Thursday, December 4, 2008

graffiti girl


i'm not really like reading.. especially novels, neither thin nor thick ones.. however, i love to read novel graphics, more famous with the term comics..haha.. yep.. especially the comics which has been translated from japanese to malay language published under the gempakstarz.

as i told you a week ago, i went to sunway piramid to try out ice skating.. however it lasts only about twenty to thirty minutes before i surrender.. haha.. just laugh at me for not being able to skate properly.. dun care bout it anyway.. yep, after that we went to wander around(window shopping, of course!).. one of our pit stops was at the Popular Bookstore.. guess what?
instead of spending cash on comics, i bought two novels..

yes.. novels.. english novels..

perhaps i was indeed forcing(actually dragging or any suitable word for it ) myself to read more in english.. huhu.. fyi, the novels that have been mine, one of them is graffiti girl, written by Kelly Parra, and another one is one of the bestselling and well-known novel by stephenie meyer, twilight..huhu.. i dunno why i buy it in the first place.. as i was saying, i'm not really a novel maniac.. perhaps many of my friends recommended it to me, so i'll try my best to finish it up.. huhu.. long way to start up my reading..

anyway, back to our title of the post today( or tonight?hehe.. dat depends when you read this), i want to share it with you, perhaps some details on the story i read bout' it.. hehe.. =.="

graffiti girl is about a girl, angel rodriguez, a normal Mexican-American, and North Homestead High students who loves art, and like to express hers in her own way, that is to include her mexican culture into it.. Miguel Badalin, her classmates from the art class however recognised her talent and wants her to spread her creativity on the art of graffiti. she eventually felt like graffiti is one way that she could express her art the need of being someone else. however, based from her presentation, she was able to join the mural committee, which was conducted by the person she has crushed on, Nathan Ramoz even though she did not win the contest..

to cut it short, her involvement into Miguel's crew,Reyes Del Norte had cause lots of trouble between her and her best friend, her mother, the committee, as well as the relationship that has just started with Nathan.. during her first battle against another crew of graffiti artists, she was caught by the police and was punished for a vandalism crime she and her crew did few weeks ago. she was punished to do a two years of community service to clean up the city parks instead of juvenile detention.. after the arrest all problems gradually settled down and yeah.. the end of my blabbing..

wanna know more? get your own.. haha..

anyway i did found out this story was kind of interesting.. twilight? in progress sooner or later.. well, i also include a video based on the novel.. it kind of gives the imagination due the novel's situation..also the story line huhu..

well, so long for now~

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