Saturday, January 31, 2009

another birthday


another birthday come to town..

and it goes to........


.....................................................................who was it??????????

.............................................oh yeah.......................................................
's zalilah...........................................................

she's the first ipbarian i knew after i registered in ipba( this is not including any second intakes like me, definitely not third intakes like fieqa.. hehe). tahun lepas, almost every night i spent there in her house, typing and forcing my brain to think and deliver good thoughts to finish my assignments until it's done.

but now, the place is mine. i'm no longer have to merempat there, well, now i lived there. thanks to the birthday girl, who actually invited me to come along and be part of the house mates. if she did not texted me that morning, perhaps that i'll be living under one roof( actually one floor) with yasmin and kak ten.

well, selamat hari tua wahai cik zalilah~

Friday, January 30, 2009

selamat hari tue~


well, before today ends, i would like to wish


farahin musa..

a friend of mine since form one, she had seen all my acts and behaviour since then until now. currently studying at ipbmm( just beside ipba) so there's no obstacle for me to see her everyday.. only laziness does..hehehe.. i'm too lazy to climb those stairs la.. if not da lame kita selalu jumpe.. hehe.. selamat hari tue cikgu dayah~

next: farahin musa
we started to know each other well during my time in kmk, eventhough we came from the same school of mrsmps, we did not get chance to know very well, due to different classes and different wing we stayed. you sat beside dayah che rahim, which i love to hangout with during my leisure ( prep) time. huhu..
as in kmk, our rooms were near, which makes me like to bersiar2 and berlepak2 there. plus, we were in the same lecture hall( H1), which makes us to meet almost every lecture. you share your thoughts with me, and sometimes it makes us inseparable. since i got this offer for tesl, it's hard to left you, you were there when my dad called me to tell this shocking news, and you were always with me until the last moment i'd became a matrix student. still the same, selamat hari tue.. =)

intec closed and invitational taekwondo tournament


well, according to the calender, it's been almost two weeks i've been officially reselected as the head of the taekwondo club. nothing had done much, though. munirah, you really can't get away with me.. hahaha *evil laugh*

from what i can tell, majority of the committee were from my batch, my cohort to be precise. tesl students conquers it once again~

few days ago, ana texted me that her college will be organising the first intec closed and invitational taekwondo championship. she was one of the organiser committee. as they wanted to send the invitation letters, they college requires the name of the president of each club they would like to send the letter to. as she knows my position in the club, she asked me whether my club wanted to join the tournament or not. i think this would be a great opportunity for them ( our club members) to expose with such events, so i agreed. a part of her problem, solved. then she asked me again, whether i knew any other presidents'. i gave the um's president's, as we had the experienced to combined both classes during our training session, as our previous cohort quit beramai2 due to exams and other things.

perhaps that by participating this event, our club won't be too passive. at least there's something we could do for our own benefits. i'd also asked ana to send me the soft copy of the invitation letter, so that i could have the idea of that sport event. it will be held on 28 and 29 march 2009. but the actual tournament will start on the 29th. 28th, only to weigh in for the sparring participants. i wish i could participate in both sparring and poomsae, but i don't think i'm fit enough to participate the sparring competition, also based on my previous experiences in sparring, my chances to win, is quite limited.

poomsae? for those who don't get the idea what it is, it is something like a demonstration competition. as a taekwondo practitioner, we need to remember a pattern of moves, in order for us to upgrade our level ( during grading). so basically this poomsae competition is the way how perform your moves, in the most correct coordination and strength. i dunno whether want to participate in this either, because i have not finish my lesson in my koryo yet.. haish, what to do eh?

i have already texted to all members to ask their opinion about this tournamnet. well, some of them were quite excited to participate in this event. and also some of them will only come and watch the tournament as their first time experience into the world of taekwondo tournaments. perhaps they would like to be our team's cheerleaders.

i guessed that by next week, i will get the actual number who wants to participate, and maybe i'll be arranging the procedures and other things that is required. wohoho.. better get my lazy arse in gear or else i'll be stuck with other things too..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the reunion


well, perhaps that this entry is more likely an informal report due to this event.. hehe..

