Friday, February 19, 2010


i wonder why it is so difficult to please everybody. somehow i felt that i've sacrifised my own just to please others. yes it is true that we need to care for other's feelings but sometimes it is just far too much. would they ever do the same to us? do they really even care what we did to them? somehow, i felt kind of not being appreciated, in a way. just being used, being manipulated to follow orders, demands and to satisfy them.

yesterday after sending the kids to school, i decided to go for basketball. luckily there's a court behind their school and heck, it is not occupied by anybody. i practiced on my shoots and lay ups a little bit since i've stopped practiced due to KOT and my injury. it is not healed fully but at least better than during the long jump the other day. i think i'm already stoic with whatever decisions that will be made after the holidays. either i'll go for kagom or not, is not yet decided. just hope for what's best for me. after what happened the other day ( the fact that she was so sad and frustrated if i'm really going for kagom and started to 'cakap belakang' about me, it IS frustrating that she never understands me and only care for herself. p/s if you're readin this, this is my OPINION)

just now i received a call from mira ks, asking if i could go back to ipba early and join them for the last training for KOT. gosh, they are really determine to keep our 'kejuaraan' from being taken away this year. hopefully i would able to join them and be part of the legacy for the last time before leaving ipba for good sake. and hopefully my injury won't bother much the drilling i might receive if i were able to go back early this sunday. wish me luck!

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