Wednesday, January 7, 2009

mission accomplished~


new term in IPBA. so far it's just like repeating as being new students again..
i managed to transfer myself from block 3 to block 5, being housemates with ila, and being roommates with fieqa. guess what, i finally found bantingians in IPBA.. i'm not alone.. yeay!!
classes? not so much has changed. still stick with the dearest classmates, only a few changes in some subjects and lecturers.

all in all , the first week was just fine..

except one..


me myself, ila, piqa n Q(?) had an extremely exhausted evening on the very first day of classes.. we managed to drag ourself into the world of lost( not the lost world of tambun for sure)

from 2.30 till 9.30, we had officially been lost for forth( or even more) times.. venue? all around kl i guess..

as for a start, the 'trip' was intentionally to accompany ila and the others to get their tickets for CNY holidays. plus, i want to get myself a pair of slippers and a new extension for our convenience in the room. however the actual incident happened after that.. pity us..

after went to pudu, we decided to shop perhaps at sogo, regarding to their location which is on our way back to ipba. from plaza rakyat, we supposed headed back to masjid jamed, but i guessed that we accidentally switched to the wrong lane, which heads us towards the opposite way to masjid jamek, but to Hang Tuah. that was the first sesat-ed event. once we reached back to the right station, we decided to walk to sogo( that was before we knew that we just can reached there by the bandaraya station.. nevermind la, extra fat-burning process after a long time building it.. haha)

as a reference to you to analyse our lost-trip around kl..

the evidence we went there by accident. just mind the 'models' k..

we walk through the bazaar, and at one point, we kind-of-lost again. but soon after that, ila managed to remember the path and we walked until we reached a kind-of-busy roads.

as soon as we crossed the road, guess what. the building we were searching for, was, still, standing gracefully at the side we were before we crossed the road.

not again.. *sigh*

the place where i was suddenly ternampak the big SOGO which was located at the opposite side of this.

see that sign.. nyesal tak tengok sekeliling sebelum melintas~

haish.. ok, back to the story. as soon we reached there safely, our tummy growls a heavy-metal songs. that means it needs to be fed. so we decided to recharged or energy. after they withdrew at a cimb bank booth, we headed upstairs to find nice place to dine. as we reach the food court at level 5 ( i guess) , we still didn't find any fast food restaurant. so we go up and up until level 7, almost to level 8,the highest level in sogo.

guess what, by that time, at that level, we then realised that the fast food restaurant was located at the very lower ground.. *sigh*

see that, from top to bottom.. from highest to the lowest. luckily there's a lift, or else we're dead of exhaustion.

the banquet hall at level 7,

our finally dinner at McD.. probably my last meal at mcd after i got the info that this fast food group has been helping the israel. NOO~

then, we are energetic again. after perform the asar prayer, we went to electrical department. but sadly, too limited choices with unreasonable prize, we decided to go to midvalley.

to the ktm station, again we managed to sesat-ed one more time. thanks to the half correct ad, we missed the bridge which leads us to the bank negara station. also thanks to the chinese lady ( or granny) for showing us the exact way to reach the ktm station.

once there, we bought tickets straight away to midvalley. cost a lot to me as i was paying for the others. *duit terbang*

we were very sure that we are heading to the right place, passed through kl central, until we began suspicious when the station after kl central was not midvalley, but angkasapuri instead. find ourself back into the sesat-ed situation ( again?)

we waited at the angkasapuri station for quite a time.. sedih betul. ktm selalu tak punctual. we waited for a train nearly 20 minutes and were quite scared because da nak maghrib. tau2 je la.. seram~

while waiting for a train, there were a couple of foreigner came and asked us. they claimed that they missed the kl central station( just like us.. what a coincidence..haha) and ask what were they supposed to do due to it.. so we told them to do the same thing we want to do. wait for the next train and headed back to kl central. at that point, ila was not very eager to go to mid, well, ya lah, four times sesat-ed in one day.. that was truly a record for us!!

see there, we were supposed to transit from kl central to another train towards seremban in order to reached midvalley, but we accidentally use the train which headed to pelabuhan kelang( kalo tak boleh sampai rumah dah ni)..

finally, after few times sesat-ed at the LRT and KTM, we finally managed to step into the midvalley and get the things we needed. yeah..

huhu.. perasmian extension baru~

reached ipba at nearly 9.30. was very extremely exhausted. the next day, our sesat trip was spread in the class.. malu2..

the end of the very adventurous trip ever..

like i said earlier.. mission accomplished!!


my name is shy said...

hahaha..such many sesat-s
what a pity
never xperience 4 u girls rite?

fieqa said...

siyes penat!!!!!!!!!!!

but, it's a wonderful experience!
naseb baek ley physco da2 2 org (ila n qila) suh p mid gak..
yela, dah penat2 x kan nak balek tp x beli lagi barang penting..ngeh3.

kalo x, x merasa la nak pakai extension baru..ngeh2..

fieqa said...

byk la aku taep kat comment ni..

huaaa3..ape laaa...