Friday, January 16, 2009



do you ever think that what makes a leader, a leader?
was it because he or she was able to arrange things and handle them wisely?
or just because the status that the person has?
what actually matters when choosing the right one who is qualified enough to become one?

the crisis of this leadership thingy has bumped into my head. i was just a normal person, not very interested in leading people, especially in a big group. i would rather likely to be an obedient follower, whatever it is just not the role that needs me to control others.

however, for my problem ( not actually a problem, just a thing that i don't really like to do.. hell, yeah.. it's becoming a problem to me.. no doubt about it..) even if i owned myself a black belt in martial arts, that doesn't the only value that makes me a good leader.

even though it is a good opportunity for me as i could actually enhanced my leadership in me, however, i do need support from all, not only just supporting only from the lips( e.g "don't worry, we have your back" and yet, they've done nothing.. duh~anyone can do that), what i need is more than that.

for instance, i hate it when you're suggesting and voting me to be the leader, but once i hold the position, you just vanished,and not even seem to exist. so frustrating though.. i'm not expressing this to anybody, it's just that i'm quite stressed about it right now.

why they choose me?

why not anyone else?

there are lots more whose are more eligible and qualified than me. i'm just a nobody. darn it



~azeera~ said...

oh qilah.. huhuhu...

Aliaa Ezekiel said...

r u talking about u being a pres?
if that so, talk to the seniors that the post is a bit burdening u or just try ur best in being a leader. jd ketua baguih apa! buleh wat pembaharuan! hahaha! cri idea utk organisasi/grup beso ko. best.. tp time nk merancang cri org mmg tensen gler la.. plus, klu ada org xmo bg kerjasama. rasa nk tumbuk je org tu.

QilaRaft said...

yup.. i am..

Anonymous said...

go...go qilah..........
jgn stress2....hehe..
pape pon.........
aku suke kuceng tu!!hahaha