Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just a thought that was just running in my head

Salam and hi..

This night, me, together with ruhan, ila, aliaa and ifa went for a so-called ‘nightwalk’. We were travelling by car instead. It was Earth Hour event where you switch off your electricity for one hour starting from 8.30 pm till 9.30 on 27 march every year. Okay, the main reason we were out that time was to watch how big cities like KL give support to the event. *Bergelap la sangat*. And for the countless times, we went lost again. This time we reached UKM..

Later, we had our supper at Pelita restaurant. I had attempted to try on roti tisu.. quite nice, though. Reached ipba safe and sound around fifteen minutes before eleven.

Of all the sudden, i reached my phone and dialled yana’s number. Suddenly felt like wanna talk to her since ages. Yet it is also probably because of the previous day. Yana and fifi, suddenly i missed you guys so much!!

Yesterday, while i was facebooking, fifi knocked on my wall and started a chat with me. It was all okay until she mentioned about our friend who just flew to japan last week. It became saddening and she started to cry. I felt uneasy so i gave her a ring. I was right. She’s crying when thinking of those who had the chance to study abroad. Fifi, i don’t mean to make you sad. All of us have our own fate and luck in life. Who knows you will deserve much better opportunity in the future. Just believe in youself that you were chosen to be in that particular path. Semua yang terjadi ada hikmahnya. Cuma bezanya, masa dan keadaan. Be patient my dear...

Frankly speaking, i’m seriously didn’t know that you were suffering at you current place. I think we’ve lost contact since you transferred to Muar. And for your information, i am deeply touched that you still remembers me. I’d never thought that my presence in your life affected so much to you, as you are always in mine all the time. Even until now, whenever i had fight with any of my friends, it just reminds me of you. The times we had fights, tears and joys always locked and secured in my heart. And it will forever be because you are my best friend, ever!

Fifi, whenever you’re in bad condition, be strong to face it. Don’t be carried away and affected so badly. Even if you so, tabahkan hati. I’m always by your side no matter what..

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phaty fatihah said...

yes, be patient n be strong!