Saturday, December 27, 2008

khidmat negara datang lagi~

salam and hi..

27th disember 2008.. a new life for national service trainees for batch siri 6 kumpulan 1 2008.. on this day, they will be officially been 'arrested' in several camps to do what they have to do.. for 3 months.. anyway, i'm not here to tell the story of their life, but my days during my time being in national service.. so to all my plkn friends, take this trip as a memorable piece that we have been trough together for the last 3 months a year ago..

on this day, a year ago, i was preparing my stuffs and make sure that everything i needed for the service is well-packed. i don't want my life there will be miserable without the things i really need during particular event.

my life as a trainee started two days after that, 29 disember 2007. that morning, trainees from all over banting need to register at stadium jugra before we were seperated according to our places. for me, i was placed at kem plkn setia ikhlas, semenyih.. still inside selangor.. but for him, he was assigned to kelantan.. satu kem dengan tieya pulak tu.. tak aci btol.. jeles sungguh..ok, ok.. back to the story. erm.. it was a bit unfortunate for us, because the bus driver took the wrong path and gone lost.. we reached at the camp a bit late due to it.. there, i met paah, the one and only psalakian in kemsis( short name for our camp). after regestering ( again) i was placed at dorm 4, which mean i'm into the bravo company.. the girls dorms are quite far, located up at a hill.. damn it.. why does we have walk more than the boys.. to make things even worst for newcomers like us, we even had to cross a river and climb up lots of tiny and slippery stairs :(.. as soon i reached there, i chose to pick a bed just beside the door.. easy to walk in, easy to walk out, as well, easy to be attacked by the trainers.. lucky me..

as i was unpacking my stuffs, i made new gangs(new friends which then becoming my gangs throughtout the service) mel, fyra, ecah, nia, fareh and za. few days after that, i could memorise at least half of the dormmates.. well, just to inform, our batch is including trainees from selangor-kl, terengganu, sabah & sarawak. there are few funny incidents happened during the self-ice-breaking-process.. this includes when i met wendy xiao ling.. well, i still remembered she used to think that i'm a chinese.. haha.. me? chinese? no way lar.. i did not have any chinese blood in my family.. aiyorh.. she thought like that as she saw me without the tudung during the first time.. :)

well, i guess pictures should do the talking now.. i'll explain trough the pics..

this is at the entrance of my beloved(?) camp.. taken from the inside of the bus where we were kind of lost. thanks to the mr. driver, we reached there when the sun shows its shortest shadow..

this was the first open day.. family and friends were able to visit us without being questioned and blocked by the guards to enter our campsite..

see my bed.. so tidy and i don't think i believe that i did this. even during my hostels days, it wouldn't be this so-tidy. plus this bed sheet don't have the 'getah' on it's edge..

this is what i meant by crossing the river and up the stairs.. loong stairs i say.. and it's quite creepy to pass during night time..

well, this is the second open day.. and it's bravo's turn to duty..

ini pulak mase ade majlis ape tah.. hari belia kalau tak silap.. and dirasmikan oleh pak lah sendiri..
caya pak lah *hentak2* *tepuk2*

this is wendy xiao ling.. very cute with her dimples and loves to call the 'kerepek bawang' as 'biskut telinga'

this is one way we used to spend our time there. friendship never ends, guys.

ha, this was a module on khidmat komuniti.. jalan jalan, cari sampah~

on duty with the our flag

ni pun mase tengah duty juga

haa? guess why all the beds were outside.. the result, we won the most cleanness dorms.. yeay~ all our hard work been paid.. i'm satisfied~

kay shuen and me.. she reminds me of my 'twin'.. khairani.. well, we have almost the same appearance and we 're both black belts.. being friends during the first night at taekwondo tournament, and guess what, we sparred each other on the next day..

the best part of national service.. shooting using the M16.. wow.. i managed to score 54 only.. the highest, 98, and was made by a GIRL..

this was the first time we were exposed with the killing machine..

erm.. made by kay shuen.. the reason? she was bored.. right, kay?huhu..sadly, that thing only stayed for few moments.. wuuwuu

do you believe that this girl beside me is not even a muslim.. introducing, dhe, a sarawakian-iban girl and she's a Christian..

the backbone of bravo company.. cikgu jais, cikgu ramona, and erm.. aiseh.. i forgot his name..

we, the girls, made this, specially for cikgu ramona so that she never forgets us.. we love you cikgu ramona...

guess who? it's raja farah~
it was the time where the kristal band have some kind of rakaman at our dearest camp.. so famous la this camp.. there's one time we were visited by the education minister of Zimbabwe
( atau mana2 negara orang kulit hitam).. and the most important, if you see any iklan plkn, yang ade kayak2 and flying fox tu, that's our camp.. huhu

they were playing like kids.. no.. even worse than kids do.. haha.. just kidding..

one activity during kelas kenegaraan( kot?)..

wendy and sandy but definitely not qilly..

with wendy again.. this way leads to the girls' dorms.. i wonder why we jumped like that..

with penghulu wirawati, also known as penghulu toOot.. only us knows the origin of that name..
by the way, for the record, i used to accompany her every morning ( dawn actually) and wait for all muslim girls to gather up..
this picture was taken after closing ceremony where i joined the nasyid team and perform some songs. want to know a thing? that day, i was totally exhausted. because, before the closing ceremony, we performed the kawad senyap.. where only 30s trainees were selected and practiced for the past few weeks just for the 'gimik' on that day.. but it worth it, because i really enjoyed kawad kaki.. best~

dorm 4. the best ever..see the poster? cikgu ramona get those from the hari belia thingy..

the last moment with them..

miss you all too~
wendy, mitchy2 ( got the best wirawati award, and not to forget, you're the one who responsible to make me cry that day, after seeing you cried first ), sandy and a senior i've forgotten your name too.. sorry for that..

