Thursday, February 25, 2010

it was worth it

salam n hi~

currently my lower limbs are in pain, AGAIN. but, it was worth it because:
- green house remains as the champion for the second time
- i participated in two sprint events and won both of it.

yeah, you read that. that was the first time ever, since the last time during my form one, i had prticipated in 100m and 4x100m. fyi, i'd never been given chance to participate in any of those acara. well, to my surprise, i'd never thought that i could win any places in the acara. it was hard to believe that i actually won bronze medal for my 100m and gold for 4x100m( thanks to mira, pce and kak tasya for all our effort)

green house once again won the best decorated tent and to have the best olahragawati, kak tasha. that evening i couldn't sleep eventhough i was damn tired that afternoon. so, i decided to go for basketball for some shoots with adenin.
nite, me, yasmin, aliaa, imah and nor went to ppum. min forgot to bring her keys so we ended up there to meet faten as well as to visit her mom (she was just undergone a surgery). reached ipba few minutes before 11. pheww~

i was just got back from SMK la salle and SMK petaling.
went there to meet the principal and get to know some of the teachers there.
our school's principal was kind of busy so we only able to meet the PK(penolong kanan), pn salmah.

however, at the moment we reached there, she was having her class, so w ended up ourselves enjoying kuew teow goreng basah and teh o ais at the canteen. there, we met the PK HEM, pn Rahana ( if i haven't mistaken). she is quite friendly and talkative too. there was a part when a student there lost her purse adn she was called by pn rahana. she adviced the student to be more careful. she then called upon another kid, pointing him whether he took it or not. ( probably he had a bad record before this). they kind of talking while i don't bother much as i don't think it is appropriate to eavesdrop.

later we met pn salmah. she mentioned for the whole two weeks we are going to be joining few events. this monday they'll have pelantikan watikah for new prefects. tuesday and wednesday they'll have koQ in the afternoon and on the 12th march, which is our last SBE there, there'll be a merentas desa kind of thing~ i'm so hoping that i'll be there coz i don't want to go for kagom during sbe.. it is either i go if it didn't clash with sbe or just to say bye2 kagom if it clashes.

in the end, hope for best both sbe and kagom~

Friday, February 19, 2010


i wonder why it is so difficult to please everybody. somehow i felt that i've sacrifised my own just to please others. yes it is true that we need to care for other's feelings but sometimes it is just far too much. would they ever do the same to us? do they really even care what we did to them? somehow, i felt kind of not being appreciated, in a way. just being used, being manipulated to follow orders, demands and to satisfy them.

yesterday after sending the kids to school, i decided to go for basketball. luckily there's a court behind their school and heck, it is not occupied by anybody. i practiced on my shoots and lay ups a little bit since i've stopped practiced due to KOT and my injury. it is not healed fully but at least better than during the long jump the other day. i think i'm already stoic with whatever decisions that will be made after the holidays. either i'll go for kagom or not, is not yet decided. just hope for what's best for me. after what happened the other day ( the fact that she was so sad and frustrated if i'm really going for kagom and started to 'cakap belakang' about me, it IS frustrating that she never understands me and only care for herself. p/s if you're readin this, this is my OPINION)

just now i received a call from mira ks, asking if i could go back to ipba early and join them for the last training for KOT. gosh, they are really determine to keep our 'kejuaraan' from being taken away this year. hopefully i would able to join them and be part of the legacy for the last time before leaving ipba for good sake. and hopefully my injury won't bother much the drilling i might receive if i were able to go back early this sunday. wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

3rd year already?


pejam celik pejam celik, rupanya dah tiga tahun saya ada adik angkat. kepada NURUL AMALINA ABDULLAH itu, selamat hari ulang tahun diucapkan.

kamu belajar rajin2 ya. jangan nak dok menggatal ngan budak lelaki. awak tu muda lagi.saya pon same.hehe. tapi betul la. spm da xlame lagi dah. zaman sekolah pon da nak abes. so, live life to the fullest and strive for excellent! saya yakin awak boleh buatnye la...

