Thursday, June 18, 2009

a trip to reminisce

salam and hi..

apparently i was just got back from perak yesterday. a mission has accomplished successfully even though there were some circumstances. okay, lets us recap of that trip. a trip that brings back the memories of being a secondary school students.

first things first, i had planned the trip since before my holiday started. together with anye, daya and intan. however, on the very last minute, two of them had to pull out due to some personal problems, which left us with only me and intan. the bad news was i had no longer have any company to travel from selangor to perak.

so i tried to reach adah and asked her. luckily and fortunately, she's able to come with me. thank god! Alhamdulillah.

i fetched her up at her house at around 1.30+.. had lunch there and prayed jama' for both zohor and asar prayer. we continued the journey at nearly 3pm. at the time, intan was already there and had a nap since cikgu mardziah had to attend the weekly assembly at the main hall. i drove all the way from kapar( adah's house) until sekinchan. then adah took over until we reached our beloved school.

we reached school at 5.30pm sharp where we bumped into cikgu mardziah as she was walking up all the the hill towards her house. after a short break we joined her to have 'riadah'. that was quite a long time since my last 'riadah' in ipba ( pernah ke pun?). we decided to walked around the school area and she was playing volleyball with her students. i dare not to play that because i don't want to get red-sprain arms hitting the ball. we walked passed the quarters and all way down to the hall. meet abg fuad the lab attendant and watched some familiar faces practicing their silat movements for the upcoming silat tournament next week.

the best thing of that evening is, i got the chance to play basketball together with adah and cikgu herself. since it's been so long i'd stopped playing, my shooting skills abruptly loosen. i scored no points at all even though every throw did touched the ring. my bad luck, i guessed.

cikgu drove us to kampung gajah to get our dinner as she said she don't want to eat at the dining hall.. "korang mesti taknak makan kat ds,kan' she said.

that night, we watched a thriller movie 'saw' while cikgu was, i think, gosipping with miss zahurin. later that night, we went to the studio to accompany teacher sharifah to take a look on the visual arts' students making their projects. while waiting for them to get their project done until the maximum time of 1am, she suddenly asked us to do a set of pmr's tutor questions to check the compatibility of the schema with our answers. hoho.. math. for those who don't know me well, don't asked how much i scored. even amalina could score a higher marks than mine.

day two..

woke up as early as 5.45am. heard cikgu was etting ready to go to surau for subuh prayer. i felt quite sleepy so didn't follow her. back to sleep again until 8am. cleaned myself, ironed my shirt and tudung since it's been crumpled up in the bag i brought. first pitstop of the day, cafe. had myself a plate of nasi lemak and iced milo. the price are quite cheap and the rice is quite a lot too. like always, didn't managed to finished all. before that, met cikgu zuki, the history teacher. he still remembers our names. and that's cool.. ^O^

next, we went to the counselor's room to meet the counselor. before we went out, i had a glimpse at the books regarding careers and did found a book that might help for my ss homework.

then we went to kajian sosial's departments and met en zuki again. intan took her certificate for history quiz few years past. yesterday, cikgu sharifah did mentioned that agama's results has approached a slight improvement since a new ustaz has transferred. and she also said that ustaz is cute as well, perhaps making students to give uber extra attention to him. haha. we finally met him, not met actually, 'terserempak' laa. forgot the english word.. well, he is kinda cute, but looked very young. he could disguise as a student if he wanted to and i'm sure no one will realise. hoho

intan got a call from damo. she said that she was stucked at tg tualang since there's no more taxi or buses passing through our school. so i drove and fetched her. as soon as we got back to mrsm, decided to take our cert and went to the library. finally met with my not-so-dearest-but-quite-close juniors. we did lepaking at teacher sharifah's class for almost 10 minutes since her students did not come yet. according to last night's planning, cikgu mardziah wanted to go to manjung to order boxes for the upcoming bwp's election. but since she was not feeling well, that had to be cancelled. so we decided to go teluk intan to see the latest development there. without cikgu mardziah, of course. our target, pizza hut.

we thought of belanja-ing cikgu dinner that night since that's our last night there at pasir salak. unfortunately, the former pizza hut has moved to another outlet which is somewhere in teluk intan. we spent almost half an hour to find that restaurant. it was very lucky that we got a parking lot just in front of the outlet. yeay~ we tried the new Mediterranean set. and the pizza tasted like the domino's chicken satay ( i dunno the name). guess what, we spent nearly rm140 for that meal, including the take aways. upon reached the school, walked to cikgu zainal's house, my former homeroom teacher. but unfortunately, he was playing tennis down stairs with some other teachers. so we just met his wife with their newborn baby, the second in the family. her name is alia( cik aliaa, jangan perasan ek). so fair and very cute indeed. have the jambul as her dad has.. huhu.. we went to the court and watched them played. soon after they finished we chitchat with him..

that night, after dinner, cikgu had to take a student to the hospital due to some issue. as for me, my mum called and asked me to sleepover at our village, just 10 minutes away from school, to look after my grandmother. i went together with adah since intan and damo had some other plans to do. we met teacher sharifah first at the library before headed back to my village. as we entered the library, you could listen to a 'jungle-like' sound as the boys downstairs were making noises as if they never see people coming into the library. accidentally a few curses same out from my lips,but luckily not too loud, which i had never done for quite a long time. hah, served them right.

we went to my village and i gave maklang the sourvenirs my mom bought from penang. that night was so cold i slept foetal position.

day three

i had to take a look on my grandmother as my aunts were busy somewhere else. she just got back at eleven and as sooner as that we went back to school. at the meantime, intan and damo were having breakfast with cikgu asmah, the chess pro, that now has been promoted as the penolong kanan. we did not joined them as my aunt came late.

as soon as we get there, i packed all my stuff. around 12 something, we went to meet cikgu asmah, cikgu mardziah and teacher sharifah to say goodbyes. we had lunch at my village and around 2.30pm, i drove to tg tualang to send intan and damo to the bus station.

adah drove all the way until we reached her house. fro there, i drove all the way back to banting..

the worst part is yet to come. as i approached klang, it was already 5 in the evening. i guess you should know what that means. the peak hour for traffic jams. i stucked there for quite a long period since i dunno the way home if i use the northport roadway. to make it more sombre, i did tersalah masuk jalan and apparently headed to shah alam, where i'm supposed to head banting. the turning back took more than half an hour, and driving at the construction site is very creepy with all the vehicles a few inches apart from each other. finally i reached home at 9.15pm.. that was the most longest trip to pasir salak i could tell ya.

p/s: no pictures were taken during the trip. my phone meragam2 lagi.. very sad indeed..


~ fifie ~ said...

hehe...sronok bce crita ko kt ps...teringin gak nk prgi tgk...ko kata nilai da dkt kt tmpt ko kn...ape la melawat aku...ko da bleh drive jauh2...hehe

QilaRaft said...

g r..
tp agak ramai ckgu da pindah..
tp, cikgu zul ade lg,... hoho...
erm, psal tuh, akan dipertimbangkan.. hua3