actally, there's plenty more pictures taken.. but i hope this is enough.. huhu.. after all, national service is totally fun.. it's a place where i meet up new friends, especially from other races( which i haven't had the chance to meet during my schooldays) and states( especially from sabah and sarawak)

satu hasrat,
satu semangat,
satu tekad bersama~

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang


it's been quite some time i haven't been posting any of my own piece of writing.. well, you know me.. such a lazy arse who barely able to open up her course books and starts over her homeworks to be done. it's just that i've been a copycat or something, go to other parts in the web and searching some 'pleasing the eyes,pleasant the ears' articles and stuffs and then, post it in this blog.

anyway, before i started to further blabbing on such non-beneficial (since when i blabs good stuffs) i guest lets just move on to other direction..

this morning ( yesterday actually, when i wrote this) i was a loner in home.. no parents or other siblings.. yeay~ finally i'm all alone.. perhaps, parents off to work and the other two, mom sent them to their cousin's at putrajaya.. happy for them for meeting play-partners... me? too less of my friends are on holidays.. haish..

the best part of it, i'm able to spend my time at the library doing homeworks peacefully without any distractions such as "akak, bile nak balik? bosan la.." and "teman la aishah pergi ambik buku lain".. that was totally distracting whenever you bring a small kid where you have to baby-sit her and fulfill all her demands. this time, i was sitting there, at a square table of four, spreading lots of kind of books on the surface as if you were spreading jams onto your bread, while typing some notes for social study, totally conquering the space with the intention of letting no other to sit with.. haha.. evil me.. i spent almost two hours there and when the low-battery icon just popped up, i know it's time to go..

off me go away the library and driving back reaching home. at first i thought i wanted to go straight home, but before i reach the junction, i changed my mind ( want to buy some kuih for the rest ). so i turned to the other direction, passing trough this one special house.. omg, he was there, in front of his house and chattering with a friend on a bike.. as i drove passed the house, i didn't even glimpse at him.. even though i finally had the chance to see him again, since the past, almost five years, i suppose.. the stall i went was just in front of his house, to be precise, across the main road in front of his house.. i heard his friend was honking, i don't know whether he was trying to get my attention or else, so i just ignored it.. i guess i will be so frustrated it he was really honking at me, but will be kind of ashame if it wasn't.. so it's better for me to just ignore it.

well, time goes on and even before they reach home, i've already ate half of the kuihs ( which only includes 5 piece of tempe and 4 piece of sardine-curry puffs = bye2 rm4).. hey, don't blame me, they were back quite late and i'm starting to starve already..

later that night, as we just finished our dinner, i went to the living room and watch 'tentang bulan' at prima, i think.. and few moments after that, my rarely-used-phone-number( the postpaid one) vibrates determining it's a call, not just an ordinary received-unnecessary-messages.. my mom held the phone few seconds before i get it.. once i held it tightly, i ran to my room as i love privacy when dealing with phone conversations.. luckily the number was remained unidentified so that my mom didn't suspect who it was.. until i pushed the answer button, i'd never thought the person will ever called me..because this is the very first time that person ever speak to me, well, trough phone conversation, i mean..

it was a friend from kmk.. he was in my tutor class, and we always chat while waiting other students to empty the class so that we can held ours. back to the story, he was a bit stress with the new term, officially more tougher and challenging than before, plus still upset with his previous result.. i guess i will face the same situation as well, as if i was not in this tesl proggramme..

well, that's all for now..
p/s; before i forget, just want to wish merry christmas to any readers who celebrates this festival..

Monday, December 22, 2008

no more tags for today~

Difference between Wife & Girlfriend

Some people say:
Wife is a HARIMAU ...............
Girlfriend is HARI HARI MAHU

And some say:
Wife is like TV, Girlfriend is like Handphone (HP)

At home watch TV, Go out bring HP.

No money, sell TV. Got money change HP.

Sometimes enjoy TV but most of the time play with HP.

TV free for life but HP, if you don't pay, the services
will be terminated.

TV is big, bulky and most of the time old but HP is cute,
slim, curvy and very portable at any time.

Operational cost for TV is often acceptable but for HP is
high and often demanding.

Most Important, TV got remote but HP don't have.

Last but not least.......
TV do not have virus but HP have VIRUS......
Once get it, HABIS LAH.

So better choose TV lah =))

and another..

1.Does your password have to do with a boy?
yep.. huhu~

2.What's one thing a guy can do to make you like them?
too many..taktau nak cakap camne..haha

3.Are you a girly girl?
absolute not~

4.Small or a big purses?
not too big and not too small..

5.What are the signs you like a guy?
tak ingat..

6.Do you enjoy drama?
not really..

7.Do you stay friends with your ex's?
never had an ex...

8.Did you dress up on Halloween?
tak sambut halloween..

9.Do you call anybody by their last name?
guess not..

10.How many guys will read this just because it says "FEMALE SURVEY"?
not very interested to bother..

11.Do you wear makeup?
nope.. belum pakai bedak pun dah terbersin2...

12.Can you put on Mascara without opening your mouth?
i dun wear it..

13.Have you ever cooked for a guy?
my bro..

14.Have you ever broken a guy's heart?
i dunno.. they never tell me..

15.Eyeliner or Mascara?
refer previous question..

16.American Eagle or Hollister?
pe menda ni?

17.Heels or flats?
flats tu pe? heels? absolute a no-no

18.Skirts or jeans?

19.Socks or leggings?

20.Heels or sneakers?
sneakers for sure...

21.Hoops or dangling earrings?
dun wear those too..

22.Have you ever had your heart broken?
i guess so..

23.Do you prefer light or dark haired guys?
absolute no bald...

