Friday, November 21, 2014

I'm still learning, just like you

"ape maksud perkataan ni?"

"ntah. tak tau jugak. macam tak pernah jumpe je"

"eh kata cikgu BI? takkan tu pun tak tau?"

"oh kalau macam tu baik aku jadi dictionary je, tau semua perkataan.. "

a teacher, is also a learner.
don't expect a teacher knows it all (that's a bonus if he/she does)
they're not the ones who invented all those words.

fluency is based on how you familiarise with common words
words that are widely used, not those bombastic yet uncommon, but confusing.

language not only depends on individual words.
it also depends on chunks and context as a whole.

so don't judge if I don't know a word.

I'm still learning, just like you. 

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