let's get it started.. wuhuu

saturday, 24 jan 09..
we were going to melaka bandaraya bersejarah for a historical event. what event? actually it's a reunion. among our aunts and uncles, whose were born by the same mother( granny for me) named Hjh. Empah. well, not for our family actually. my dad was delivered by his mom ( my late granny), Hjh Rahmah. Hjh Empah is one of her siblings. Hjh Empah, had give birth to, if i have not mistaken, berbelas2 la juga adik beradik makcik2 dan pakcik2 aku tu.. so, just guess how many attended that reunion? it's nearly 60s. sangat ramai..

we were supposed to have dinner together at a restaurant that night. but since my dad, accidentally took the wrong way, so we were just kinda lost.. and just reached to our destination at 10.. we stayed at everly resort hotel malacca..
which i think it is quite expensive actually. the rooms ( family suite) was charged around rm 600 per night but thanks uncle taha, we got it around rm 400nett.. however, i think it's worth it, the service was superb, the facilities were excellent, so plus minus, it's worth it to have the reunion there. for more info, check on their website by yourself.. who knows, you'll interested to go there as well and enjoy all the fun i had there.. huhu..

back to the story, we were able to meet the rest of them on the next morning. i met ifa ( my cousin, my roommates during my lower secondary level in mrsmps, and my gang during the student exchange programme with the japenese) , during breakfast, which i did ate a lot.. hua2.. it's not easy to see me non-stop munching during breakfast you know.. =)

after a while munching food in my mouth, i finally stop.. with full-tanked tummy, ifa and i had our walk along the beach, chit-chatting about our life and camwhore some more. as we walked passed the swimming pool, i could find my siblings with my cousin's children, playing happily ever after in the pool. my mom was busy teaching them to swim, which i could see, zizi was still unable to move himself although he tried very hard, pushing the water with his hands and feet.

there, we met dedek and rina. them, together with their parents and other relatives were heading to the place where we will have our gathering tonight. i took that chance for me to have the tour around the hotel's other facilities. at first, we entered a room which located just facing the beach. from there, we entered to a pub ( well, it is only operated and active during night time). but hey, my first time entering the pub, man.. still considered i've entered those kind of place. then, we entered to another room, which was just beside the pub. there, laid about 5,6 round tables, already set with the cutlery and glass and plate. the theme for tonight was red. well, chinese new year la katekan.. huhu..

time flies, the actual dinner time finally came. my family was considered as the earliest family to arrived there. we decided to sit at the second table from the back. while waiting for the others to come, i continued my habitual activity, camwhoring some more.. while my mom listed her name down for a karaoke competition. she just love to sing, ever since i was born though. i can see the staffs there were busy preparing our food, and the barbecued chicken, potatoes, and other food which i cannot recalled much. at nearly nine, all of the guests fill in the room and have their seat. the gathering began with some speeches and then, it's time to serve our starving tummies.

after done filling our tummies with delightful meal, the karaoke session was started, initiated by my mom, as she's the first to sign in the form. the best part of this karaoke thingy, most of my uncles and aunts sang lots of english oldies. perhaps that based on their background, most of them had chances to further studies abroad and even make tourism as their family activity together, they knew lots of english songs. elvis presley, frank sinatra, ritchie valens, the beattles and lots more., were in their heart. for the first time listener to this songs, i found the songs were cool too.. and felt very very excited and entertained by their happy and 'sempoi' performances.

one thing i don't really like during the karaoke is when, well, there was a free performance by a Philippines singer. she actually sings at the pub, but i dunno why she suddenly appeared, and performing in our gathering. what makes her so unacceptable for me was; her dressing was quite not appropriate with our gathering thing. she wore too less cloth to cover her body( astagfirullah) , and sang some inul songs (ala, makcik indon yang suke wat tarian gelek gerudi dia tu) while trying to be like inul. duh~ this is not a pub, or any night club. besides, do you forget that the guests came from all ages?! it is so unnecessary for you to show your talent here. even though she works there, do please show some respect to nuslims like us. aku tak puas ati betul la. memang sungguh tak wajar kewujudan dia malam tu. well, lets just FORGET about that incident, and continue with the karaoke thing.

guess what, the karaoke ended at nearly 1.30 in the morning~ they were so much enjoyed and make them to forget the time. our room, got cabutan bertuah. we got a melacca souvenir. something like key chain i guess.

