Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the reunion


well, perhaps that this entry is more likely an informal report due to this event.. hehe..

let's get it started.. wuhuu

saturday, 24 jan 09..
we were going to melaka bandaraya bersejarah for a historical event. what event? actually it's a reunion. among our aunts and uncles, whose were born by the same mother( granny for me) named Hjh. Empah. well, not for our family actually. my dad was delivered by his mom ( my late granny), Hjh Rahmah. Hjh Empah is one of her siblings. Hjh Empah, had give birth to, if i have not mistaken, berbelas2 la juga adik beradik makcik2 dan pakcik2 aku tu.. so, just guess how many attended that reunion? it's nearly 60s. sangat ramai..

we were supposed to have dinner together at a restaurant that night. but since my dad, accidentally took the wrong way, so we were just kinda lost.. and just reached to our destination at 10.. we stayed at everly resort hotel malacca..
which i think it is quite expensive actually. the rooms ( family suite) was charged around rm 600 per night but thanks uncle taha, we got it around rm 400nett.. however, i think it's worth it, the service was superb, the facilities were excellent, so plus minus, it's worth it to have the reunion there. for more info, check on their website by yourself.. who knows, you'll interested to go there as well and enjoy all the fun i had there.. huhu..

back to the story, we were able to meet the rest of them on the next morning. i met ifa ( my cousin, my roommates during my lower secondary level in mrsmps, and my gang during the student exchange programme with the japenese) , during breakfast, which i did ate a lot.. hua2.. it's not easy to see me non-stop munching during breakfast you know.. =)

after a while munching food in my mouth, i finally stop.. with full-tanked tummy, ifa and i had our walk along the beach, chit-chatting about our life and camwhore some more. as we walked passed the swimming pool, i could find my siblings with my cousin's children, playing happily ever after in the pool. my mom was busy teaching them to swim, which i could see, zizi was still unable to move himself although he tried very hard, pushing the water with his hands and feet.

there, we met dedek and rina. them, together with their parents and other relatives were heading to the place where we will have our gathering tonight. i took that chance for me to have the tour around the hotel's other facilities. at first, we entered a room which located just facing the beach. from there, we entered to a pub ( well, it is only operated and active during night time). but hey, my first time entering the pub, man.. still considered i've entered those kind of place. then, we entered to another room, which was just beside the pub. there, laid about 5,6 round tables, already set with the cutlery and glass and plate. the theme for tonight was red. well, chinese new year la katekan.. huhu..

time flies, the actual dinner time finally came. my family was considered as the earliest family to arrived there. we decided to sit at the second table from the back. while waiting for the others to come, i continued my habitual activity, camwhoring some more.. while my mom listed her name down for a karaoke competition. she just love to sing, ever since i was born though. i can see the staffs there were busy preparing our food, and the barbecued chicken, potatoes, and other food which i cannot recalled much. at nearly nine, all of the guests fill in the room and have their seat. the gathering began with some speeches and then, it's time to serve our starving tummies.

after done filling our tummies with delightful meal, the karaoke session was started, initiated by my mom, as she's the first to sign in the form. the best part of this karaoke thingy, most of my uncles and aunts sang lots of english oldies. perhaps that based on their background, most of them had chances to further studies abroad and even make tourism as their family activity together, they knew lots of english songs. elvis presley, frank sinatra, ritchie valens, the beattles and lots more., were in their heart. for the first time listener to this songs, i found the songs were cool too.. and felt very very excited and entertained by their happy and 'sempoi' performances.

one thing i don't really like during the karaoke is when, well, there was a free performance by a Philippines singer. she actually sings at the pub, but i dunno why she suddenly appeared, and performing in our gathering. what makes her so unacceptable for me was; her dressing was quite not appropriate with our gathering thing. she wore too less cloth to cover her body( astagfirullah) , and sang some inul songs (ala, makcik indon yang suke wat tarian gelek gerudi dia tu) while trying to be like inul. duh~ this is not a pub, or any night club. besides, do you forget that the guests came from all ages?! it is so unnecessary for you to show your talent here. even though she works there, do please show some respect to nuslims like us. aku tak puas ati betul la. memang sungguh tak wajar kewujudan dia malam tu. well, lets just FORGET about that incident, and continue with the karaoke thing.

guess what, the karaoke ended at nearly 1.30 in the morning~ they were so much enjoyed and make them to forget the time. our room, got cabutan bertuah. we got a melacca souvenir. something like key chain i guess.

the next morning, the last morning to spend in malacca. after breakfast, as usual, me and ifa spend our time together to comwhore, well, camwhore like crazy i can say. every point we stop, we snapped photos. we did that until eleven, until my mom phoned me to start packing up as we'll be checking out that noon. so, there's the end of our camwhoring session. i'll upload the photos later, kay..

well, that's the end of my dad's family reunion. we then continued our way straight to perak, to visit my mom's mom ( my granny). well, welcome to a moving, torture room for your backside ride to perak..

that's all for now.. jaa~


fieqa said...


weyyhh, gambar2 mane..kate byk amek gambar..

nice holiday..;p

nampak mewah la tmpt tu..wink2**

ko da makan byk ek skrg..kui3

QilaRaft said...

mmg mewah pon..
ak xley nk msk gmbr lg..
lupe bwk balik cable..

fieqa said...


tula..ko len kali pakai card reader..he3..aku bgi cadangan..
sng sket n convenient nk bawak g mane2..hehe~~..