Monday, December 15, 2008

i'm still alive!!!!


probably you would wonder why would i post such title.. well, it's because, it's after a first time driving session during night time.. yeah, for me, there's a huge difference between driving at daytime and at night. basically, you need extra concentration, extra sensitive with your surrounding as you will only depending on light sources, as well as any moving objects..

i drove myself and my lil' sis, aisyah, only to fetch our dinner at mcd.. well,during daytime, it's just a common place i used to drive to. for food and to strengthen my parking skills(hehe).. but diz time, i murmued to myself when are we going to reach there??.. a 10-minutes drive i felt like an hour journey.. gosh..

as we reached there, it was not really crowded at that time as night has just begun. i decided to park but since i found my sis already in her dream, i just get our dinner, drivethru.

so far, that was my first ever experience night-driving.. huhu.. just recently i chatted with nia, a friend drom national service.. she invites me to join them hangouts around this 26th.. venue?
perhaps times square or pavilion... i really wanted to go... but hey, it's not dat-near-as-if-it's-in your-sight venue.. huh, i'll just have to consider it first and maybe i could ask anye to come with me, if and only if my dad will allow me..haiyoh..

anyway, dat's all for now..

p/s: fieqa, i'll do my post on mrsmps.. you'll just have to wait and see.. harharhar *evil laugh*


fieqa said...

wat laa...
aku nk usha nt..

ahaks, first time ek drive malam2...
blanje adek ek..
'akak y baek'..
nape x ajak y len or ajak satu femly..mkn 2 org je eh..hehe

eit, smlm aku pon drive gak..
jauh sket la dis time..
my confidence level is increasing..
erks, tp ade ayah aku la kat sebelah..hahaaa...
tp okey laa.
practise make perfect..hua3~

QilaRaft said...

ak bli utk 1 family la..
bpk ak mls nk g..
tu psl soh ak yg g..
adk ak tu nyebok je nk ikut..
tp tido lak dlm kete

Aliaa Ezekiel said...


aku xpenah drive malam.
mak aku xcaya aku.
ni jeles neh!

drive siang hari pon cam hantu jek.
aku corner adik aku kte cam nk terbalik je.laju lak tuh.

bese r.
dpn jurulatih kete aku pun leh langgar lampu merah.
kan boleh lect free je aritu.

QilaRaft said...

igtkn ko langar tiang lampu td..