Friday, April 23, 2010

date with the director!

salam and hi~

haha... for those who read it, don't take it that seriously. kind a joke, but indeed, it happened.

this morning, me, piqa and ruhan tried to book a bus so that all of our fellow friends who have not settled their passport to go all together attacking Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia in Damansara. so, we went to the office and get those materials needed, get some photocopied documents and approval from our beloved tutor, mr thirrummurthy.

meanwhile, i phoned yuges to ask the officer there, whether can we book for our group, as she and ila and aliaa and munirah and alicia went there to get their new passport. however she said that we can only book once we are there...haish, weekends sure got many people lah!so, the bus-booking is still on.

unfortunately, i had to go and send the form by myself as ruhan and piqa have to attend their learning support class.

as i went there, the clerk inside asked me to meet dr sofi personally to get the approval immediately as we sent the application form quite late ( we need it THIS sunday).

so, wow..... i'd never been to dr sofi's place. plus, i WAS alone at the time. cuak... seram...and i rarely involved, or specifically, INTERACT with such high position people..ever since my primary school.. you can laugh at me if you want, but that's the fact of myself( i'm a shy shy girl laaa)..

at first he questioned me why must it be done during weekends, and not weekdays. i was sooooo cuak and went silent for a moment. then i said that we don't want to interrupt our PnP(pengajaran dan pembelajaran)as that will be a waste(konon2nye la) of time and so on..

finally, he signed and approved our application form (yeay to me for settling it with all the kegugupan and kegelisahan to speak in english with dr sofi)

all settled. such a relief that it is done within this period of time.
but still, that was my first time ever negotiated with dr sofi by myself... seram2..hey, i'm not a person who is outspoken and outstanding.. so that's me..


Nur hidayah said...

aceyh..rendah diri ye.. ish3.. ;P

QilaRaft said...

daya, sy serius