Monday, December 1, 2008

a day out


well, yesterday i went to sunway piramid with hani and aishah.. was, yes it WAS my first time ever went there... plus, it was also my FIRST experience hangout with my friends out from banting.. haha.. u must have been thinking what kind of person i am.. never been outside banting area by herself.. huhu.. don't shocked la wei.. da semula jadi memang malas giler nak kuar dari banting.. huhu.. it is a fact dat even though i live in 'negeri yang agak moden', but hey, i never took public transports before this.. i only used to take buses, but dat was already arranged for me by school administrations ( ni time nak balik cuti skola zaman mude2 dulu)

well, me and hani meet up at banting's bus station, supposed-to-be at 9.15.. however she did came a bit late due to transportation problem from her home to reach here.. sabar je lah.. we took Cityliner from banting to klang which i had to spend rm4.. ok la, even a trip to midvalley from ipba already costs me rm3++ when you took a taxi. hohoho.. from bus stand klang, we had to walked along the roofed-pedestrian-area, crossing the bridge, yes a bridge crossing a river which i dunno what's the name of it.. and it's done by walking, not using any other the ktm klang located in the middle of, quite middle-aged shops..

soon after we bought tickets to kl central, we waited for the upcoming train to come.. sempat makan2 sket.. huhu.. when we're in the train, we got the chance to sit.. yeay coz it will be a one hour trip to kl central.. as we passes through ktm subang jaya, i had a called from aishah, telling dat she was already waiting for us at kl central.. she also told us dat actually we could just drop at ktm subang jaya(what? we've already passed that station.. aiyoh) coz we will go there anyway.. aiya~ why she didn't tell me earlier.. so as we reached at the main station, we met aishah and yep, here we go again, back to ktm subang jaya( kalau terlepas ni gak, memang sah2 terus balik klang balik) .. as we arrived there, we went to sunway by mini bus.. mini, coz it's small.. huhu..

sunway, was uber cool and uber big for me.. especially with all the decorations for upcoming Christmas.. nice one..we wandered around to find any restaurant as it was in the middle of noon and every tummy has started to play rock musics.. takde keroncong2 da.. huhu.. at last we stopped at kfc and had our lunch there.. then we wandered again to find surau.. wandering, wandering, wandering.. and hualaa... we made it to surau.. last..

then we make our way to the main objective of this outing: ice skating..(LOL.. i'd never been into roller skating, how supposed i'll ice skating?huh.. this will be a nightmare..) we paid rm21 for the entrance fee, not including the gloves( plus another rm8)..

since i dunno how to skate so i'd just move by depending on the walls beside.. meanwhile aishah and hani already skates in the middle of the rink. huh, not bad for hani, even though this was her first time too.. my first time, as i said just now, was nightmare. however, aishah kept encouraging me to skate by holding me and yep, she also told her first time here, which she kept telling how many times she fell on the rink( ouch!) hey, in this case, i'm much better than her and hani is much more better than me.. haha.. okay la, first time skating and not falling even once.. =.=" ( proud of myself)

sadly, i could only managed to skate up to two rounds of the rink only due to not-really-get-to-skate-properly and tiredness.. then i walked away towards the exit and waited for them to have the fun of skating by themselves( ice skating= sooo not my type).. huhu.. besides of not being an expert in skating, i'd also found myself having blister near my ankle and some skin peeled off my right finger(ni tak perasan pula bila, sedar2 dah ada.. adoi~)

we went for window shopping latter for about an hour or so and fetch a cab to ktm subang jaya. more or less, i arrived at banting at 8 and my dad fetch me from there.

the end of the uber cool outing with my frinends..

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