24.Do you have a best friend?
not really.. more to close friends...

25.What do you think about the person you like?
dah tak ingat..

26.Have you ever thought of having plastic surgery?
why should i?

27.Do you like your life?
suke hati aku la..sibuk jer~

28.Ever walked into the guy's bathroom?
pernah2.. time tu kat asrama takde air.. kami serang dulu.. naseb baek takde boys mase tu..

29.Have you ever jumped in the pool with your clothes on?
refer to previous tags

30.Have you ever slapped a boy in the face?
yep2.. almost slapped actually.. during taekwondo practise.. a step spar..

31.Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?

32.Have you ever not been able to get someone off of your mind?
pernah jugak..

33.Cowboy or gangsta?

34.Preppy or Punk/Got?
preppy kot..

35.Well educated or Drop out?
education is top priority~

36.Contacts or Glasses?

37.Good cook or took you out a lot?

38.Funny or serious?
both.. depends on situation...

39.Romantic or Daredevil?
not very romentic.. geli la kalau romantik sangat..

40.Cute or hot?
dunno which one to choose..

41.Long or short hair?
definitely short

42.Smoker or nonsmoker?
nonsmoker in need.. i dun want to die early


1. You can only say Yes or No!
2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks!

Kissed someone on your top ?

Danced in front of your mirror naked?

Ever told a lie?

Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?

Kissed someone of the same sex?

Kissed a picture?

Slept in until 5 PM?

Had sex at work?

Fallen asleep at work/school?

Held a snake?

Ran a red light?

Been suspended from school?
absolute nope!!

Totaled your car/motorbike in an accident?
not exactly..

Been fired from a job?
never had a job

Sang karaoke?
hate it..

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?

Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose?
once again..nope..

Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
never had a chance

Kissed in the rain?

Sang in the shower?

Gave your private parts a nickname?
absolute never

Sat on a roof top?

Been pushed into .a pool with all your clothes on?
push.. nope.. jump into.. always..

Broken a bone?

Shaved your head?
yes~ mase baru lahir.. hihi

Slept naked?

tags.. lagi skali

Tag 8 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse.These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. Are you allowed to have a bf/gf?
xkesah asl jgn wat hal.. pandai2 bwk diri.. tp xberminat pon..

2. Describe urself in one word.
blur~ haha.. sape sokong?

3. Who would you pick, someone who really loves you, or the one you love?

4. Have you ever loved someone BEFORE but never had the courage to tell him/her?
yepp~ pendam saja..

5. Does it feel good to love?
it's good when the person you love have the same feeling as well..

6. God is giving u just 5 more minutes before going back to heaven,
IF you love someone special what will you say to that person?

7. What will you say to someone who doesn't want to believe you?
lantak ko lah.. malas nak layan..

8. Was ever a that you tried to learn to love someone?

9. What' your opinion about someone who's jealous?
ske ati dia la.. dia pun ade perasaan gak.. tapi kalo da mlampau2, memang tak patut..

10. What can you say about playboys/playgirls?
tak setia namanye tu..


1. Best place to cry?
in someone's shoulders..

2. Who do you love the most?
family comes first~

3. Tell us dream last night?
saya tidak bermimpi malam semalam..

4. Ever hated someone so bad?
nope.. tak baik benci orang..

5. The biggest & most hurtful lie you heard?
tak pernah la plak...

6. The last time you eat alone?
er.. beberapa hari lalu.. after prektis parking.. singgah minum sebentar di mcd

7. Went to the movies with?
previously with ana n aishah.. went to watch twilight..

8. talked on the cell phone with?
anye... dia ajak gi tengok movie kat alamanda esok.. yeay~

erm.. and once again.. i dun like to tagged others.. sebab orang yang nak di attack pun da kene tagged dengan orang lain.. hais~

Saturday, December 20, 2008

kisah penggali kubur


got this article from sumwhere.. and i would like to share it with all my friends..

Terdapat seorang pemuda yang kerjanya menggali kubur dan mencuri kain kafan untuk dijual. Pada suatu hari, pemuda tersebut berjumpa dengan seorang ahli ibadah untuk menyatakan kekesalannya dan keinginan untuk bertaubat kepada Allah s. w. t. Dia berkata, "Sepanjang aku menggali kubur untuk mencuri kain kafan, aku telah melihat 7 perkara ganjil yang menimpa mayat-mayat tersebut. Lantaran aku merasa sangat insaf ata perbuatanku yang sangat keji itu dan ingin sekali bertaubat."

1 " Yang pertama, aku lihat mayat yang pada siang harinya menghadap kiblat. Tetapi pabila aku menggali semula kuburnya pada waktu malam, aku lihat wajahnya telahpun membelakangkan kiblat. Mengapa terjadi begitu, wahai tuan guru?" tanya pemuda itu.
" Wahai anak muda, mereka itulah golongan yang telah mensyirikkan Allah s. w. t. sewaktu hidupnya. Lantaran Allah s. w. t. menghinakan mereka dengan memalingkan wajah mereka dari mengadap kiblat, bagi membezakan mereka daripada golongan muslim yang lain," jawab ahli ibadah tersebut.

2 Sambung pemuda itu lagi, " Golongan yang kedua, aku lihat wajah mereka sangat elok semasa mereka dimasukkan ke dalam liang lahad. Tatkala malam hari ketika aku menggali kubur mereka, ku lihat wajah mereka telahpun bertukar menjadi b*bi. Mengapa begitu halnya, wahai tuan guru?"
Jawab ahli ibadah tersebut, " Wahai anak muda, mereka itulah golongan yang meremehkan dan meninggalkan solat sewaktu hidupnya. Sesungguhnya solat merupakan amalan yang pertama sekali dihisab. Jika sempurna solat,maka sempurnalah amalan-amalan kita yang lain,"

3 Pemuda itu menyambung lagi, " Wahai tuan guru, golongan yang ketiga yang aku lihat, pada waktu siang mayatnya kelihatan seperti biasa sahaja. Pabila aku menggali kuburnya pada waktu malam, ku lihat perutnya terlalu gelembung, keluar pula ulat yang terlalu banyak daripada perutnya itu. "
Mereka itulah golongan yang gemar memakan harta yang haram,wahai anak muda," balas ahli ibadah itu lagi.

