Thursday, February 11, 2010



i felt so bad yesterday.
couldn't defend my gold from being taken away, although the green house once again won the first place.
my injuries are back, now in both hamstrings. left and right.

i couldn't even run.
i couldn't even walk as normal as possible.
i couldn't even bent those part smoothly that it hurts when it's time to sujud and duduk tahiyat.
and i'm still the participant for 100m and 4x100m during the real sports day.
hopefully by that time, i'm fully recovered.
i want to prove i can do it.
i want to prove i'm able to do it.
i want to prove i can contribute not just participations, but medals as well.
hope for the best.

sbe's going to happen this march.
unfortunately, kagom as well.
i want to go for sbe.
yet i want to go for basketball.
now i'm left undecided.
hopefully time will tell.
and let the best be the winner for me.

i don't want my sbe partner to be alone.
yet i can't just let basketball be gone.
i've work hard for that.
i've been in pain for that.
i'm terribly hope that she'll understand.
i hope that she can tolerate.
we were once so close.
but what if she can't understand me well?
just because i'm away for few days,
she wanted to request a change in school and leave me by myself?

i'm totally miserable...

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