Monday, June 1, 2009

enjoy while it lasts

salam again...

this would be a special entry as the owner of this blog is currently reached her 19th birthday~

~happy birthday~

there was few funny moments before the moments stroke 12 in the morning.
last night, when the clock stroke 12, i got a sudden call from my beloved sis. she actually wished me a happy birthday whereas i still have another last day of being 18.. haha... so damn funny laa.. i'd never thought she would accidentally wished me one day earlier. that is due to her accidentally wrongly formatted calender setting in her phone.. but yet, she's the very first to wish me.. thank you dear~

another funny moment, happened just few minutes after that, is when an ipbarian friend of mine accidentally sent the wrong birthday message to me. as what she told me, she was tempting to send that message to her other friend but it ended up to send it to my phone number.. haish, tak sabor sangat ke tengok aku tue nih.. haha.. whatever it is, i assumed that is for me as well.. haha

as for today, i've got some messages wishing birthday from my ipbarian friends and a few long lost friends of mine from my primary and secondary, as well as my dearest roommate in kmk .. felt a bit touched because they still remember me even though we haven't spoke for quite a long time.. the greatest is when i got the chance to IMs my besties in mrsm during our lower secondary for quite a long time.. it was way too long since i'd last contacted her.. miss her much too~

whatever it is, i hope i could enjoy my last year of being TEENager to the fullest. i dun want to regret it when i get older.. hehe..

so, to my evil twin salma, happy birthday to you too~


fieqa said...


haha.y call awal tu adik ko y amalina tu ke..

happy birthday eh makcik!..
dah besar dah ko ek.
moge jd lbih feminine..kuikuikui!

miszdinky said...

hepy burfday syg!!!!
may all ur wish come true!
frenz 4 eva!

Aliaa Ezekiel said...

joyeux anniversaire!
happy birthday!

welkem to da klab,bebeh!

ko sme tua je la ngn aku skrg.

nisa said...

salam ziarah
burfday kamu ker?
happy burfday yer^_^

from me:
*kawan piqa sapar* wee~

fieqa said...

hahhaa, nisah..
ko pon mengomen...

from me,
*kawan aqilah* aliaa n qilah
korg dua dah tua..lalalalala..;p

aku masih muda lagi.kui3

QilaRaft said...


haha, w'pon ak da 19 tp stil maintain la beb~

thanks dear~

w'pon ak da join kelab ko, tp ak still lg mude dr ko.. wahaha