Sunday, July 26, 2009

perihal si adik dan si kakak


i felt like wanna tell you guys a story that is related to a siblings of two sisters. both of them, accidentally, related to me, as well.

first things first, the adik is one of the top students in her school. she was also involved with the student body as she was the exco for 'biro puteri'. always get good marks, active in eloquent speech and so much other. now, she's transferred to another school. students there are really bright as many of them were the best students in their previous school. there, this adik still able to compete with other students, and recently, she won the position as the vice president of the student body, after lots of conflicts that have arose.

meanwhile, the kakak was also in the same school of her adik. older by a few years made her always been compared to her adik by their parents. the best in her; she is also a great participant for debate competitions. for unknown reasons, she suddenly transfer to a sekolah harian near her house. no body knows why she did that except for herself. i have never met her since then. she did not performed very well in her spm thus now she's continuing in form six.

the latest news i know about these girls; the adik was quarantined as H1N1 suspect as she is having a slight fever at the moment. pity her actually. for the kakak, no much news but what i know, one of her best friends is here in IPGM-KBA. perhaps by being friends with her best friend, in a way i may get news on her.

just something to share with;

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