Sunday, May 3, 2009

it's pathetic


just got back from the grading about, half hour ago or so. it was sooo horrible that i think it's worthless even i did get promoted to the 2nd dan.

why i said so? because it is.. i'm so not well-prepared. the basics, were okay. but it turns out worsen and even worsen when it comes to the combination kicks. and, sorry to say, even the instructor was so mean @ kerek ( kak ayu, 2009). kak ayu used to had her gradings there when she was in secondary school.. she said, that instructor is just like that. he loves to give the instructions only once. yeah, once said, then off you go. as for the kicks, that's the most horrible part. lets say, the first kick, we had to do turning kick, shuffle, turning kick again, cross-side kick, and two backtrust kicks. think it's easy? try to do it once after you heard it without any instructions repeated. silly him..

the next worse part is on the free sparring... i hate it too..
in that, we were required to spar two rounds. in the first round, i was paired with kak salma. i was beaten by her quite badly and also accidentally injured my left leg on the tibia part.. a quite big swollen part that could be seen even from a distant, enriched with the internal bleeding on the surface of the skin that makes it look even worse.. and of course, it's painful. the greatest of all..

after a few minutes, stopped for a while and watched the poom kids do their free sparring.. then, i was called again for the second round. my new pair, a poom chubby boy, i dunno whether he's a primary or secondary kid.

okay, let me confess first. i sucked in free sparring.. i'm not that aggressive as what people think i am. so, in most competition, i would rather defend than attacking. i'd only attack whenever i think it is a definite sure that i'll hit a the target. unless the opponent is a very lousy one. but here, that boy was very energetic, continuously kicking without stopping. and that gave me not even a single chance to kick.

however, even though he kicked that much, those were quite aimless. poor thing, most of his kicks were below the belt level, and that adds more to my previous injury. as for me, including with the injury, made less attacks and more towards defending. the result, my elbow and the whole defending part, were full of bruises.

one think i knew from that that makes me that worse is because, in ipba, we only train for taekwondo once a week. but there, those meddling kids train three times a week, which makes them even more fit and more stamina than i am. that makes a huge different actually. the next thing is, their training is more towards the competition training, which is more towards sparring which emphasize on speed and strength. and in ipba, our training is more towards the perfection of the art. the correct technique and all those stuffs. that's the beauty of martial art (aiman, 2009)

in the end, sir said everyone did good eventhough in some part, it is not that good. he also said that all passed the test. but as for me, it is still uncertain until i receive the cert. so, hopefully it is true.

well, good bye for now. tomorrow gonna be a long journey to kedah for the english camp..


Anonymous said...

Lol, dude, I nearly broke my right hand's bones during plank breaking.

In the end, I never broke the plank using my hands. I used my foot. XD


QilaRaft said...

hoho... really?
i'd never tried using hands for breaking yet...

Anonymous said...

I thought it was in the exam.
2 planks for kicking, and one for hand work.

Lol, my 2.4km run was epic fail D:
But I was passed by my trainer annyway.

QilaRaft said...

wanna know somthing new?
the 2.4km has been abolished...
yeay~ and, for the second time, there's no breaking during the test due to out of stocks..
unfortunately i was beaten quite badly by a boy during the sparring... A BOY... he's a poom, but he is much more heavier.. you know how i spar rite... easily exhausted.. haish..
got lots of bruises too...

fieqa said...

smpai skrg aku x abes bace lagi..
nt aku katamkan..

nk lawan aku nmpak~