Wednesday, December 24, 2008

pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang


it's been quite some time i haven't been posting any of my own piece of writing.. well, you know me.. such a lazy arse who barely able to open up her course books and starts over her homeworks to be done. it's just that i've been a copycat or something, go to other parts in the web and searching some 'pleasing the eyes,pleasant the ears' articles and stuffs and then, post it in this blog.

anyway, before i started to further blabbing on such non-beneficial (since when i blabs good stuffs) i guest lets just move on to other direction..

this morning ( yesterday actually, when i wrote this) i was a loner in home.. no parents or other siblings.. yeay~ finally i'm all alone.. perhaps, parents off to work and the other two, mom sent them to their cousin's at putrajaya.. happy for them for meeting play-partners... me? too less of my friends are on holidays.. haish..

the best part of it, i'm able to spend my time at the library doing homeworks peacefully without any distractions such as "akak, bile nak balik? bosan la.." and "teman la aishah pergi ambik buku lain".. that was totally distracting whenever you bring a small kid where you have to baby-sit her and fulfill all her demands. this time, i was sitting there, at a square table of four, spreading lots of kind of books on the surface as if you were spreading jams onto your bread, while typing some notes for social study, totally conquering the space with the intention of letting no other to sit with.. haha.. evil me.. i spent almost two hours there and when the low-battery icon just popped up, i know it's time to go..

off me go away the library and driving back reaching home. at first i thought i wanted to go straight home, but before i reach the junction, i changed my mind ( want to buy some kuih for the rest ). so i turned to the other direction, passing trough this one special house.. omg, he was there, in front of his house and chattering with a friend on a bike.. as i drove passed the house, i didn't even glimpse at him.. even though i finally had the chance to see him again, since the past, almost five years, i suppose.. the stall i went was just in front of his house, to be precise, across the main road in front of his house.. i heard his friend was honking, i don't know whether he was trying to get my attention or else, so i just ignored it.. i guess i will be so frustrated it he was really honking at me, but will be kind of ashame if it wasn't.. so it's better for me to just ignore it.

well, time goes on and even before they reach home, i've already ate half of the kuihs ( which only includes 5 piece of tempe and 4 piece of sardine-curry puffs = bye2 rm4).. hey, don't blame me, they were back quite late and i'm starting to starve already..

later that night, as we just finished our dinner, i went to the living room and watch 'tentang bulan' at prima, i think.. and few moments after that, my rarely-used-phone-number( the postpaid one) vibrates determining it's a call, not just an ordinary received-unnecessary-messages.. my mom held the phone few seconds before i get it.. once i held it tightly, i ran to my room as i love privacy when dealing with phone conversations.. luckily the number was remained unidentified so that my mom didn't suspect who it was.. until i pushed the answer button, i'd never thought the person will ever called me..because this is the very first time that person ever speak to me, well, trough phone conversation, i mean..

it was a friend from kmk.. he was in my tutor class, and we always chat while waiting other students to empty the class so that we can held ours. back to the story, he was a bit stress with the new term, officially more tougher and challenging than before, plus still upset with his previous result.. i guess i will face the same situation as well, as if i was not in this tesl proggramme..

well, that's all for now..
p/s; before i forget, just want to wish merry christmas to any readers who celebrates this festival..


fieqa said...


who's that boy..ngahahaa..

I do agree, if we are still mtrx students, I'm sure, we are now in the very hectic condition..huhuuhh~

but tesl too..rely challenge me..

eii, melantak byk!!..ngahahaaa..

QilaRaft said...

ade la..

fieqa said...

eit..ngade x nak gtw..lalalaa

QilaRaft said...

bia la..
rahsia peribadi..
top secret~

fieqa said...


fieqa said...

eit..dah3..p siapkan note ss..yuhuhuuuuu..berdebar2 seh aku ntok next sem ni..erksss