the next morning, the last morning to spend in malacca. after breakfast, as usual, me and ifa spend our time together to comwhore, well, camwhore like crazy i can say. every point we stop, we snapped photos. we did that until eleven, until my mom phoned me to start packing up as we'll be checking out that noon. so, there's the end of our camwhoring session. i'll upload the photos later, kay..

well, that's the end of my dad's family reunion. we then continued our way straight to perak, to visit my mom's mom ( my granny). well, welcome to a moving, torture room for your backside ride to perak..

that's all for now.. jaa~

Thursday, January 22, 2009

bad hair days


first of all, thanks to the rainy weather yesterday that wet me up and the pain i could not resist due to my job as a goalie, preventing that tiny ball from entering the goal, by using all my limbs and torso and.. basically the whole body of me.

as a result, i got myself a fever and that makes me to wear sweater in the middle of the day. i could only stand the temperature in the dungeon, until i heard Nor could not stand with her pain. so as i was getting dizzy during that lecture, i decided to follow and accompany her to the sickbay. ( my first experience to go there).

we sat there from 10 to almost 2 pm, doing nothing but to have a rest ( i slept all the time) and when it's time to go back to the hostel, i was damn tired of sleeping. met piqa, ila and aliaa, they brought me some bubur lambuk and we headed to the surau. after done performing the solat, i wanted to follow them to the forum thingy at the main hall, but they tend to advice me to get some MORE sleep and rest.

and now, here i am, sitting in the room alone ( the others went to auditorium, watching some performance) with too excessive sleep during the day( i dunno how am going to bed tonight) tring to search some info about the poem we will recite tomorrow.

that's all for now. tata

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

sejarah berulang kembali


perhaps that this week is a bit tiring for me( especially yesterday and today)..
lots of sweat produced and excessive movements that shocked my joints and muscles and led them to merajuk with me. well, thanks for my laziness to get moving and sweating regularly every week.

last monday, we had participated in a handball competition. we in here refers to a group of tesl students which we called as "Agagla~".. the origin of this name? thanks to the pangkor trip we had last year. it really connects me well with those the first intake. as you know i registered a bit late from them, so i really make the pangkor trip as a platform to enlarge my friend list. no doubt~

anyway, back to the story, in our group, only me ( if not mistaken) who knows to play a real handball game. some of them are quite still influenced to play it the netball way, which i don't care much as long as you can trow the damn ball into the goal and defeat the keeper ( i'm not saying to defeat me, okay)

the first game, we won by luck. in easier word, we actually won by name, we never met the french team.. and huala, thanks to them, we could conserved our energy for the next match, which i can say we were really gave our best shot on that second game.. and won the game with satisfaction. the next and the next.. well, due to uber exhausted condition, we failed to maintain our achievement in winning the games. the match between us and the seniors tesl cohort 3 was really.. well, what can i say is, we were defeated very badly.. nine to nothing.. telur ayam pon cam da takde rupe da.. but hey, they were good. their shooters, really knew and recognised my weaknesses.. aiyak.. kantoi la plak.. anyway, eventhough we did not won the rest of the games, but the best thing is, we were the only juniors team.. the french, i don't know what happened to them..

the best part of this handball competition is, i was recognised by most of the spectators ( syin yang kate, aku tak kate pape eh) for being such a good goalie, defending our team's pride from being beaten more harshly. as for myself, i was a bit slowed down as compared few years ago.. especially during my victorious year of 2006 ( that's what i meant by the title of this topic)

but, i was quite satisfied with myself.. oh i just love handball.. and basketball too.. wonder when is the basketball match then.. huhu..

well, i guess that's all for now..
later on i'll tell you another lie..

oops, another story i meant.. =.="


Friday, January 16, 2009



do you ever think that what makes a leader, a leader?
was it because he or she was able to arrange things and handle them wisely?
or just because the status that the person has?
what actually matters when choosing the right one who is qualified enough to become one?

the crisis of this leadership thingy has bumped into my head. i was just a normal person, not very interested in leading people, especially in a big group. i would rather likely to be an obedient follower, whatever it is just not the role that needs me to control others.

however, for my problem ( not actually a problem, just a thing that i don't really like to do.. hell, yeah.. it's becoming a problem to me.. no doubt about it..) even if i owned myself a black belt in martial arts, that doesn't the only value that makes me a good leader.