insya'allah cuti bulan enam ni, kalau xde aral melintang, rumahmu akan menjadi destinasiku.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


in deeply intense and suffer from the illness..

seems that my pain since friday morning has come to a climax.
that afternoon, without warning, i got fever out of it. that slows my driving as i had to stop few times. felt nauseas.

went to the clinic yesterday. the doctor gave me some antibiotics and pain killers. she asked me to come again on tuesday when the pain in my tooth had relieved. so, yep, i am suffering now until the day comes.

i couldn't swallow anything except soft2 food. basically i just consumed porridge of just bread dunk in hot milo to make it softer and easier to swallow.

i'm afraid this condition will affect my performance during KOT after chinese new year. i'm involved in 100m and 4x100m which mira is deeply wanted us to struggle and wins the gold. the pressure of course. to make things worst, my inner part of tongue has slightly swollen. therefore i couldn't move my tongue quite a lot..

i wish everything will be better by the end of this holidays and let all my PROBLEMS solved in a good way

Thursday, February 11, 2010



i felt so bad yesterday.
couldn't defend my gold from being taken away, although the green house once again won the first place.
my injuries are back, now in both hamstrings. left and right.

i couldn't even run.
i couldn't even walk as normal as possible.
i couldn't even bent those part smoothly that it hurts when it's time to sujud and duduk tahiyat.
and i'm still the participant for 100m and 4x100m during the real sports day.
hopefully by that time, i'm fully recovered.
i want to prove i can do it.
i want to prove i'm able to do it.
i want to prove i can contribute not just participations, but medals as well.
hope for the best.

sbe's going to happen this march.
unfortunately, kagom as well.
i want to go for sbe.
yet i want to go for basketball.
now i'm left undecided.
hopefully time will tell.
and let the best be the winner for me.

i don't want my sbe partner to be alone.
yet i can't just let basketball be gone.
i've work hard for that.
i've been in pain for that.
i'm terribly hope that she'll understand.
i hope that she can tolerate.
we were once so close.
but what if she can't understand me well?
just because i'm away for few days,
she wanted to request a change in school and leave me by myself?

i'm totally miserable...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

changing appearance!

salam and hi!

i'm now wearing lenses~
perhaps that either i wanted to try it on, extra safety during playing games that might hurt your eyes, or even being attempted and jealous with other friends who are already wearing those, is my reason why i started to put these on into my two eyes.

it was friday when i finally decided to seek optometrist and went for eye checkups. she said that my astigmatism has reduced a little and that make me feel happy. guess who else were making lenses besides me? it's ILA~ although both of us made lenses, i had to pay even more due to my high astigmatism. now, i'm still progressing on adapting my eyes with this little piece of plastic in my eyes as well as to keep on practicing to put them on in little time. ( syafiq still holds the record for the longest time for putting those things into the eye)

now i'm already not very keen on practicing basketball. the laziness is wrapping all over me and making me to stay in my room more often than to go to the gym and practice. besides, the KOT practice is always been a hindrance for me to go basketballing.

sunday. my plan to shoot in the morning had been cancelled. nevertheless i went for green house practice. of all the sudden i have become one of green house's athletes. this is awkward, though. well, i'd never been so active in sports, especially in track and field, but this time i'm their hope. for long jump, it IS my duty to hold my gold medal, yet for sprint 100m and the rest, this might be my first time after quite some years.

after practice, fahmi , our ketua had breakfast with all the athletes at amjal and he actually treating us all. wow, that was so nice of him of doing that. it was the time that i ride motorcycle, first time ever in ipba, and marina was the one whose responsible to ajak me.

just now i went to search for my location during one of our component to become a teacher, which is school based ecperience(sbe). me and ruhan were directed to have our sbe at smk petaling for two weeks. the school is located near a fire station in taman sri sentosa. along the way, i passed by a few other schools such as smk la salle (wayda and kakten) and smk assunta ( daniel and jiani). most probably kakten and wayda will be pooling cars with us as our school is really near to theirs. this would probably benefit them as well.

well, that's all for now, folks.. see ya later!