Thursday, January 1, 2009

bye bye 2008, hye 2009


fisrt and foremost,

happy new year to all my friends!!!

a new chance to turn over a new leaf,
missions( or the oldies missions?) to be accomplished,
yet to face new obstacle in life..

2008 has been a wonderful year for me. a year full of joy, tears, stress and a lot more expressions been compiled within this year.

perhaps to make it memorable, let's list out on what i've done and have done to me throughout the year..

  • three months full of adventures and learn new stuffs and skills trough the national service, which were
  • meeting new friends from other places in malaysia of course.
  • learn how to use the M16
  • develop new hobby, that is polishing and 'kilating' the to spent hours with the 'black kiwi'. worth it as it was very shiny on that final day, the kawad kaki performance. besides, been helped by the tainers, cikgu jais to polish it. special edition tuh. dalam satu kompeni bravo, only me and my friend got that speaciality.
  • spm results been announced. a bit upset with biology but quite satisfied with the achievement even though not scoring straight A's.
  • continue taking driving license with only one test. yeay. P license in mine!
  • got brand new proton saga as my spm present. wow, now i've got both license and a car. jom ronda!
  • selecting and applying for future study.
  • went to jpa scholarship interview for engineering in japan, but unfortunately an accidentally i applied for the korean. failed because i was preparing for the japenese thingy, not the korean. urghh..
  • registered as a student ( again?) at kolej matrikulasi kedah.
  • meet up back with 20s PSalakian students ( again)
  • kembali aktif in basketball ( unfortunately not been selected for KAKOM)
  • won second place in basketball match (inter-kmk)
  • has attended in two different classes, H2T8 ( for 2 weeks) and H1t8 ( for the rest of my days in kmk)
August- December
  • offered to IPBA in the second intakes.
  • new college life, assignments and else
  • joined taekwondo club, then in a sudden became their new leader.. aiseh.. xde orang len ke nak jadi pres nih.. malas btol la..
30 December 2008
  • went back to mrsmps to menyibuk2 with the form 3 students to take their pmr results.
  • meet up with dearest juniors, amalina( reason to go there),nisa, ezatul, amalia, fatin shahirah, safwan, dila, and others.
  • meet amalina's parents. suddenly became a part of the family ( oh, mereka kenal aku rupanya). unfortunately her big sis, raihana unable to come along.. melepas nak jumpa..
  • meet cikgu asmah, cikgu raja anita and cikgu zaleha. by the time i only knew that cikgu zaleha was the one who's responsible to upgrade my pointers in first semester 2007's results to the penghormatan pengetua. oh, no wonder i was quite odd when my name was announced for the ceremony. terima kasih cikgu!! it meant a lot for me to get that.
well, all in all, it's been a joyous year for me. for being involve in the national service, no longer wearing the white baju kurung with khaki-coloured sarung, and full-sewed tudungs.

2009, hopefully will become a better year compared to 2008.


fieqa said...

nice post..~~

simple but meaningful..

send my regard to your amalina ya?..
amalina?, 'amalina' is alo my sister's name real sister.ngehehe~..

tol ke ayat real?..maksud aku adik kandung laa..ngahahaa

QilaRaft said...

what do u mean by ayat real?
enggak paham..

fieqa said...

error detected..
what I meant is 'the word real'..;p..