4 " Golongan keempat, ku lihat mayat yang jasadnya bertukar menjadi batu bulat yang hitam warnanya. Mengapa terjadi begitu, wahai tuan guru?"
Jawab ahli ibadah itu, " Wahai pemuda, itulah golongan manusia yang derhaka kepada kedua ibu bapanya sewaktu hayatnya.Sesungguhnya Allah s. w. t. sama sekali tidak redha kepada manusia yang menderhakai ibubapanya."

5 " Ku lihat ada pula mayat yang kukunya amat panjang, hingga membelit-belit seluruh tubuhnya dan keluar segala isi dari tubuh badannya," sambung pemuda itu.
" Anak muda, mereka itulah golongan yang gemar memutuskan silaturrahim. Semasa hidupnya mereka suka memulakan pertengkaran dan tidak bertegur sapa lebih daripada 3 hari. Bukankah Rasulullah s. a. w. pernah bersabda, bahawa sesiapa yang tidak bertegur sapa melebihi 3 hari bukanlah termasuk dalam golongan umat baginda," jelas ahli ibadah tersebut.

6 " Wahai guru, golongan yang keenam yang aku lihat, sewaktu siangnya lahadnya kering kontang. Tatkala malam ketika aku menggali semula kubur itu, ku lihat mayat tersebut terapung dan lahadnya dipenuhi air hitam yang amat busuk baunya,"
" Wahai pemuda, itulah golongan yang memakan harta riba sewaktu hayatnya," jawab ahli ibadah tadi.

7 " Wahai guru, golongan yang terakhir yang aku lihat, mayatnya sentiasa tersenyum dan berseri-seri pula wajahnya. Mengapa demikian halnya wahai tuan guru?" tanya pemuda itu lagi.

Jawab ahli ibadah tersebut. " Wahai pemuda, mereka itulah golongan manusia yang berilmu. Dan mereka beramal pula dengan ilmunya sewaktu hayat mereka. Inilah golongan yang beroleh keredhaan dan kemuliaan di sisi Allah s. w. t. baik sewaktu hayatnya mahupun sesudah matinya."Ingatlah, sesungguhnya daripada Allah s. w. t kita datang dan kepadaNya jualah kita akan kembali. Kita akan dipertanggungjawabkan atas setiap amal yang kita lakukan, hatta amalan sebesar zarah.

-the end-

harapnye dapatla kite menginsafi diri..dan meningatkan antara satu sama lain..

Friday, December 19, 2008



walaupun aku seorang yang agak pemalas nak menjawab tagged ni.. tapi xpe la.. demi kawan terssayangg, cik fieqa oi..

1. List these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.

3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.

4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.

5. Link the person who tagged you.

6. Leave a comment for each blogger.

7 facts about me??

  • skola2 zaman muda-mudi dulu: sk sri langat( dari darjah 1 sampaila darjah 6, meninggalkan skola dengan kejayaan upsr yang membanggekan..huhu), smk banting( walaupun hanye sempat 3 bulan je kat sane, sempat2 gak berbakti dengan kejayaan dapat masuk final acara lompat jauh, mssd), last but not least, mrsm pasir salak( maktab kebanggaan, mase lower form teramalah best sbb banyak perkara, tapi bile da masuk upper form, jadi bosan sket sbb ramai geng da pindah gi mrsm lain) sedey2..
  • has been a specky girl since 2002.. up till now and never thought of wearing contacts.. malas la.. leceh.. salah pakai, sakit mata jadinye..huhu
  • a sports lover..paling anti-netball tapi paling suke men basketball... dan sukan2 yang lain pun kalo boleh nak try main gak..huhu
  • pernah dipanggil ustazah rock => mase kat plkn jer.. ni sume gare2 mereka melantik aku jadi ajk surau, plus disebabkan pangkat aku dalam tae kwon do adalah 1st Dan..haish, da naseb badan..
  • boleh dikatekan seorang yang agak pendiam... btol ni.. tak tipu.. tapi kalo da rapat ngan orang, memang jadi sewel tak terkate dan tahap kesakaian yang amat teruk... dalam erti kate lain, time plkn gak, siap dapat gelaran "the qila-gila" by wendy and lei quan a.k.a mitchy2.. huhu.. tak dapek nak kate ape...
  • last skali. erm.. pe ek..jap.. pikir2... ha, da ade kete sendiri.. wahaha.. proton saga jer.. hadiah spm..huhu... yang menariknye, xsampai lagi setahun dapat lesen p, da berjaya kumpul 2 saman.. malang sungguh nasib ini..
okes, next question is...
6 unspectacular quirks of yours??

hm.. quirks.. stakat ni tak terpikir la plak.. bagi sape2 yang berkenaan yang rase da lame knal aku, meh la help me solve this question..hahaha

Tag 7 people ;p

sangat malas nak mentagged orang..
sorry to disobey the rules.. wahaha asal aku gumbira sudah..

dekorasi baru bilik aku


hari ni, cam biasa la.. takde menda sangat yang berlaku..
petang tadi, abah balik dari keje, dan bawak balik satu peti berkaca di satu bahagian yang boleh mengeluarkan pelbagai jenis visual dan audio. ianya dipanggil tv ye adik2. peti itu baru saja dibaiki dan nak dijadikan cerita, fresh from the kedai lar..

so sampai2 rumah, letak peti itu diatas meja dan cuba2 try and error.. betul ke da elok.. mane tau kang tak pasal2 kne tipu ngan mamat pembaiki tv yang tak profesional.. check2, betul la da elok.. akhirnye abah pon puas hati..

nak dijadikan cerita, peti tu da takde tempat berteduh.. ye la, rumah asal dia, patutnye kat bilik ibu ngan abah,tapi da de pengganti peti yang lagi baru, kompem lagi canggih dari peti yang baru baiki, abah ngan perasaan kasihan terhadap peti tu pun bertanye la,

" qila nak tak tv ni letak dalam bilik?"