even though it is a good opportunity for me as i could actually enhanced my leadership in me, however, i do need support from all, not only just supporting only from the lips( e.g "don't worry, we have your back" and yet, they've done nothing.. duh~anyone can do that), what i need is more than that.

for instance, i hate it when you're suggesting and voting me to be the leader, but once i hold the position, you just vanished,and not even seem to exist. so frustrating though.. i'm not expressing this to anybody, it's just that i'm quite stressed about it right now.

why they choose me?

why not anyone else?

there are lots more whose are more eligible and qualified than me. i'm just a nobody. darn it


Thursday, January 15, 2009



for the first time ever,

i've experiencing this situation in ipba..

after having a semester in here, perhaps this is the very first.

but unfortunately, it wasn't really black..

coz, my room was lightened with some source of light from my laptop,
saves me from being too shock with the sudden darkness..


at that time, i was busy ym-ing with nor and a cousin of mine..
while downloading some songs ( what the heck? how's my resolution's will be accomplished?? when will i study????)

life is full of obstacles...


well, tomorrow's got a 3 hours literature lecture.. plus an assembly on student's professionalism thingy.. surely is boring~

hee hoo..pray for me for not being a half-dead, blur2 zombie...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

mission accomplished~


new term in IPBA. so far it's just like repeating as being new students again..
i managed to transfer myself from block 3 to block 5, being housemates with ila, and being roommates with fieqa. guess what, i finally found bantingians in IPBA.. i'm not alone.. yeay!!
classes? not so much has changed. still stick with the dearest classmates, only a few changes in some subjects and lecturers.

all in all , the first week was just fine..

except one..


me myself, ila, piqa n Q(?) had an extremely exhausted evening on the very first day of classes.. we managed to drag ourself into the world of lost( not the lost world of tambun for sure)

from 2.30 till 9.30, we had officially been lost for forth( or even more) times.. venue? all around kl i guess..

as for a start, the 'trip' was intentionally to accompany ila and the others to get their tickets for CNY holidays. plus, i want to get myself a pair of slippers and a new extension for our convenience in the room. however the actual incident happened after that.. pity us..

after went to pudu, we decided to shop perhaps at sogo, regarding to their location which is on our way back to ipba. from plaza rakyat, we supposed headed back to masjid jamed, but i guessed that we accidentally switched to the wrong lane, which heads us towards the opposite way to masjid jamek, but to Hang Tuah. that was the first sesat-ed event. once we reached back to the right station, we decided to walk to sogo( that was before we knew that we just can reached there by the bandaraya station.. nevermind la, extra fat-burning process after a long time building it.. haha)

as a reference to you to analyse our lost-trip around kl..

the evidence we went there by accident. just mind the 'models' k..

we walk through the bazaar, and at one point, we kind-of-lost again. but soon after that, ila managed to remember the path and we walked until we reached a kind-of-busy roads.

as soon as we crossed the road, guess what. the building we were searching for, was, still, standing gracefully at the side we were before we crossed the road.

not again.. *sigh*

the place where i was suddenly ternampak the big SOGO which was located at the opposite side of this.

see that sign.. nyesal tak tengok sekeliling sebelum melintas~

haish.. ok, back to the story. as soon we reached there safely, our tummy growls a heavy-metal songs. that means it needs to be fed. so we decided to recharged or energy. after they withdrew at a cimb bank booth, we headed upstairs to find nice place to dine. as we reach the food court at level 5 ( i guess) , we still didn't find any fast food restaurant. so we go up and up until level 7, almost to level 8,the highest level in sogo.

guess what, by that time, at that level, we then realised that the fast food restaurant was located at the very lower ground.. *sigh*

see that, from top to bottom.. from highest to the lowest. luckily there's a lift, or else we're dead of exhaustion.

the banquet hall at level 7,

our finally dinner at McD.. probably my last meal at mcd after i got the info that this fast food group has been helping the israel. NOO~

then, we are energetic again. after perform the asar prayer, we went to electrical department. but sadly, too limited choices with unreasonable prize, we decided to go to midvalley.

to the ktm station, again we managed to sesat-ed one more time. thanks to the half correct ad, we missed the bridge which leads us to the bank negara station. also thanks to the chinese lady ( or granny) for showing us the exact way to reach the ktm station.

