Friday, November 21, 2014

I'm still learning, just like you

"ape maksud perkataan ni?"

"ntah. tak tau jugak. macam tak pernah jumpe je"

"eh kata cikgu BI? takkan tu pun tak tau?"

"oh kalau macam tu baik aku jadi dictionary je, tau semua perkataan.. "

a teacher, is also a learner.
don't expect a teacher knows it all (that's a bonus if he/she does)
they're not the ones who invented all those words.

fluency is based on how you familiarise with common words
words that are widely used, not those bombastic yet uncommon, but confusing.

language not only depends on individual words.
it also depends on chunks and context as a whole.

so don't judge if I don't know a word.

I'm still learning, just like you. 

it is still a journey.

it's just so hard to move on
to let it go and let it be forgotten
to learn from the past
and to live in the moment
and not being afraid to make mistakes

yes, my beginning was tough
but why must I suffer now?
why I keep on questioning those things now?
He has thrown me there so I will learn
but have I learned anything?
it's been couple of years now
but now that I've  realised
how far have I gone through
without that essential element?


it's a wonder I survived though
while those around me
they fall back one by one.
didn't I ever think why I'm still here?

there is a reason why
yet to be discovered
and i'm still searching for it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rezeki Dhuha

Alkisah hari ini

Pagi tadi saya telah mendapat satu bungkusan Pos Laju dari seorang sahabat senior kenalan di UK dulu. Beliau menjual tudung labuh secara online dan kebetulan pula saya memang sedang tercari-cari tudung yang bersaiz labuh (takde la minat sangat tudung berfesyen-fesyen ni, tapi memandangkan tudung sedia ada yang agak labuh memang limited, jadinya memang tergoda la kan).

Bukak je bungkusan tu, tengah-tengah excited tengok tudung-tudung baru, tiba-tiba saya terperasan satu tudung ni. Rasenye tak de la pulak saya order tudung tu.. Terus saya buka facebook akak tu dan tengok balik album gambar tudung tu. Sah, akak tu tersilap hantar tudung.

Saya maklumkan yang akak tu dah tersalah hantar. Dia pun check balik stok dan berjanji akan hantar tudung yang saya pesan dalam masa terdekat.


tudung yang dia tersalah hantar tu, dia bagi free!!

Sape yang tak seronok kan dapat benda free, tudung baru kot.

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah alhamdulillah.

Moga kakakku dilimpahi rezeki yang bertambah-tambah.


Friday, November 7, 2014

being a believer

you say you're a proud Muslim
but your act doesn't show one

you say you obey Allah
but the Quran is always left behind

you say you love His Messenger
but his story was never in your mind

you say you love peace and togetherness
yet why yourselves are not united, but divided

Islam teaches you to purify your deen
Islam teaches you to care for others
Islam teaches you to love God more than your own
Islam teaches you to never give up, but believe there's hope

there's hope for everyone
regardless the state you've been into.
He is always forgiving
and He will always love us
when no one else does.