"mesti la nak!!"

a deal is made..(sah, tapi xde saksi la plak)

jadi, disinilah rumah baru peti itu...kat bilik aku~ yes3.. akhirnye ade tv sendiri.. wahaha.. gumbira amat~

so dengan gembiranye aku cepat2 la masuk bilik and kemas2-campak2-barang2 yang tak berkaitan kat bilik demi menyediakan kawasan perumahan yang best untuk tv baru tuh.. huhu..


terjumpa la plak khazanah2 dari zaman bile tah, yang tiba2 mengimbau sedetik peristiwa di masa lampau..

hm.. tiga benda yang amat susah untk didapati terutamanye skang ni.. huhu..

  • gambar 1: hm.. ni kan mase plkn dolu2 ( tahun lepas je pun) best oo time ni.. da la dpt banyak barang free.. siap dapat elaun lagi tu.. walaupun buku2 tersebut digunakan mase kelas kenegaraan dan sebagainye ( kire cam sktiviti kelas, pakai baju kemeja smart2, gi kelas ... rase cam gi tadika pun ade gak), tapi kire best la, dapat blaja macam2 ( bagi sape yang bagi sepenuh tumpuan cam nak jawab exam, aku, hehehe... lu pikir la sendiri)
  • gambar 2 ; ha, benda ni lagi la susah nak dapat.. sebab.. ni dapat mase program pertukaran pelajar gi jepun dulu ( ade r dalam 4,5 tahun dulu), da siap berhabuk da mase mula2 jumpa tu.. buku tu kan, host family ( keluarga yasuda) yang hadiahkan mase last day tinggal ngan diorang ( sdey oo.. menangis tak berlagu pagi tu..wuwu)... okasan ( mak angkat) pesan, bila balik m'sia prektis la tulis guna buku tu, mane tau nanti kalo datang jepun lagi, da fasih and terer bahasa jepun ( ntah bila nak gi sane lagi pon xtau la.. interview jpa aritu gagal, melepas nak gi sane lagi pakai sponsor..adei~).. hm.. camne la agaknye diorang skan ni ek.. momoko ngan naoya mesti da besar n sangat cumel dan ensem.. wa...
  • gambar 3: ni pun dapat mase kat jepun.. ni sebenarnye kain je.. kain ni biasenye digunakan untuk bungkus bento atau pape yang patut la.. fabrik ni kitorang dapat mase first day kat nagasaki.. time tu gi jumpa datuk bandar kinkai sebelum kitorang diasingkan ikut family angkat masing2.. dia bagi free tuh.. tapi sedihnye sampai ke hari ni, kain tu tak pernah dikeluarkan pun dari kotak dia.. sayang oo nak wat kain lap.. mahal sangat.. ahaks.. so bersemadilah dengan amannye kain tu kat dalam kotak tu sampailah berhabuk2..huhu

hohoho.. jadi, malam tu jadi malam aku mengimbau kenangan2 lame.. haha.. sambil2 susun pape yang patut..hehe..

so, dat's all for today.. bye~

Thursday, December 18, 2008



A. Ahli Syurga Dari Awal.
B. Ahli Neraka Dari Awal.
C. Ahli Neraka Sementara Kemudian Akan Dilantik Jadi Ahli Syurga.

EMPAT GANJARAN LUMAYAN (khas untuk jawatan A):
1. Nikmat kubur.
2. Perlindungan di Padang Mahsyar.
3. Keselamatan Meniti Titian Sirat.
4. Syurga yang kekal abadi.

Bila-bila masa secara adhoc bermula dari saat membaca iklan ini.

Di dalam kubur (alam barzakh).

Anda tidak perlu bawa siji-sijil,termasuk sijil saham termasuk saham Internet.
Anda tidak perlu bawa pingat , Mercedes mata belalang atau kad kredit.
Anda tidak perlu bawa wang atau harta serta emas yang anda kumpul.
Anda tidak perlu berparas rupa yg cantik, hensem atau berbadan tegap atau seksi.
Sila bawa dokumen asal iaitu : Iman dan Amal serta sedekah jariah sebagai sokongan.

Mungkar dan Nakir.

1. Siapa Tuhan anda?
2. Apa Agama anda?
3. Siapa Nabi anda?
4. Apa Kitab anda?
5. Di mana Kiblat anda?
6. Siapa Saudara anda?


Anda cuma perlu menunggu penjemput yang berkaliber untuk menjemput anda. Ia akan menjemput anda pada bila-bila masa saja (mungkin sekejap lagi). Ia akan berlembut kepada orang-orang tertentu dan akan bengis kepada orang-orang tertentu. Ia diberi nama Izrail.

