Thursday, February 25, 2010

it was worth it

salam n hi~

currently my lower limbs are in pain, AGAIN. but, it was worth it because:
- green house remains as the champion for the second time
- i participated in two sprint events and won both of it.

yeah, you read that. that was the first time ever, since the last time during my form one, i had prticipated in 100m and 4x100m. fyi, i'd never been given chance to participate in any of those acara. well, to my surprise, i'd never thought that i could win any places in the acara. it was hard to believe that i actually won bronze medal for my 100m and gold for 4x100m( thanks to mira, pce and kak tasya for all our effort)

green house once again won the best decorated tent and to have the best olahragawati, kak tasha. that evening i couldn't sleep eventhough i was damn tired that afternoon. so, i decided to go for basketball for some shoots with adenin.
nite, me, yasmin, aliaa, imah and nor went to ppum. min forgot to bring her keys so we ended up there to meet faten as well as to visit her mom (she was just undergone a surgery). reached ipba few minutes before 11. pheww~

i was just got back from SMK la salle and SMK petaling.
went there to meet the principal and get to know some of the teachers there.
our school's principal was kind of busy so we only able to meet the PK(penolong kanan), pn salmah.

however, at the moment we reached there, she was having her class, so w ended up ourselves enjoying kuew teow goreng basah and teh o ais at the canteen. there, we met the PK HEM, pn Rahana ( if i haven't mistaken). she is quite friendly and talkative too. there was a part when a student there lost her purse adn she was called by pn rahana. she adviced the student to be more careful. she then called upon another kid, pointing him whether he took it or not. ( probably he had a bad record before this). they kind of talking while i don't bother much as i don't think it is appropriate to eavesdrop.

later we met pn salmah. she mentioned for the whole two weeks we are going to be joining few events. this monday they'll have pelantikan watikah for new prefects. tuesday and wednesday they'll have koQ in the afternoon and on the 12th march, which is our last SBE there, there'll be a merentas desa kind of thing~ i'm so hoping that i'll be there coz i don't want to go for kagom during sbe.. it is either i go if it didn't clash with sbe or just to say bye2 kagom if it clashes.

in the end, hope for best both sbe and kagom~

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