Sunday, February 7, 2010

changing appearance!

salam and hi!

i'm now wearing lenses~
perhaps that either i wanted to try it on, extra safety during playing games that might hurt your eyes, or even being attempted and jealous with other friends who are already wearing those, is my reason why i started to put these on into my two eyes.

it was friday when i finally decided to seek optometrist and went for eye checkups. she said that my astigmatism has reduced a little and that make me feel happy. guess who else were making lenses besides me? it's ILA~ although both of us made lenses, i had to pay even more due to my high astigmatism. now, i'm still progressing on adapting my eyes with this little piece of plastic in my eyes as well as to keep on practicing to put them on in little time. ( syafiq still holds the record for the longest time for putting those things into the eye)

now i'm already not very keen on practicing basketball. the laziness is wrapping all over me and making me to stay in my room more often than to go to the gym and practice. besides, the KOT practice is always been a hindrance for me to go basketballing.

sunday. my plan to shoot in the morning had been cancelled. nevertheless i went for green house practice. of all the sudden i have become one of green house's athletes. this is awkward, though. well, i'd never been so active in sports, especially in track and field, but this time i'm their hope. for long jump, it IS my duty to hold my gold medal, yet for sprint 100m and the rest, this might be my first time after quite some years.

after practice, fahmi , our ketua had breakfast with all the athletes at amjal and he actually treating us all. wow, that was so nice of him of doing that. it was the time that i ride motorcycle, first time ever in ipba, and marina was the one whose responsible to ajak me.

just now i went to search for my location during one of our component to become a teacher, which is school based ecperience(sbe). me and ruhan were directed to have our sbe at smk petaling for two weeks. the school is located near a fire station in taman sri sentosa. along the way, i passed by a few other schools such as smk la salle (wayda and kakten) and smk assunta ( daniel and jiani). most probably kakten and wayda will be pooling cars with us as our school is really near to theirs. this would probably benefit them as well.

well, that's all for now, folks.. see ya later!

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