Tuesday, January 20, 2009

sejarah berulang kembali


perhaps that this week is a bit tiring for me( especially yesterday and today)..
lots of sweat produced and excessive movements that shocked my joints and muscles and led them to merajuk with me. well, thanks for my laziness to get moving and sweating regularly every week.

last monday, we had participated in a handball competition. we in here refers to a group of tesl students which we called as "Agagla~".. the origin of this name? thanks to the pangkor trip we had last year. it really connects me well with those the first intake. as you know i registered a bit late from them, so i really make the pangkor trip as a platform to enlarge my friend list. no doubt~

anyway, back to the story, in our group, only me ( if not mistaken) who knows to play a real handball game. some of them are quite still influenced to play it the netball way, which i don't care much as long as you can trow the damn ball into the goal and defeat the keeper ( i'm not saying to defeat me, okay)

the first game, we won by luck. in easier word, we actually won by name, we never met the french team.. and huala, thanks to them, we could conserved our energy for the next match, which i can say we were really gave our best shot on that second game.. and won the game with satisfaction. the next and the next.. well, due to uber exhausted condition, we failed to maintain our achievement in winning the games. the match between us and the seniors tesl cohort 3 was really.. well, what can i say is, we were defeated very badly.. nine to nothing.. telur ayam pon cam da takde rupe da.. but hey, they were good. their shooters, really knew and recognised my weaknesses.. aiyak.. kantoi la plak.. anyway, eventhough we did not won the rest of the games, but the best thing is, we were the only juniors team.. the french, i don't know what happened to them..

the best part of this handball competition is, i was recognised by most of the spectators ( syin yang kate, aku tak kate pape eh) for being such a good goalie, defending our team's pride from being beaten more harshly. as for myself, i was a bit slowed down as compared few years ago.. especially during my victorious year of 2006 ( that's what i meant by the title of this topic)

but, i was quite satisfied with myself.. oh i just love handball.. and basketball too.. wonder when is the basketball match then.. huhu..

well, i guess that's all for now..
later on i'll tell you another lie..

oops, another story i meant.. =.="



fieqa said...


quoted from urs..

"..oh i just love handball.. and basketball too.."

huaaa..how bot netball??..hahahaa..
I know...
but I do stil prefer netball..
(ade setuju??..lalalala..;p

ur weakness as a goal keeper..(as been told by syins..)
shhh..u should work on it..ehehee~~

chaiyok2...handball player aka taekwando master...ahahahaa!!!!!

QilaRaft said...

no no no...
i'm anti netball,k

Aliaa Ezekiel said...

aku org yg versatile.
pggl la maen pebende pon, mcm tu la aku maen.

ruff! aku tau ape ur weakness, ko xleh tahan bola hantaran rendah, kan?

pacat tu kate je suke netball, x p turun pdg pon!
aku yg xreti ni kne jd GK n C !!!

QilaRaft said...

camne ko ley jadi gk ngn c skali nih..
mushkil ak..
xpe.. at least korg smpt gak smpi semi..
kite handball, hampes je..
pacat mmg camtu..
bg dia internet ptg2 lg besh dr sokong warge2 sukan cam kite neh..

~SyiNs~ said...


erm..nk bersuare gak??
hehe..well,ak xkate pape
eh..kak2 tuh yg bersuara..
papepn,bgku korang hebat dowh..