Thursday, July 9, 2009

sorry for the inconvenience

am i a total USELESS??

am i a total LOSER?

what would you do/say when all your work has been criticized in front of the class??

it's OK for me.

what would you do if your work is being praised in the class??

that's a WELL DONE for me.


what will you do whenever your work is being praised, being congratulated, but not as YOURS??

meanwhile, your ORIGINAL work, has been labelled as IF you've been copying other's..

and your name is then mentioned just because your initials is the first in the name list..

what would you feel?

for me, it's a total...


i'm not blaming the person.
i'm not blaming anybody.
it's just that,

i felt it's unfair.
lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama.

p/s: sorry for being a bit emotional.
i was just a bit PISSED OFF at the moment.


dena said...

sbr qila.
aku pnh rse,
but in a diff way.
series shit!

fieqa said...

time td ko bukk post blog,
aku dah agak dah ko mesti tulis sal mnde nih..

btol3..unexpected gaks sei!..
nk wat camne makcik, mnde dah berlaku..
just accept n redha je la k!
insyaAllah ade hikmah disebalikny..
suh kite lebih hati2 dlm wat kje2 nih...
klo terasa ape2, maapkan je la k dorg tue..mybe x pasan ke..

ade hikmah disebalikny!
dun turn back k!
keep moving forward..

ujian dr Allah kdgkala jd tarbiyah buat diri kita...insyaAllah..


QilaRaft said...

hati tetap panas ni weh...
seb bek skang ni cam da jumpe artikel yg cam lg best dr yg tuh..
kurang sket sakit ati..

fieqa said...


rilex mek!!..




Abby<333 said...

what happen qila???

QilaRaft said...

ade krisis sket kat klas mse tuh...
tp xpe r.. mende da jadi..
da pasrah da ni..

Anonymous said...

hoho, I've had that before.

They copied exactly my report and yet, the lecturer said I'm the one who did the copying.

Just because I have bad handwriting doesn't mean I'm doing it in a rush. And just because someone has pleasant writing doesn't mean she did the original. :P