Sunday, July 26, 2009

perihal si adik dan si kakak


i felt like wanna tell you guys a story that is related to a siblings of two sisters. both of them, accidentally, related to me, as well.

first things first, the adik is one of the top students in her school. she was also involved with the student body as she was the exco for 'biro puteri'. always get good marks, active in eloquent speech and so much other. now, she's transferred to another school. students there are really bright as many of them were the best students in their previous school. there, this adik still able to compete with other students, and recently, she won the position as the vice president of the student body, after lots of conflicts that have arose.

meanwhile, the kakak was also in the same school of her adik. older by a few years made her always been compared to her adik by their parents. the best in her; she is also a great participant for debate competitions. for unknown reasons, she suddenly transfer to a sekolah harian near her house. no body knows why she did that except for herself. i have never met her since then. she did not performed very well in her spm thus now she's continuing in form six.

the latest news i know about these girls; the adik was quarantined as H1N1 suspect as she is having a slight fever at the moment. pity her actually. for the kakak, no much news but what i know, one of her best friends is here in IPGM-KBA. perhaps by being friends with her best friend, in a way i may get news on her.

just something to share with;

Sunday, July 19, 2009

have i done wrong?

what have i done?

she's been so moody since last friday.
not wanted to talk to me as always, not replying my messages..
not going out of her room even to have her lunch..
and that is definitely awkward!

have i done something that made her unpleasant?
what did i do?
well, maybe i did not realised that.
at all...

i'm sorry if i upsets you.
i'm sorry if i made you angry.
but please don't treat me this way.
silent treatment is really killing me.

rase bersalah oo~

perihal si bintang gemini


jiwa berkecamuk.
jiwa kacau..
tak tenang hati dibuatnya.

hari ni rasanya macam nak 'share' input tentang blogger yang menggunakan gelaran QiLaRaFt ni.
berzodiakkan Gemini dan merupakan kelahiran Jun, sedikit sebanyak mempengaruhi karakter dan emosi diri.

bagi sesiapa yang ingin mengenali diri ini, wajarlah jika anda melihat-lihat serba sedikit ciri-ciri gemini ini. takde la sakit hati kalo tiba2 dia ter'emo tak tentu pasal.

antara yang ketara ialah, dia ni seorang yang mudah berubah sikap, mood dan idea. dalam erti kata lain, kadang - kadang mudah juga berubah emosi. mood swing la kata kan.. tapi, seteruk mana pun perubahan emosi tu, takde la lame mane. orangnya juga sangat mudah terasa hati/ marah, tapi pada masa yang sama, mudah juga untuk kembali normal. bile dah cepat panas kene la cepat sejuk balik.. kalo tak, kawan pun lari. betul tak?

satu lagi ciri-ciri manusia ini ialah sangat suka menangguhkan kerja. tak kisah la homework ke, assignments ke, pedulik haper. asalkan hati gumbira. haa, contoh paling baik, ni mase tengah taip post kali ini, sebenarnya banyak je lagi kerja lain yang da bertimbun menunggu untuk diselesaikan. tak tau la camne nak ubah sikap ni. bukan tak pernah cuba, tapi seringkali gagal.

next, orang ini juga sangat mudah tertarik dengan barang-barang yang branded2. setiap kali kalau pergi shopping dengan member, mesti baju yang dipegang berharga agak mahal dan dari jenama yang memang ada kelas. nak buat camne, da memang itu citarasa dia. susah2..

baiklah, untuk memendekkan lagi isi kali ini, the last point that reveals the true personality is that orang ini tersangatlah cerewet dan suka memilih. hal ini dapat dinyatakan dengan jelas dalam pemilihan makanan. bukan senang untuk dia ni memilih makanan yang betul2 kena dengan seleranya..

serba ringkas, ini je la yang dapat dikongsikan bersama. nak tau lagi?


Thursday, July 9, 2009

sorry for the inconvenience

am i a total USELESS??

am i a total LOSER?

what would you do/say when all your work has been criticized in front of the class??

it's OK for me.

what would you do if your work is being praised in the class??

that's a WELL DONE for me.


what will you do whenever your work is being praised, being congratulated, but not as YOURS??

meanwhile, your ORIGINAL work, has been labelled as IF you've been copying other's..

and your name is then mentioned just because your initials is the first in the name list..

what would you feel?

for me, it's a total...


i'm not blaming the person.
i'm not blaming anybody.
it's just that,

i felt it's unfair.
lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama.

p/s: sorry for being a bit emotional.
i was just a bit PISSED OFF at the moment.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

of taekwondo and aikido

salam and hi~

long time no blogging.. it's because of the non-existence of my broadband for this few weeks with me due to some problems.

taekwondo... finally got my 2nd dan black belt cert this week. felt so relieved after all the tiring and horrible test i went through during the grading.

actually, i was thinking of quiting the taekwondo club. don't want to get involved with it anymore because fyi, this sem will be the most busiest sem at the moment. have to catch up with play practice ( i'm in props and background), the numerical literacy's research, the minggu kesenian islam ( i've been dragged by my friends to become the ajk. i'm helping this for the sake of my friends), and for sure, the lots of damn assignments.

oh yeah, forget the mention.. our cohort now has become the pioneer for the TESl programme to be involved with scouts as our unit beruniform. so, we're gonna march, march, march every wednesday. to be precise, i was elected as a patrol leader for my group of 10. what the heck...

last thursday, i went to the hep with khaled and aliaa and ila to get approval for our fundraising's movie mania. it was quite brief so i ask en. tahir to approve the taekwondo advertisement before i post it all over ipba. then he become a bit excited and started to dig his own experience during his days in martial arts and during his time as a PE teacher. his talk that day actually stunted my mission to quit taekwondo when the new intakes register few days from now.

that afternoon i went to the aikido demonstration with aliaa. the great news, only us are from tesl. the rest were the the japanese course. that day, i learned a few aikido movements which i think is a bit similar to what i've learned in hand gripping skills in taekwond0. the session has been recorded by a student and we're still waiting for him to give us a copy of that video.. wait soon..

now,i'm suffering from the muscle pain on my arm due to wrong technique i used during the falling session. nak angkat barang pun tak larat weh.. sakit ooo...

now, rase cam dah pasrah je dengan taekwondo ni.. lantak la korang nak join ke tak.. malas nak pujuk pujuk rayu dah..