Saturday, July 4, 2009

of taekwondo and aikido

salam and hi~

long time no blogging.. it's because of the non-existence of my broadband for this few weeks with me due to some problems.

taekwondo... finally got my 2nd dan black belt cert this week. felt so relieved after all the tiring and horrible test i went through during the grading.

actually, i was thinking of quiting the taekwondo club. don't want to get involved with it anymore because fyi, this sem will be the most busiest sem at the moment. have to catch up with play practice ( i'm in props and background), the numerical literacy's research, the minggu kesenian islam ( i've been dragged by my friends to become the ajk. i'm helping this for the sake of my friends), and for sure, the lots of damn assignments.

oh yeah, forget the mention.. our cohort now has become the pioneer for the TESl programme to be involved with scouts as our unit beruniform. so, we're gonna march, march, march every wednesday. to be precise, i was elected as a patrol leader for my group of 10. what the heck...

last thursday, i went to the hep with khaled and aliaa and ila to get approval for our fundraising's movie mania. it was quite brief so i ask en. tahir to approve the taekwondo advertisement before i post it all over ipba. then he become a bit excited and started to dig his own experience during his days in martial arts and during his time as a PE teacher. his talk that day actually stunted my mission to quit taekwondo when the new intakes register few days from now.

that afternoon i went to the aikido demonstration with aliaa. the great news, only us are from tesl. the rest were the the japanese course. that day, i learned a few aikido movements which i think is a bit similar to what i've learned in hand gripping skills in taekwond0. the session has been recorded by a student and we're still waiting for him to give us a copy of that video.. wait soon..

now,i'm suffering from the muscle pain on my arm due to wrong technique i used during the falling session. nak angkat barang pun tak larat weh.. sakit ooo...

now, rase cam dah pasrah je dengan taekwondo ni.. lantak la korang nak join ke tak.. malas nak pujuk pujuk rayu dah..


indrawasih said...

dulu smpai skrg ko ttp dgn
taekwondo..bagos2..gudlak deh..

QilaRaft said...
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QilaRaft said...

sebab ak minat kot...
sayang la kalo tinggal camtu jer..
tq 4 the support, qayyum~

fieqa said...

hahaha..akhirnya ak dah tgk gaks aikido nye movie even x byk maner..

go go taekwondo!!

huaa..even dulu dah belot...huaaaa