Friday, January 30, 2009

intec closed and invitational taekwondo tournament


well, according to the calender, it's been almost two weeks i've been officially reselected as the head of the taekwondo club. nothing had done much, though. munirah, you really can't get away with me.. hahaha *evil laugh*

from what i can tell, majority of the committee were from my batch, my cohort to be precise. tesl students conquers it once again~

few days ago, ana texted me that her college will be organising the first intec closed and invitational taekwondo championship. she was one of the organiser committee. as they wanted to send the invitation letters, they college requires the name of the president of each club they would like to send the letter to. as she knows my position in the club, she asked me whether my club wanted to join the tournament or not. i think this would be a great opportunity for them ( our club members) to expose with such events, so i agreed. a part of her problem, solved. then she asked me again, whether i knew any other presidents'. i gave the um's president's, as we had the experienced to combined both classes during our training session, as our previous cohort quit beramai2 due to exams and other things.

perhaps that by participating this event, our club won't be too passive. at least there's something we could do for our own benefits. i'd also asked ana to send me the soft copy of the invitation letter, so that i could have the idea of that sport event. it will be held on 28 and 29 march 2009. but the actual tournament will start on the 29th. 28th, only to weigh in for the sparring participants. i wish i could participate in both sparring and poomsae, but i don't think i'm fit enough to participate the sparring competition, also based on my previous experiences in sparring, my chances to win, is quite limited.

poomsae? for those who don't get the idea what it is, it is something like a demonstration competition. as a taekwondo practitioner, we need to remember a pattern of moves, in order for us to upgrade our level ( during grading). so basically this poomsae competition is the way how perform your moves, in the most correct coordination and strength. i dunno whether want to participate in this either, because i have not finish my lesson in my koryo yet.. haish, what to do eh?

i have already texted to all members to ask their opinion about this tournamnet. well, some of them were quite excited to participate in this event. and also some of them will only come and watch the tournament as their first time experience into the world of taekwondo tournaments. perhaps they would like to be our team's cheerleaders.

i guessed that by next week, i will get the actual number who wants to participate, and maybe i'll be arranging the procedures and other things that is required. wohoho.. better get my lazy arse in gear or else i'll be stuck with other things too..


Aliaa Ezekiel said...

weyh, poomsae simpan utk grading!
ko msuk la sparring...

sparring! sparring! sparring!

i know u cud do it,ruff!

Anonymous said...

tanx la coz sudi nak join..
if u dun mind bole x tolong sebar2 kan lagi pasal event ni n bole x kalo u inform kat u nye coach n tell him to let other uni or college dat hav tkd club to join?
coz dat would really help..
u got the soft copy rite?
so tanx..hehe..
anyway im the secretary of the project so u can ask me for details if u got any questions

Aliaa Ezekiel said...

and, one more thing...

aku jd cheerleader,leh?

R to the U to the F to (again) the F...


fieqa said...

aku pon nak ikott jadi cheerleader laa!!!....

x nak masuk tkwondo...malas~~...

qilah x yah physco2 aku dah..ngeheh~~~

QilaRaft said...

ko xelok menipu firi sndr..
ak tau ko snarnye nk join..

Aliaa Ezekiel said...

pacat mmg nk masuk taekwondo sjak tgk aku bersilat lg!
ko adjust2 skit kt pacat tu nnt ada la sorg lg pengikut ko!
kte je jgn psycho dia tu..

QilaRaft said...

ko pon tlg la aku psycho dia same2..

Anonymous said...


heyyy dude,whts up!

Mm,cn u giv me the honour of being a photographer? ^_^

QilaRaft said...

with pleasure..
hey, xmo try ke?
cam rugi je kalo xparticipate same..

fieqa said...

erks, qilah, aku cam nak g je practise sok..we wait n see.hak2..