Hadis hasan yang diriwayatkan oleh Ahmad Hanbal, yang bermaksud begini:

Sabda Rasulullah SAW:

"Sesungguhnya apabila jenazah seseorang itu diletakkan di dalam kuburnya, sesungguhnya jenazah itu mendengar suara terompah kasut) orang-orang yang menghantarnya ke kubur pada saat mereka meninggalkan tempat itu. Jika mayat itu seorang muslim, maka solat yang dilakukannya ketika beliau masih hidup di dunia akan diletakkan di kepalanya, puasanya diletakkan disebelah kanannya, zakatnya diletakkan di sebelah kirinya dan amalan kebajikan daripada sedekahjariah, silaturrahim,perkara kebajikan dan ihsan diletakkan dihujung dua kakinya.

Ia akan didatangi malaikat dari aras kepala, maka solat itu berkata kepada malaikat : dari arasku tidak ada jalan masuk. Kemudian malaikat berpindah ke sebelah kanan, maka puasa berkata kepadanya : dari arasku tidak ada jalan masuk. Kemudian malaikat berpindah kesebelah kiri, maka zakat berkata kepadanya : dariarasku tidak ada jalan masuk. Kemudian di datangi dari arah kedua hujung kakinya dan berkatalah amal-kebajikan : di bahagianku tidak ada jalan masuk.

Maka malaikat berkata kepadanya : Duduklah kamu. Kepadanya (mayat) memperlihatkan matahari yang sudah mula terbenam, lalu malaikat bertanya kepada mayat itu : Apakah pandangan kamu tentang seorang laki-laki (Muhammad) yang kamu dahulu sentiasa bercakap tentangnya; dan bagaimana penyaksian kamu kepadanya? Maka berkata mayat itu : Tinggalkan aku sebentar, aku hendak sembahyang. Maka berkata malaikat : Sesungguhnya engkau akan mengerjakan solat (boleh saja solat) tetapi jawab dahulu apa yang kami tanya ini. Apakah pandangan kamu tentang seorang laki -laki Muhammad) yang kamu dahulu sentiasa bercakap tentangnya; dan bagaimana penyaksian kamu kepada nya? Maka berkata mayat itu: Laki-laki itu ialah! Nabi Muhammad saw dan aku naik saksi bahawa nabi Muhammad saw itu ialah pesuruh Allah yang membawa kebenaran daripada Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala. Maka malaikat berkata kepada mayat itu :

Demikianlah kamu dihidupkan dan begitu juga kamu dimatikan dan dengan demikian juga kamu dibangkitkan semula diakhirat insya'Allah. Kemudian dibuka baginya satu pintu syurga, maka dikata padanya itulah tempat kamu dan itulah janji Allah bagi kamu dan kamu akan berada di dalamnya. Maka bertambahlah gembira mayat itu. Kemudian dilapangkan kuburnya seluas 70 hasta dan disinari cahaya baginya".

Sila war-warkan tawaran jawatan kosong ini kepada semua sahabat.

Wallahu-a'lam. Semoga berjaya dalam temuduga ini..

p/s: got this article from my mrsm's social network..
mengingatkan kita tentang ajal yang boleh datang bila2 masa..

Monday, December 15, 2008

i'm still alive!!!!


probably you would wonder why would i post such title.. well, it's because, it's after a first time driving session during night time.. yeah, for me, there's a huge difference between driving at daytime and at night. basically, you need extra concentration, extra sensitive with your surrounding as you will only depending on light sources, as well as any moving objects..

i drove myself and my lil' sis, aisyah, only to fetch our dinner at mcd.. well,during daytime, it's just a common place i used to drive to. for food and to strengthen my parking skills(hehe).. but diz time, i murmued to myself when are we going to reach there??.. a 10-minutes drive i felt like an hour journey.. gosh..

as we reached there, it was not really crowded at that time as night has just begun. i decided to park but since i found my sis already in her dream, i just get our dinner, drivethru.

so far, that was my first ever experience night-driving.. huhu.. just recently i chatted with nia, a friend drom national service.. she invites me to join them hangouts around this 26th.. venue?
perhaps times square or pavilion... i really wanted to go... but hey, it's not dat-near-as-if-it's-in your-sight venue.. huh, i'll just have to consider it first and maybe i could ask anye to come with me, if and only if my dad will allow me..haiyoh..

anyway, dat's all for now..

p/s: fieqa, i'll do my post on mrsmps.. you'll just have to wait and see.. harharhar *evil laugh*

Friday, December 12, 2008

soya warnanya putih, tapi kenapa kicap hitam ek?

kicap oh kicap...

kerana kicap sebotol,
hilang selera makan.

kerana kicap sebotol,
meja makan jadi medan pertelingkahan.

kerana kicap sebotol,
aishah mogok tak nak makan.

kerana kicap sebotol,
aku dan azizi berebut ke titisan terakhir.

kerana kicap sebotol,
abah berapi sambil membebel.

kerana kicap sebotol,
putih di luar kering didalam.

kerana terlalu sayangkan kicap sebotol itu,
sampai tak teringat rupe2nye ada lagi stok..

penat2 aku membazir tenaga berhempas pulas menantikan titisan terakhir

jusco bukit tinggi


well, the outings goes on again, but at different place with different friend, without hani and we have ana being in the crew ( geng jalan2). anyway, what makes it to be a lil' bit diff was i was the one, driving all the way from banting to klang, that took nearly almost an hour trip. exciting for me, as i'm driving to a much further destination, out of banting..

well, before we even entered the entrance, i sent aishah and azizi to their cousin's house ( it was belonged to my late granny), well, actually the intention was not going to allow them to follow us as they will easily get tired of walking ( while we're went for some window shopping or else) and bored.. so i decided to left them there with the other children of their age. safe and sound. no extra spending( jimat sket duit..hehe).

reached there at 12, and guess what, we only managed to get parked at 1 o'clock.. how pathetic it was. but really, it's even crowded in the inside. you know, when there's lots of end-of-year sales going on, people rushed to get their items. it just like when an ant found few bits of sugar, it'll invites another ants as well.. huhu what am i blabbing bout..