once there, we bought tickets straight away to midvalley. cost a lot to me as i was paying for the others. *duit terbang*

we were very sure that we are heading to the right place, passed through kl central, until we began suspicious when the station after kl central was not midvalley, but angkasapuri instead. find ourself back into the sesat-ed situation ( again?)

we waited at the angkasapuri station for quite a time.. sedih betul. ktm selalu tak punctual. we waited for a train nearly 20 minutes and were quite scared because da nak maghrib. tau2 je la.. seram~

while waiting for a train, there were a couple of foreigner came and asked us. they claimed that they missed the kl central station( just like us.. what a coincidence..haha) and ask what were they supposed to do due to it.. so we told them to do the same thing we want to do. wait for the next train and headed back to kl central. at that point, ila was not very eager to go to mid, well, ya lah, four times sesat-ed in one day.. that was truly a record for us!!

see there, we were supposed to transit from kl central to another train towards seremban in order to reached midvalley, but we accidentally use the train which headed to pelabuhan kelang( kalo tak boleh sampai rumah dah ni)..

finally, after few times sesat-ed at the LRT and KTM, we finally managed to step into the midvalley and get the things we needed. yeah..

huhu.. perasmian extension baru~

reached ipba at nearly 9.30. was very extremely exhausted. the next day, our sesat trip was spread in the class.. malu2..

the end of the very adventurous trip ever..

like i said earlier.. mission accomplished!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

bye bye 2008, hye 2009


fisrt and foremost,

happy new year to all my friends!!!

a new chance to turn over a new leaf,
missions( or the oldies missions?) to be accomplished,
yet to face new obstacle in life..

2008 has been a wonderful year for me. a year full of joy, tears, stress and a lot more expressions been compiled within this year.

perhaps to make it memorable, let's list out on what i've done and have done to me throughout the year..

  • three months full of adventures and learn new stuffs and skills trough the national service, which were
  • meeting new friends from other places in malaysia of course.
  • learn how to use the M16
  • develop new hobby, that is polishing and 'kilating' the to spent hours with the 'black kiwi'. worth it as it was very shiny on that final day, the kawad kaki performance. besides, been helped by the tainers, cikgu jais to polish it. special edition tuh. dalam satu kompeni bravo, only me and my friend got that speaciality.
  • spm results been announced. a bit upset with biology but quite satisfied with the achievement even though not scoring straight A's.
  • continue taking driving license with only one test. yeay. P license in mine!
  • got brand new proton saga as my spm present. wow, now i've got both license and a car. jom ronda!
  • selecting and applying for future study.
  • went to jpa scholarship interview for engineering in japan, but unfortunately an accidentally i applied for the korean. failed because i was preparing for the japenese thingy, not the korean. urghh..
  • registered as a student ( again?) at kolej matrikulasi kedah.
  • meet up back with 20s PSalakian students ( again)
  • kembali aktif in basketball ( unfortunately not been selected for KAKOM)
  • won second place in basketball match (inter-kmk)
  • has attended in two different classes, H2T8 ( for 2 weeks) and H1t8 ( for the rest of my days in kmk)
August- December
  • offered to IPBA in the second intakes.
  • new college life, assignments and else
  • joined taekwondo club, then in a sudden became their new leader.. aiseh.. xde orang len ke nak jadi pres nih.. malas btol la..
30 December 2008
  • went back to mrsmps to menyibuk2 with the form 3 students to take their pmr results.
  • meet up with dearest juniors, amalina( reason to go there),nisa, ezatul, amalia, fatin shahirah, safwan, dila, and others.
  • meet amalina's parents. suddenly became a part of the family ( oh, mereka kenal aku rupanya). unfortunately her big sis, raihana unable to come along.. melepas nak jumpa..
  • meet cikgu asmah, cikgu raja anita and cikgu zaleha. by the time i only knew that cikgu zaleha was the one who's responsible to upgrade my pointers in first semester 2007's results to the penghormatan pengetua. oh, no wonder i was quite odd when my name was announced for the ceremony. terima kasih cikgu!! it meant a lot for me to get that.
well, all in all, it's been a joyous year for me. for being involve in the national service, no longer wearing the white baju kurung with khaki-coloured sarung, and full-sewed tudungs.

2009, hopefully will become a better year compared to 2008.