Wednesday, April 14, 2010


john coleman( hopefully i spell it correctly) has came to meet the entire cohort this afternoon.

his main purpose: to get a list of people who would like to share their accommodation later in cccu..

it's funny to think that whenever there's things like this, crisis always came to mind. "i want you", "i don't want to live with you", "you don't belong with us".. etc..etc..

a vote resolves everything.usually.but NOT in this will make us suffer if we do this.

i decided to have a change. living with some new people around me might gives new insights. although it's hard to admit that i rarely able to fit in so easily. although to have them is already a crisis.

i hate to say this, but i do felt that i've changed. have you realised that? as far as i know, i'm easily gets upsets with such tiny miny little things. friends? maybe.
i think i'm a bit too sensitive nowadays.

why i rarely mingled with those i'm used to get closed with? why i seldom have good conversation like we had long ago? why why why??

although it's painful in the inside, i have to move on. just don't let it ruins my mood and excitement to finish this foundation with any crisis anymore...


hidamo said...

everyone are walking a step away from their old too.. i dont know if this is the right step..but i'm with u

QilaRaft said...

that's the question i'd always ask myself.. have i chose to become a better person or to worse??

tq btw..