anyway, after the tiredness of searching for an empty place to fit in with my car, we went to get our lunch at pizza hut, coz it's the nearest from where we decided to feed our tummies. then we went for a movie. twilight. i dunno since when i've becoming quite fanatic about this, but hey, we've seen it.. quite ok lar. it helps me to guess what will happen since i wasn't finished with the novel yet ( at the time, now finished already.. yeay).

after that, went to popular bookstore, and i get myself, another 300s-pages-novel, entitled "does my head look big in this?". it's a bit islamic. a girl who just decided to be a full-timer wearing hijab to school. i'm definitely throwing myself into a new hobby, i guessed.

after a while wandering to get some big apple's and secret recipes, drove home, safe and sound. reached home at 7.30.. fuyoo.. first time ever i drove at almost-night day..huhu.. thats all for it..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

the not so exciting trip


before it's too late, i would like to wish salam eidul adha for all who celebrates it ( of course, anyone who embraced Islam as their guidance and way of life).

for me, there's nothing much during this public holiday. my uncle was in his recovery after his left( or right ek?) eye surgery. buang selaput katanya.. well, i was pretty shocked to see him at first with the-one-eye-covered-with-something-like-pirates condition. the next thing is just dat only our family balik kampung this holiday. so dull.. and i really don't feel like celebrating it as-supposed-to. i spent the day hiding myself from the crowd of visitors( visiting my not-very-well-granny for sure) and yet, laying myself on the bed continue reading twilight and hey, i've made it to the middle of the story.. quite fascinating actually, since i'm not really into reading and in sudden, i'm moving into a hundreds-pages novels. impressive me.. T_T

one interesting part occurred soon after the solat sunat. as i was walking towards our silver proton waja, i heard a voice calling up my name. a voice i haven't heard for quite some time.. four, five years ago i guessed.. a voice that awakens me each time i fell asleep during his class.math class. huhu.. it was ckg zulhilmi. remain single up till now and still generous with his smile.huhu.. i remembered we used to call him 'ckg samurai' due to his almost-connected eyebrows(sorry for dat~ couldn't help it with the name callings T_T)

well, things packed up and there we go back to our usual life in banting. unfortunately, trapped in traffic jammed and reached home almost midnight( just few minutes before 12) even though we started our journey at nearly 5 pm.. gosh.. my back was damn aching for too long being in the car with limited movements. darn it!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

graffiti girl


i'm not really like reading.. especially novels, neither thin nor thick ones.. however, i love to read novel graphics, more famous with the term comics..haha.. yep.. especially the comics which has been translated from japanese to malay language published under the gempakstarz.

as i told you a week ago, i went to sunway piramid to try out ice skating.. however it lasts only about twenty to thirty minutes before i surrender.. haha.. just laugh at me for not being able to skate properly.. dun care bout it anyway.. yep, after that we went to wander around(window shopping, of course!).. one of our pit stops was at the Popular Bookstore.. guess what?
instead of spending cash on comics, i bought two novels..

yes.. novels.. english novels..

perhaps i was indeed forcing(actually dragging or any suitable word for it ) myself to read more in english.. huhu.. fyi, the novels that have been mine, one of them is graffiti girl, written by Kelly Parra, and another one is one of the bestselling and well-known novel by stephenie meyer, twilight..huhu.. i dunno why i buy it in the first place.. as i was saying, i'm not really a novel maniac.. perhaps many of my friends recommended it to me, so i'll try my best to finish it up.. huhu.. long way to start up my reading..

anyway, back to our title of the post today( or tonight?hehe.. dat depends when you read this), i want to share it with you, perhaps some details on the story i read bout' it.. hehe.. =.="

graffiti girl is about a girl, angel rodriguez, a normal Mexican-American, and North Homestead High students who loves art, and like to express hers in her own way, that is to include her mexican culture into it.. Miguel Badalin, her classmates from the art class however recognised her talent and wants her to spread her creativity on the art of graffiti. she eventually felt like graffiti is one way that she could express her art the need of being someone else. however, based from her presentation, she was able to join the mural committee, which was conducted by the person she has crushed on, Nathan Ramoz even though she did not win the contest..

to cut it short, her involvement into Miguel's crew,Reyes Del Norte had cause lots of trouble between her and her best friend, her mother, the committee, as well as the relationship that has just started with Nathan.. during her first battle against another crew of graffiti artists, she was caught by the police and was punished for a vandalism crime she and her crew did few weeks ago. she was punished to do a two years of community service to clean up the city parks instead of juvenile detention.. after the arrest all problems gradually settled down and yeah.. the end of my blabbing..

wanna know more? get your own.. haha..

anyway i did found out this story was kind of interesting.. twilight? in progress sooner or later.. well, i also include a video based on the novel.. it kind of gives the imagination due the novel's situation..also the story line huhu..

well, so long for now~

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

do u think it's funny?

well, i'm quite bored right now.. guess dat have somethin to share with you all..

it's animal jokes..
A panda walks into a bar, goes right to the counter, grabs a sandwich and after having eaten it he takes a gun out of his pocket and shoots the bartender. Then, as though nothing had happened, he walks out. Everyone in the bar is sitting all speechless and petrified but suddenly someone breaks the silence:
-What a hell was that?!?
Comes a sorrowful voice:
-It was a panda.
-Perhaps you don't know what a panda is... It's a mammal that eats, shoots, and leaves.

- Which animal has two gray legs, and two brown legs?
- Elephant that has diarrhea!

- What is the worst thing that can happen to a bat while it sleeps?
- To get a diarrhoea!

There are bats hanging of a branch upside down, all except one. Two bats comment:
- What happened to this one?
- I don’t know, two minutes ago he seemed normal and then he fainted.

