Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tunisian nasyeed

A beautiful nasheed sung by a young Tunisian brother in on live TV. The lyrics of the poem are as follows:

The first thing I'll start my words with saying is Bismillah;
I'll start with the kalima of tahweed: La ilaaha illa Allah.
We'll start by sending blessings on As Sadiq, Al Amin (Rasool Allah);
We'll start by sending blessings on the best of the Messengers. 
Listen to me, my brother, so that I may tell you a story;
I am a Tunisian Arab and my deen is Islam.
You told me I was ignorant; you told me I was backward;
You told me I was an oppressor, that I was an "ikhwani"!
Can you now tell me what is my fault?
For keeping the Qur'an and sunnah as a guide between my eyes?
You like to propagate the "modern Islam"; 
the Islam of sagging trousers and the Islam of miniskirts. 
55 years we lived under a secular regime!
You killed, stole and looted; and kept the people in suffering.
I am a Sunni Muslim; not a Jew or a Christian;
So do not tell me that tale about "separating politics" from my religion!
One word that we have said is that the Qur'an is our constitution; 
One word that we have said is that the Prophet is our role model;
One word that we have said is that the way of the Salaf is our way; 

One word that we have said is that the return of the Khilafah is a promise of Allah!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Talib al Habib -- Song of the Wayfarer Album -- Caravanserai

"You cannot Worship until you Love
You cannot Love until you Feel
You cannot Feel until you Understand
You can’t Understand until you Learn
You cannot Learn until you have been found
Can’t be found until you seek
You will not seek nor find until you yearn
And you will not yearn until you Remember
So remember La ilaha il Allah
Allahu… Allahu…"

Friday, December 7, 2012

pesanan buat adikku ain

Hati kita 
umpama sebendang tanah bendang.
Kebaikan yang kita semai dalam diri 
umpama kita menyemai benih padi. 
Manakala kejahatan yang timbul dalam hati 
umpama lalang yang tumbuh melata. 

Jika kita semai padi, 
lalang tetap akan tumbuh. 
Tapi, jika biar lalang tumbuh melata, 
padi tak akan tersemai dengan sendirinya. 

Begitulah hati kita. 
Jika kita tak didik dengan kebaikan,
kejahatan akan bermaharajalela dengan berleluasa. 

jika kita didik hati kita dengan kebaikan, 
kejahatan tetap akan ada juga, 

kita akan boleh kawal ia.


quoted from fb

Thursday, December 6, 2012

in search for barakah

it gets busier and busier
hectic term for final students just started
again, i find it hard to balance myself
studies, da'wah and my own

time is pleasure
time is luxury
time is worth ticking
if only i know to prioritise
and to use it wise

two things come at once
and i need to choose
da'wah over studies 
or the other way round
sometimes you can neither choose
nor let one's behind
but to work around it 

i seek for forgiveness
for not doing it right sometimes