Wednesday, December 3, 2008

congratulation kmk~

yeay.. the day has come..
the results for pspm for matriculation students were announced, yesterday actually since when this post was still in progress, it's already passed midnight.. huhu..

well, a big applause to kmk students especially my batch( it was my batch for 3 months) 2008/2009 for doing such a splendid job on keeping up our batch up to second place in overall.. great job guys!! really proud of it.. first runners-up among all matriculation colleges.. woohoo

according to my sources, there were 251 candidates passes with a mighty CGPA of 4.0!! dude, that was awesome.. so many meh.. and, only 6 candidates who didn't get the minimum result were expelled from continuing their study.. sad lor but luckily it's less than 10..fuh~

well, i started to kacau2 n takut2kn my friends since a day before.. huhu.. it ended up when many of them, frustrated yet have to satisfied with their result.. senang citer, you have to redha and pasrah with it.. for those who get excellent result, congratulations and keep up the good work for this term as well.. not forgetting, for those who just frustrated and got not-very-impressive-one, dun get upset.. the new term has just begun, there's a long way to go.. make yourself comfortable and starts up new strategies to improve yours.. hehe.. (also a reminder for myself)

edd, dun be so depressed.. dun make it as a reason for you not to perform better in this term.. i know you can.. if u can passed your spm well, why not in pspm n others.. y not u try to be more 'skema' like u used to called me with.. maybe that will help.. hey, dun forgot that we're 'twins' k.. if u be more like me, i'll bet you'll be skema+sengal type of person.. haha..

so, dat's all for now.. still not in the mood to continue part 2 kmk thingy.. time will tell when.. haha.. jaa


fieqa said...

panjang bersyarah akak kite ni..
name pon teacher ek...

but good job..
nice words...
can boost up their spirit..
pasni bile ak down ley la ko bg ceramah kat ak lak..hahaa

QilaRaft said...

mne de ceramah..
it's one of the way to remind myself s well la

fieqa said...

hahaa~..okieess miss aqilah..