Tuesday, December 9, 2008

the not so exciting trip


before it's too late, i would like to wish salam eidul adha for all who celebrates it ( of course, anyone who embraced Islam as their guidance and way of life).

for me, there's nothing much during this public holiday. my uncle was in his recovery after his left( or right ek?) eye surgery. buang selaput katanya.. well, i was pretty shocked to see him at first with the-one-eye-covered-with-something-like-pirates condition. the next thing is just dat only our family balik kampung this holiday. so dull.. and i really don't feel like celebrating it as-supposed-to. i spent the day hiding myself from the crowd of visitors( visiting my not-very-well-granny for sure) and yet, laying myself on the bed continue reading twilight and hey, i've made it to the middle of the story.. quite fascinating actually, since i'm not really into reading and in sudden, i'm moving into a hundreds-pages novels. impressive me.. T_T

one interesting part occurred soon after the solat sunat. as i was walking towards our silver proton waja, i heard a voice calling up my name. a voice i haven't heard for quite some time.. four, five years ago i guessed.. a voice that awakens me each time i fell asleep during his class.math class. huhu.. it was ckg zulhilmi. remain single up till now and still generous with his smile.huhu.. i remembered we used to call him 'ckg samurai' due to his almost-connected eyebrows(sorry for dat~ couldn't help it with the name callings T_T)

well, things packed up and there we go back to our usual life in banting. unfortunately, trapped in traffic jammed and reached home almost midnight( just few minutes before 12) even though we started our journey at nearly 5 pm.. gosh.. my back was damn aching for too long being in the car with limited movements. darn it!


fieqa said...

cehh..jumpe cikgu lame..
single lagi tuh.
huaa3~..aku merepek la..

eiit, ko makin gemok tuh..
dat's y, tmpat duduk cam x muat...wahahaahaa..

QilaRaft said...

ape kaitan ngn tmpt duduk lak nih.. adei~