Thursday, June 4, 2009

the postphoned outing


just got back from jusco bukit tinggi.. finally..
we were supposed to hang out yesterday, but due to my sister meragam2 so my mom asked me to postphone it and promise to sponsor for the movie tickets for me and my friends next time we go there. and, hell yeah, here we go the next day..

i went at 10.30 and picked up ana and tieya. the three of us are friends since primary school. and to be precise, i'd always in the same class with tieya every year during primary school.

reached there by 11.15, which i think was quite early. maybe because i drove quite fast than usual @ there's not much cars on the road along the way.. huhu.. went to queue to buy the tickets but then dunno what to watch.. after several arguments, the tribe has spoken ( kenal x ayat ni? ayat dari reality show survivor zaman tok kaduk dulu..huhu) and we've decided to watch angels and demons, eventhough it will only starts screening at 3.00 pm..

so we wandered from the round floor till the top most and went into whatever shop we wanted to go in. i got myself a new shoulder bag since my previous one has torn out.. it's from nike and worth rm109 from my allowance. guess that would be my birthday present from me to myself.. huhu.. this is what i called as satisfaction.

after our legs cannot walk some more, we decided to have lunch at a western restaurant called the pastamania.. the food was nice, only that i was amazed to see the colourless mango soda. i expected mango should be yellow in colour, don't you think? *sigh*

the movie was quite nice and i dun think will regret watching it.. well, dunno how to comment about the movie, so it's better for you to watch it for yourself~

after the movie, went to wander some more and stopped at popular bookstore. wander inside it and see new released books but not very interested to reading laa.. also went to speedy where i spend some other of my money on a dvd of detective conan... hohoho i'm such a big fan of the story.. plus the movie i bought is about a real people acting as shinichi kudo, which is the actor for sano izumi in the story of 'hanazakari no kimitachi e'...hohoho...

can't wait to watch it tonight, so that's all for now...


fieqa said...

"guess that would be my birthday present from me to myself.. huhu.. this is what i called as satisfaction."

klaka la ayat ko~..

lalala.byk laju nk practise g pasir salak ke..wee~

ko jadi x g pasir salak tu by own driving..haha..

QilaRaft said...

ape yg klaka nye?
puas pe blanje mhl2 utk bday sndr...
skali staun je wei nk wat camtu...
kalo x xde maknenye ak nk bzr duit camth..
bek ak saving