It's hot summer, ninety degrees. A rabbit sits under the shadow of a tree and sharpens a stick with a knife.
A wolf passes by.
- Rabbit, rabbit, what are you doing?
- I am sharpening this stick in order to kill a bear.
- ???
A vixen passes by.
- Rabbit, rabbit, what are you doing?
- I am sharpening this stick in order to kill a bear.
- ???
The bear passes by.
- Rabbit, rabbit, what are you doing?
- I am sharpening this stick and bullshiting.

will post some more soon..

congratulation kmk~

yeay.. the day has come..
the results for pspm for matriculation students were announced, yesterday actually since when this post was still in progress, it's already passed midnight.. huhu..

well, a big applause to kmk students especially my batch( it was my batch for 3 months) 2008/2009 for doing such a splendid job on keeping up our batch up to second place in overall.. great job guys!! really proud of it.. first runners-up among all matriculation colleges.. woohoo

according to my sources, there were 251 candidates passes with a mighty CGPA of 4.0!! dude, that was awesome.. so many meh.. and, only 6 candidates who didn't get the minimum result were expelled from continuing their study.. sad lor but luckily it's less than 10..fuh~

well, i started to kacau2 n takut2kn my friends since a day before.. huhu.. it ended up when many of them, frustrated yet have to satisfied with their result.. senang citer, you have to redha and pasrah with it.. for those who get excellent result, congratulations and keep up the good work for this term as well.. not forgetting, for those who just frustrated and got not-very-impressive-one, dun get upset.. the new term has just begun, there's a long way to go.. make yourself comfortable and starts up new strategies to improve yours.. hehe.. (also a reminder for myself)

edd, dun be so depressed.. dun make it as a reason for you not to perform better in this term.. i know you can.. if u can passed your spm well, why not in pspm n others.. y not u try to be more 'skema' like u used to called me with.. maybe that will help.. hey, dun forgot that we're 'twins' k.. if u be more like me, i'll bet you'll be skema+sengal type of person.. haha..

so, dat's all for now.. still not in the mood to continue part 2 kmk thingy.. time will tell when.. haha.. jaa

Monday, December 1, 2008

a day out


well, yesterday i went to sunway piramid with hani and aishah.. was, yes it WAS my first time ever went there... plus, it was also my FIRST experience hangout with my friends out from banting.. haha.. u must have been thinking what kind of person i am.. never been outside banting area by herself.. huhu.. don't shocked la wei.. da semula jadi memang malas giler nak kuar dari banting.. huhu.. it is a fact dat even though i live in 'negeri yang agak moden', but hey, i never took public transports before this.. i only used to take buses, but dat was already arranged for me by school administrations ( ni time nak balik cuti skola zaman mude2 dulu)

well, me and hani meet up at banting's bus station, supposed-to-be at 9.15.. however she did came a bit late due to transportation problem from her home to reach here.. sabar je lah.. we took Cityliner from banting to klang which i had to spend rm4.. ok la, even a trip to midvalley from ipba already costs me rm3++ when you took a taxi. hohoho.. from bus stand klang, we had to walked along the roofed-pedestrian-area, crossing the bridge, yes a bridge crossing a river which i dunno what's the name of it.. and it's done by walking, not using any other the ktm klang located in the middle of, quite middle-aged shops..

soon after we bought tickets to kl central, we waited for the upcoming train to come.. sempat makan2 sket.. huhu.. when we're in the train, we got the chance to sit.. yeay coz it will be a one hour trip to kl central.. as we passes through ktm subang jaya, i had a called from aishah, telling dat she was already waiting for us at kl central.. she also told us dat actually we could just drop at ktm subang jaya(what? we've already passed that station.. aiyoh) coz we will go there anyway.. aiya~ why she didn't tell me earlier.. so as we reached at the main station, we met aishah and yep, here we go again, back to ktm subang jaya( kalau terlepas ni gak, memang sah2 terus balik klang balik) .. as we arrived there, we went to sunway by mini bus.. mini, coz it's small.. huhu..

sunway, was uber cool and uber big for me.. especially with all the decorations for upcoming Christmas.. nice one..we wandered around to find any restaurant as it was in the middle of noon and every tummy has started to play rock musics.. takde keroncong2 da.. huhu.. at last we stopped at kfc and had our lunch there.. then we wandered again to find surau.. wandering, wandering, wandering.. and hualaa... we made it to surau.. last..

then we make our way to the main objective of this outing: ice skating..(LOL.. i'd never been into roller skating, how supposed i'll ice skating?huh.. this will be a nightmare..) we paid rm21 for the entrance fee, not including the gloves( plus another rm8)..

since i dunno how to skate so i'd just move by depending on the walls beside.. meanwhile aishah and hani already skates in the middle of the rink. huh, not bad for hani, even though this was her first time too.. my first time, as i said just now, was nightmare. however, aishah kept encouraging me to skate by holding me and yep, she also told her first time here, which she kept telling how many times she fell on the rink( ouch!) hey, in this case, i'm much better than her and hani is much more better than me.. haha.. okay la, first time skating and not falling even once.. =.=" ( proud of myself)

sadly, i could only managed to skate up to two rounds of the rink only due to not-really-get-to-skate-properly and tiredness.. then i walked away towards the exit and waited for them to have the fun of skating by themselves( ice skating= sooo not my type).. huhu.. besides of not being an expert in skating, i'd also found myself having blister near my ankle and some skin peeled off my right finger(ni tak perasan pula bila, sedar2 dah ada.. adoi~)

we went for window shopping latter for about an hour or so and fetch a cab to ktm subang jaya. more or less, i arrived at banting at 8 and my dad fetch me from there.

the end of the uber cool outing with my frinends..