Monday, June 1, 2009

a day of being nineTEEN


nothing special today.
went to anye's house, which is the first time for me, as they just moved in since the beginning of the year. that shows how long it is since my last visit to her house.

we're just had quite a LONGGG conversation. well, merely about our ex-schoolmates and kinda new gossips that arise about them.. also discussed on what we're going to do for the trip to our beloved ( is that so?) school of mrsm pasir salak.

at night, we ate out at pizza hut. frankly speaking, during my childhood years, i used to think that pizza hut is a place where only selected people are allowed to eat inside. perhaps that is due to the environment inside the restaurant which i think is quite elegant and exclusive.. well-arranged cutlery, perhaps? T_T .. but, it does not matters now, what matters now is what that should be filling up my tummy to the fullest.. ~_~

well, can't wait this wednesday. will hang out with my friends and perhaps celebrate my birthday as well.. venue? jusco bukit tinggi for sure.. too lazy to drive far far away..


Abby<333 said...

pizza hut sini ramai dah bole mkn..
sume same taraf
kt indon
org kaye je leh mkn sane

QilaRaft said...

mmg btol2 de ek...
kritis gak ek pemikiran ak mde2 dulu..