Friday, January 30, 2009

selamat hari tue~


well, before today ends, i would like to wish


farahin musa..

a friend of mine since form one, she had seen all my acts and behaviour since then until now. currently studying at ipbmm( just beside ipba) so there's no obstacle for me to see her everyday.. only laziness does..hehehe.. i'm too lazy to climb those stairs la.. if not da lame kita selalu jumpe.. hehe.. selamat hari tue cikgu dayah~

next: farahin musa
we started to know each other well during my time in kmk, eventhough we came from the same school of mrsmps, we did not get chance to know very well, due to different classes and different wing we stayed. you sat beside dayah che rahim, which i love to hangout with during my leisure ( prep) time. huhu..
as in kmk, our rooms were near, which makes me like to bersiar2 and berlepak2 there. plus, we were in the same lecture hall( H1), which makes us to meet almost every lecture. you share your thoughts with me, and sometimes it makes us inseparable. since i got this offer for tesl, it's hard to left you, you were there when my dad called me to tell this shocking news, and you were always with me until the last moment i'd became a matrix student. still the same, selamat hari tue.. =)

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fieqa said...

say my birthday wish to your friends ya.

sume org tahu..
ko memang suka merempat2 g bilik/umah org..heheh..
jgn mara qilahh..peace2!~~...