiding them to the venues and other places.requires lots of social skills then..

it sounds so international to me. although i have volunteered myself, still, i need to undergone an interview which will be held this FRIDAY at putrajaya. will i pass the interview? hope for the best of it.

the worst part, i actually hate interviews and i still wonder why i don't like it too much. need to do a resume. need to finish assignment early, so that i can prepare mentally for the interview *always think the worst of it*

so, lets just be it.


nurulamirah said...

woo...qila..asean game tuh..

that's a very good platform to polish the language skill..waa2..ni ak jeles ni..x de pulk kt cni bukak offer cmtuh...

ap2 pun..gud luck..ganbatteh..
ilek r..intrvw je pun..hik3..

tulip putih said...

good luck! ;P

hidayah ^^ said...

yep.lets just be it...hehe.. qilaaa.. =)

QilaRaft said...

mira: yup... a great opportunity is rare to find.. sbb tu ak sanggup korbankn 2mggu kat umah ( kalo dpt la.. huhu)
interview je ko kate?
ak sgt la cuak ble dgr p'kataan tuh.. tq btw..

tulip: hoho.. ak menci interview...

daya: =)

Nur hidayah said...