Friday, December 12, 2008

jusco bukit tinggi


well, the outings goes on again, but at different place with different friend, without hani and we have ana being in the crew ( geng jalan2). anyway, what makes it to be a lil' bit diff was i was the one, driving all the way from banting to klang, that took nearly almost an hour trip. exciting for me, as i'm driving to a much further destination, out of banting..

well, before we even entered the entrance, i sent aishah and azizi to their cousin's house ( it was belonged to my late granny), well, actually the intention was not going to allow them to follow us as they will easily get tired of walking ( while we're went for some window shopping or else) and bored.. so i decided to left them there with the other children of their age. safe and sound. no extra spending( jimat sket duit..hehe).

reached there at 12, and guess what, we only managed to get parked at 1 o'clock.. how pathetic it was. but really, it's even crowded in the inside. you know, when there's lots of end-of-year sales going on, people rushed to get their items. it just like when an ant found few bits of sugar, it'll invites another ants as well.. huhu what am i blabbing bout..

anyway, after the tiredness of searching for an empty place to fit in with my car, we went to get our lunch at pizza hut, coz it's the nearest from where we decided to feed our tummies. then we went for a movie. twilight. i dunno since when i've becoming quite fanatic about this, but hey, we've seen it.. quite ok lar. it helps me to guess what will happen since i wasn't finished with the novel yet ( at the time, now finished already.. yeay).

after that, went to popular bookstore, and i get myself, another 300s-pages-novel, entitled "does my head look big in this?". it's a bit islamic. a girl who just decided to be a full-timer wearing hijab to school. i'm definitely throwing myself into a new hobby, i guessed.

after a while wandering to get some big apple's and secret recipes, drove home, safe and sound. reached home at 7.30.. fuyoo.. first time ever i drove at almost-night day..huhu.. thats all for it..


fieqa said...


eiii..ape la tinggal adek2 ko..
dowg nak shoping gak..hahaha...

wahhh, look interesting..!
nt ley bagi aku pinjam buku tuh.
bagus2..hobi baru..haha..keep up :P

QilaRaft said...

diorg mane reti shopimg..
kang xpsl2 duit ak yg abes bli brg merapu2 diorg

fieqa said...


eh, nanti kalo da naek sem,
ko ley la ajak ktowg jln2 n ko drive..ahahaaa.

ajak la ktowg dtg uma ko (x malu ^,~)..
uma dala kat selangor..ngeh3~

QilaRaft said...

ak drive, korg jln kaki..
mmg r dlm slango, tp jauh nk ke ceruk da..
huhu.. ade la kot dlm sejam dua..
kalo nk dtg umah, kne tido sane tros r..
igt dkt ke..