Sunday, February 14, 2010


in deeply intense and suffer from the illness..

seems that my pain since friday morning has come to a climax.
that afternoon, without warning, i got fever out of it. that slows my driving as i had to stop few times. felt nauseas.

went to the clinic yesterday. the doctor gave me some antibiotics and pain killers. she asked me to come again on tuesday when the pain in my tooth had relieved. so, yep, i am suffering now until the day comes.

i couldn't swallow anything except soft2 food. basically i just consumed porridge of just bread dunk in hot milo to make it softer and easier to swallow.

i'm afraid this condition will affect my performance during KOT after chinese new year. i'm involved in 100m and 4x100m which mira is deeply wanted us to struggle and wins the gold. the pressure of course. to make things worst, my inner part of tongue has slightly swollen. therefore i couldn't move my tongue quite a lot..

i wish everything will be better by the end of this holidays and let all my PROBLEMS solved in a good way


tulip putih said...

take care makcik!
jga diri elok2 kat umah.nt naek cuti nak gegarkan padang ipba..haha..


QilaRaft said...

pdg ipba je ke... court kt ipoh pon nak gak~
kalo x sia2 dia frust ngn ak.. huhu